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3 Trendy Terrace Options. Photo - Page 4 Of 4
3 Trendy Terrace Options. Photo - Page 4 Of 4

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Southern flavor of the unique Mediterranean terrace

Decorating a Mediterranean terrace is one of the most “reliable” options. It is difficult to find a person who is indifferent to the color of southern countries and typical solutions of landscape and interior design in the spirit of the Mediterranean. Moreover, the very canons of decorating an open-air room in a southern style are simple and understandable even to those who are not too keen on modern design.

The center of everyone's attention and the starting point for arranging a Mediterranean terrace is always the dining area, a dining table with chairs or sofas (or their analogues). At the same time, if desired, the terrace can be made more narrowly focused on the subject: using bright blue and blue colors, you will give it a Greek flavor; having relied on elegant wrought-iron furniture and lavender color - French charm, and on terracotta and lush bloom - Italian brightness, etc.

Mediterranean style terrace
Mediterranean style terrace

Floor and wall covering

Natural materials, ceramic tiles or stone paving of the floor should be combined with the obligatory introduction of a warm texture on the walls - painting in the palette of ocher, terracotta, sand color, which will create an outline for the Mediterranean flavor. The southern style can also be emphasized by the snow-white wall covering, contrasting with the natural beige and sunny colors. When choosing a floor covering, consider zoning: it is better to separate the dining area with another type of masonry or combine paving and loose gravel.


Light and simple, classic bistro style chairs and tables, forged legs and backs, comfortable textile seating.


Give preference to natural materials, light and white pastel colors.

Potted garden

The more plants you manage to introduce onto the terrace, the better. You need to fill all the free space with pots of all shapes and sizes, placing collections on stands, on the floor, and even on furniture. Classic annuals and perennials planted in separate containers are best selected so as to reveal the beauty of the original southern cultures.

Lavender, sage, thyme, rosemary, basil, wormwood, chives, oregano go well with pelargonium, gazania, asteriscus and petunias. And tub citrus fruits, plumbago, oleanders, laurels, lantanas will become mood-setting soloists. In the design of such a terrace, you can use any spicy herbs, plants with silvery leaves and blue-purple-white inflorescences.

Mediterranean style terrace
Mediterranean style terrace

Accessories and parts

The Mediterranean style is unthinkable without terracotta accents, including containers for planting pot and tub plants. Different shades of clay, laconic design, no glossy finishes or pots in Romanesque and antique style are ideal choices. Amphoras, classical sculptures, wall and portable fountains, kitchen and clay utensils will also add color to such a terrace.

Do not forget about the obligatory Mediterranean-style flower gardens by the terrace, and about the vines, which will help protect from prying eyes and emphasize the style. Wooden trellises or pergolas entwined with blooming roses or clematis are the best choice.

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