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The Best Materials Of "Botanichki" Of - Page 2 Of 4
The Best Materials Of "Botanichki" Of - Page 2 Of 4

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We again summarize and recall the best materials published by our authors at Botanichka over the past year. We have divided the list into four parts, in accordance with the categories of our site and publish only 10 materials from each section. You can go directly to the part you are interested in using the links below, or view the entire list using the page navigation at the bottom of this material.

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Flower garden and landscape

8 best perennials to bloom all summer

Among the perennial garden stars, there are both plants that bloom for only 1-2 weeks, and crops with a longer "parade" lasting 30-45 days, and sometimes almost two months. And if you choose the right varieties, then their flowering time can be extended from June to the end of August. But there are also perennials whose flowering by nature exceeds 65-70 days. They are the real stars of flower beds and mixborders. View article"

Forming and pruning hydrangeas

Inimitable hydrangeas with their lush caps of inflorescences and massive crowns never go out of style. In order for the flowering of any bush hydrangea to become one of the highlights of the season, you will have to try and provide the plant with thorough care. Watering, feeding, mulching for hydrangeas is also very important, but the main guarantee of the health and beauty of flowering is pruning. View article"

7 professional secrets to help make your garden special

The gardens, designed by professional designers, are impressive at first sight. They seem to breathe harmony, and their creators seem to be almost magicians who own secrets. But in fact, the basics of gardening art are not at all so unattainable. After all, individual projects are based on fairly simple principles. And in order to put them into practice, it is enough to take the time to plan and not be afraid of bold decisions. View article"

The main diseases of ornamental conifers

In recent years, coniferous crops have become widespread both in the landscape design of city parks and summer cottages. Probably, a significant share in the preference of broad-leaved crops to conifers belongs to their year-round attractiveness and the misleading opinion about the absence of diseases in conifers. This is the main mistake of gardeners who decided to significantly replenish the landscape with coniferous crops. View article"

Spring rose care

There is a lot of hassle on the calendar in the spring. Some works are associated with a vegetable garden and a garden, others with ornamental plants. From early spring, roses also remind of themselves. Indeed, in order for these beauties to please with flowering, it is necessary not only to remove the shelter from them in a timely manner. Roses will need proper pruning, mandatory feeding, and protection from diseases and pests. But these beauties will thank you doubly for their care with the arrival of summer. View article"

Growing bulbs in buried containers

You were presented with a bouquet of beautiful roses, how great it would be to grow the same in your country house. Or you bought planting material of a rare variety of roses, it has taken root, but I would like to multiply it faster. What to do? After all, vegetative propagation of many varieties of roses is not such an easy task. View article"

The most unusual trees and shrubs for the garden

Every gardener dreams of making his garden inimitable and unique. A non-standard approach to the selection of plants in this matter is as effective as the choice of an unusual design style. One of the easiest ways to personalize your garden and make it truly unique is to select trees and shrubs from the exotic category. Their status as unsuitable for cultivation in our climate literally changes the perception of a garden. View article"

Where do tulip bulbs "disappear"?

Everyone who grows tulips in their summer cottage has repeatedly noticed that sometimes the planted bulbs simply disappear without a trace. This should not be attributed only to the decay process or to rodents. Despite their status as luxurious flowering plants, tulips of even the best varieties retain many of the characteristics of their wild ancestors. Tulip bulbs can “disappear” for another reason. View article"

Growing balsam from seeds

The charming touch-up is one of the most classic annuals. His gardening career was known for both periods of universal admiration and undeserved oblivion. Today, everyone's attention is again riveted to this plant. Prolonged flowering, during which pink and crimson, purple and red flowers shine like stars, and attractive foliage are its main distinguishing features. So is the ease of reproduction. View article"

8 best autumn bulbous flowers

Bulbous plants can boast of such an enviable variety that there is a star among them not only for any garden, but also for any season. The assortment of bulbs is not limited only to primroses and spring stars. Along with blooming in summer, there are rare, but therefore more valuable bulbous, the flowering time of which occurs in autumn. Against the backdrop of falling leaves, they seem surprisingly touching accents. View article"

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