Making The Driveway To The House. Methods, Options, Plants. Photo

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Making The Driveway To The House. Methods, Options, Plants. Photo
Making The Driveway To The House. Methods, Options, Plants. Photo

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The entrance to the house, despite all its functional limitations, is as important an object from an aesthetic point of view as any flower garden. After all, a private "roadway" from the gate to the house is not just a necessity, but also a part of the image of the garden, influencing its perception by the owners, their guests, and just passers-by. In order for a simple entrance to turn into an attractive corner that fits into the garden, you do not need to use any special tricks: a simple design, in the spirit of the general concept, will make it a real highlight of the garden - not boring, original and colorful.

Driveway to the house, decorated with a strict hedge
Driveway to the house, decorated with a strict hedge

Greening of driveways is a fun solution for boring objects

Regardless of how exactly you arranged the entrance to the house or garage on your site - simply in the form of a concrete area, a paved wide path, with or without a divider and lawn inserts - it always seems boring, flat and an obligatory element, inferior in all parameters to a front garden and decorative garden compositions.

The entrances are different: open or partially hidden behind hedges running parallel to the fence or hedge, or almost in the middle of one of the sides of the plot, long or very short. Their main characteristics are a solid foundation, wear resistance and durability. But obligatory and practical is not always ugly.

And it's not only about the fact that the access road can be paved with various concrete blocks, and in part - even planted with a lawn over a solid foundation. And not that the options for laying or using fashionable colored concrete will help make the entrance more individual. After all, the fact that heavy cars move along this "track" does not at all interfere with the landscaping of the area. And the options for arrangement are countless - from simple and modest to almost unrecognizable transformation.

Pergola-decorated driveway
Pergola-decorated driveway

True, it should be immediately clarified that it is not the entrance itself that needs to be landscaped, but the territories adjacent to it. Usually - "side" strips of soil, narrow residual strips, which can be considered as a ribbon flower garden or rabatka. In fact, plants decorate the sides of the entrance leading from the gate to the house or garage - or its "side". At the same time, in the design possibilities, regardless of the style and size of the site, all gardeners are limited by purely technical requirements:

  1. Plants growing on the sides should not interfere with the passage of the car, free movement, which means they should not be spreading and sloping, their crown, even at a height of 2 meters, should not hang over the entrance;
  2. You can not use aggressive crops, especially from the category of lianas and ground cover, prone to uncontrolled spread of shoots;
  3. All crops that are used in the gardening of the driveway must be gas and wind resistant, not afraid of pollution;
  4. It is better to use plants that do not require special care and are not afraid of close proximity.
Flower garden along the driveway
Flower garden along the driveway

You need to think about landscaping the entrance even when one of the sides is adjacent to lush hedges. Without additional decoration, the driveway will always look flat, open and completely unattractive. And the only tools with which you can correct the situation are paints and greenery of plants. And in the design of the entrances, it is better to use all categories of garden crops:

  • woody or shrubs, which will balance the entrance and compensate for its "flatness", will connect this object with the building and the main garden, give expressiveness to the design;
  • herbaceous perennials are hardy, creating lush ensembles for many years;
  • seasonal accents - not necessarily annual, but planted with a rate for a certain season of the plant, which will ensure the attractiveness of the entrance all year round.
Driveway to the house
Driveway to the house

But choosing the right plants is not as crucial a task as their use. When decorating the entrances with the help of hardy and colorful plants, you need to create a bright frame that seems to solemnly "enclose" the roadway in the embrace of the garden. Landscaping of porches has its own rules and features:

  1. In the design, you need to actively use verticals, play with them, create expressive, elongated ensembles on both sides of the entrance. The height of the crops is very important: if you surround a flat entrance to the house with the same flat border, you cannot improve the situation with paints alone. Landscaping should actually compensate for the absolute evenness of the entrance itself, act as a counterweight to a large empty area. To achieve this effect, you can use:

    • woody;
    • tall shrubs;
    • vines on supports.
  2. Immediately determine how isolated you want to make the entrance, the degree of overlap of the panorama by the planted plants. The best option is to place large plants in such a way as to create the illusion of separation from the rest of the site, but not complete, but just light. From the entrance, the house, garden landscapes should be viewed, slots can be left in the line of plants, vertical accents can be planted at a considerable distance. Even if you build a pergola around the entrance on one side, you should not make a solid green wall. The balance of tall and short plants should be approximately 50/50.
  3. Linking the entrance to the rest of the garden is the most important landscaping task. Thanks to compositions of flowering and ornamental plants, a simple and boring road should turn into a colorful path that seems to anticipate a garden show. And in order to achieve this, you need to immediately make an impression, do not forget to take into account the architecture of the house in the design, the motives of the arrangement already used in the garden. The design of the entrance should correspond to the style and color concept of the garden as a whole, and especially the front garden. At least half of the plants you will be using should be found in other objects in the garden. Better yet, use a typical set of plants. After all, you can simply experiment with new varieties. Pay special attention to the color: it will be good if you use strong, "explosive" colors in the plants at the entrance to the house,which will immediately make it clear which colors dominate garden flower beds.
  4. The more expressive the ensembles themselves at the entrance, the better. Do not be afraid to emphasize tall plants with low ones, lush ones with slender ones, large-leaved ones with small-leaved ones. Feel free to play on texture and color, use unusual combinations: the risk in the design of driveways is always justified.
  5. Allocate as much soil as you can afford for landscaping your driveway, but within reasonable limits. In order to create a colorful frame, a very narrow strip of soil is enough. If the entrance is adjacent to a flower garden or a front garden, a hedge or other decorative objects, just separate at least a 40-60 cm strip of soil along the edge. A meter strip of soil is enough for a beautiful alley. And if your entrance "rests" sideways on the fence, you can always come up with an original solution: both potted plants and crops that can be content with a minimum of soil will help to introduce accents. They can be planted literally in the cracks between stones (from sedum to chickweed, thyme, saxifrage).
Flower garden along the driveway
Flower garden along the driveway

Three main options to help turn your entrance into a colorful wonder

Option 1

Blossoming alley - decoration emphasizing the shape and purpose of the driveway, relying on woody with a colorful suite. It is enough to place slender ornamental trees in a row with large gaps and supplement them with a “flat” flower garden with bright seasonal plants and several perennials that create the basis for the design. Plants are selected so that the flowering practically does not fade away.

Option 2

Pergola perimeter and colorful top. Thanks to the construction along the additional structure, the entrance will not yield to any garden gazebo and will turn into a secluded, cozy and surprisingly chamber area, without losing its significance. At the same time, the pergola can be replaced with equal to it in semantic meaning, but less laborious in construction, wooden lattices or supports for treetopes - objects of small architecture, which will also serve as the basis for colorful garden vines.

In order for the pergola to become a spectacular element of small architecture and a special decoration of the entrance, do not be afraid to use 3-4 different vines and plant under them as lush and lush, voluminous thickets of perennials as possible. And to add expression, simply add accents with evergreens or topiary.

Option 3

Hedges on both sides. This method of landscaping will help to visually separate the entrance from the garden, without losing touch with it, and surround it with colorful flowering ribbons that set the tone for staying in the garden from the very first meters. The main requirement for such a hedge is that it should combine the first row of perennials with a base of shrubs so as to create the most expressive ensembles with variegated texture and colors.

Hedge around the driveway
Hedge around the driveway

Plants for registration of entrances to the house

The main stars of the design of driveways, hedges or flower beds under pergolas and supports with vines are shrubs and woody ones. High, lush, voluminous, they connect the driveway with the garden and give it expressiveness and harmony. Their functions are very important. And the choice is more than great. The main favorites among the trees are ornamental apple and plum trees, cherries and woody forms of white turf. A luxurious frame can also be created from Japanese cherry - the legendary sakura. And it is easy to add strict accents with the help of elms, cypress or columnar thujas. If you prefer a treetop on supports, then in the design you can safely mix climbing roses, clematis, wisteria, honeysuckle.

For lush flower ensembles and variations on the theme of hedges, shrubs such as are perfect:

  • gray rose;
  • weigelia;
  • buddley of David.

On flower beds, perennials will be supplemented by completely different shrubs - more modest in size Japanese quince, deytsiya, spirea and colorful barberries, as well as boxwoods, which always add festive solemnity.

Flower garden along the driveway
Flower garden along the driveway

The choice of perennials is perhaps the most difficult. After all, so many plants can successfully fit into the design! Their choice varies depending on the style, color concept, tastes, and is almost as diverse as for an ordinary flower garden. But there are also unconditional stars that will not fail in the landscaping of entrances:

  • all garden geraniums;
  • splinter;
  • Byzantine purse;
  • stonecrop;
  • sage;
  • cloves;
  • yarrow;
  • thyme;
  • oriental poppy;
  • veronica;
  • tulips, etc.

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