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3 Trendy Terrace Options. Photo - Page 3 Of 4
3 Trendy Terrace Options. Photo - Page 3 Of 4

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Bold and clean lines of a modern terrace

If you want your open-air living room to fully meet the spirit of modern architecture and keep up with the avant-garde trends in landscape design, follow the principles of minimalism and maximum expressiveness. Contemporary design welcomes clean lines and a focus on quality rather than quantity. On such a terrace there should be no ill-conceived bright colors, variegated combinations, an abundance of details. The same effect of comfort and harmony is achieved by completely different means.

The main tool for arranging a modern terrace is geometry and its canons. Forms, lines, contours, interaction of elements should create a feeling of solemn, but setting the atmosphere for a good rest. Increasingly, when arranging terraces in a modern style, they imitate spas and the latest trends in interior design. For spectacular accents, one bright, acrylic color is usually chosen, which is presented both in its pure form and in patterns. In materials and furniture in modern design, the most active "play" with gray and white palette.

Terrace in a modern style
Terrace in a modern style

Terrace covering

Bold decisions are welcome. The traditional choice - concrete pavement - today can be combined with steel, stone (especially artificial), mosaic, tile. At the same time, the shape of the terrace, laying patterns, combination of materials, combination with strict and stylish ponds, mini-flower beds built into the terrace floor expand the possibilities of bold and extravagant solutions to infinity. Only one thing is invariable - the floor covering should set the character of the style.


Strict lines and shapes, minimalistic solutions in the design of the table, sun loungers, benches. Steel furniture or acrylic cast products, unusual plastic structures, modern rattan models, furniture with textile inserts and unusual lines are only welcome.


Discreet, plain colors or fabrics with striking geometric and ethnic patterns will emphasize the modern character. An abundance of pillows, unexpected accents in the upholstery, bamboo mats or a central track on the table, Roman blinds, bright screens will add coziness and charm to the terrace. Weightless silk and chiffon curtains that limit space are very popular today.

Potted garden

A selection of textured and expressive plants. Trimmed topiary in tubs and on terrace flower beds, tub bamboos, irises, expressive ornamental cereals, heucheras, herbs, lilies, cannes, colorful ground covers or imitation of a heather garden are the most popular options. Architectural pottery is especially relevant. For summer and flowering accents on a modern terrace, it is better to limit the color range, choosing only white, blue, red, crimson, pink tones, but not mixing them with each other.

Choose plants just as carefully: petunia, calibrachoa, amaranth, lobelia are perfect. But at the same time, remember that it is better to minimize the number of plants, but all alone should become self-sufficient and expressive accents.

Terrace in a modern style
Terrace in a modern style

Accessories and parts

For a terrace in a modern style, it is better to prefer their stylistic accuracy to an abundance of accents. Unusual and expressive sculptures made of steel, a collection of glass vases or candles, extravagant still lifes will organically fit into the design of such a terrace.

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