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The Best Materials Of "Botanichka" - Page 2 Of 4
The Best Materials Of "Botanichka" - Page 2 Of 4

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We are summing up the results of the outgoing year and recalling the best materials published by our authors at Botanichka last year. When compiling this list, we took into account the number of views of articles, your votes for materials, your comments and reviews on social networks. We've divided the list into four parts according to the site's categories. You can jump directly to the part you are interested in by following the links below, or view the entire list using the page-by-page navigation at the bottom of this material.

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Flower garden and landscape

The best plants for landscape hedges

Landscape, or natural hedges - the most massive and voluminous, requiring a considerable area, but incomparable in their picturesqueness. Free-growing hedges compare favorably with regular hedges in ease of maintenance and the ability to enjoy flowering. They create a colorful background that reliably protects from prying eyes, and turns the landscape into a fairy kingdom.

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6 best lawn alternatives

For those who want to simplify garden maintenance, it is better to think about an alternative to the lawn - ground covers that can create equally spectacular and even surfaces. These plants have many decorative advantages: almost all of them bloom, endure trampling and bring luxurious textures to gardens, suggesting bold new solutions to the classics.

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Flower garden without watering

Watering is the most time consuming component of flower garden maintenance. Without it, you will not be able to enjoy long and lush flowering. During a drought, the strength is barely enough for the garden, let alone all the flower beds, landscape groups, trees and shrubs. If you want to keep watering at least ornamental plants to a minimum, opt for drought-tolerant crops.

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Aphids on roses and methods of pest control

Aphids are classified as dangerous pests. Females give birth to 150-200 new individuals every 2 weeks. If you do not urgently take protective measures, then huge numbers of multiplied aphids can destroy the green mass of plants in a short time, which leads to a decrease in the decorative effect of the bushes. They not only harm the plant themselves, but are also carriers of dangerous diseases.

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The best plants for strict hedges

Hedges are not only structural and protective objects. They create a canvas for garden landscaping, add completeness and integrity to projects, and emphasize style. Regular or trimmed living fences and walls are considered the most expressive. Luxurious textures of a flawless surface have not gone out of fashion since they became an attribute of European parks and gardens.

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Burritos are a simple and effective method for propagating roses

You were presented with a bouquet of beautiful roses, how great it would be to grow the same in your country house. Or you bought planting material of a rare variety of roses, it has taken root, but I would like to multiply it faster. What to do? After all, vegetative propagation of many varieties of roses is not such an easy task, especially in relation to rare varieties and hybrids.

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10 annual flowers per seedling

Garden annuals have become famous for their relentless, surprisingly long flowering period. None of the perennial crops can match them in the ability to bloom all summer and even fall. In order for the colorful parade of your favorite flowers to start early and they effectively decorate balconies, flower beds and window sills, you need to take care of planting seedlings in advance.

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Ground cover plants for rock garden

The role of ground cover plants in the design of rocky gardens cannot be overestimated. Of course, each alpine hill has its own soloists and touching crumbs from among the rare species, but rugs are still the main crops in landscaping. Relentless draperies, they shape the very landscape that looks like a piece of wilderness.

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Perfect care for gladioli

Unlike most root and bulbous crops, gladioli cannot be called capricious. These charming representatives of the Iris family conquer with long luxurious inflorescences and require constant care. But all efforts are fully paid off by the beauty of the bloom, relentless, colorful and unrivaled in the second half of the season.

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Mini-groups of trees and bushes

The structure of a garden is determined not only by paths and lawns. It is a complex system of interdependent elements that together create a harmonious style and a complete look. Along with the dominants and architectural elements, small groups of shrubs and woody ones, which can play various roles in the garden, are also the most important tools for structuring the garden.

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