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The Best Materials Of "Botanichka" - Page 3 Of 4
The Best Materials Of "Botanichka" - Page 3 Of 4

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We are summing up the results of the outgoing year and recalling the best materials published by our authors at Botanichka last year. When compiling this list, we took into account the number of views of articles, your votes for materials, your comments and reviews on social networks. We've divided the list into four parts according to the site's categories. You can jump directly to the part you are interested in by following the links below, or view the entire list using the page-by-page navigation at the bottom of this material.

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Pests and diseases of cucumbers

Who among us has not dreamed that labor in the garden would be reduced to a minimum, and the harvest would rise, if not to maximum indicators, then at least to those that one could rejoice about in front of loved ones and neighbors. However, in order for vegetables to develop well and give full-fledged fruits, they need careful care and knowledge of disease and pest control measures.

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How to increase your raspberry crop?

When picking raspberries, many gardeners lament the lack of a crop. However, you should not be upset - the plants were able to give exactly as much as they were allowed by external factors and how much is included in the potential of their variety. It is absolutely possible to influence the number of berries. The yield of the crop is, in most cases, the result of our labor.

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Tomatoes: to water or not to water?

How often do we see a picture: tomato bushes stand with downcast leaves (missed watering). It seems to be a good active growth and abundant flowering, but with the mass setting of fruits, inhibition and a stop in development occur. Maturation is extended. And the fruits are not what we would like - a large-fruited variety is declared, but the fruits are medium in size.

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Potatoes under straw

They say that the new is the well-forgotten old. This statement is also true for the well-known potato. It would seem that planting and growing this crop has long been established and it is difficult to come up with something new. However, this is not so, our ancestors, back in the 19th century, very often planted potatoes differently, under straw, spending much less effort on the whole process than today.

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Pickling seedlings: nuances, tips, process features

Spring is approaching, and with it such necessary procedures for the gardener as picking seedlings. Why is it necessary to dive young seedlings? In order for the root system of a future vegetable or flower to become more powerful, more branched, the seedlings must be dived and planted in separate pots. How to do it correctly, this article will tell.

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Late blight of tomatoes. Prevention and control measures

In recent decades, a disease called "late blight" has become the scourge of vegetable gardens. When you first encounter him, you catch yourself thinking: is it worth growing tomatoes at all, if so much effort is reduced to zero result. However, late blight, or late blight, is not the worst thing that can happen to our beds. With knowledge of the disease, it can be prevented.

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"Koporsky" tea - homemade medicinal drink

Walk through the recent conflagration, look at the place where the dead wood was burned and the tall slender grass with cheerful heads of multiple flowers gathered in loose panicles of a clear pink color will immediately catch your eye. Before you is a mysterious wild plant - Ivan-tea, which since the XII century brought glory to ancient Rus and to this day remains in the forefront of medicinal herbs.

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Organic fertilizers: types, applications, mistakes

There is no doubt that organic fertilizers are the best option for our gardens and vegetable gardens. However, many of us are unaware that, in addition to benefits, they can also become a source of harm. And this harm is based on ignorance of the rules and regulations for their introduction. Let's consider: what are the main mistakes we make when we get carried away with organic fertilization.

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The vine must suffer. Pruning

Grapes are a perennial vine that, with proper care, can produce high yields of good quality for a long time. Annually, wild forms can give an increase in lianas up to 40 m, cultivated up to 5-10 m.Without pruning or improperly carried out, the frost resistance of the bush decreases, berries and brushes are crushed, and the crop may not form at all.

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Secrets of caring for garden strawberries (strawberries)

Garden strawberry, or strawberry, is the most favorite berry not only for children, but also for adults. It is tasty, healthy, good in preparations. However, many believe that it is not so easy to grow it, and therefore they are in no hurry to breed it in large quantities. But in fact, everything depends on the correct approach to culture. Let's talk about the secrets of garden strawberries.

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