Weeds Are A Wall - What To Do? How To Get Rid Of Weeds Correctly? Photo

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Weeds Are A Wall - What To Do? How To Get Rid Of Weeds Correctly? Photo
Weeds Are A Wall - What To Do? How To Get Rid Of Weeds Correctly? Photo

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Spring is coming to an end, it's time for warm weather. The dachas turned green with weeds, which in the first wave covered all the free space in the gardens and in the garden. Weed control begins from the first days of going to the country in order to "rest". But there are different reasons for delays (illness, departure, and others) and upon arrival there is a solid green field in front of you. How to be? I never use chemicals at my dacha. From my own experience, I propose the following system of works to clean the suburban area from "uninvited guests".


How to get rid of weeds correctly?

Mow the tops of the weeds as soon as possible so that they do not have time to seed. Leave them in place, let them wither in the sun.

Weed all the cultivated beds occupied by early vegetable and winter plantings with a hoe (hoe) 5-7 cm.

By this time, the cut grass will dry out. Collect it and mulch the weeded areas. Weeds will slow down their growth much under the mulch.

You can do it differently. Cover the aisles with opaque material (use black plastic, cardboard, even old pieces of linoleum). Under such mulch, young weeds, if they sprout, they will die. Photosynthesis will not be available for them.

Weed control under tree crowns

I return to the garden. I weed by hand or reap the weeds with a sickle under the tree crowns, as low as possible. I mulch the mown lawns with the same mown grass, which will also stop the growth of weeds. I will buy time for other work.

Provoking weeds in beds for seedlings and late crops

The end of May - the first half of June is the time for planting seedlings of eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, sowing cucumbers in open ground, over-sowing compaction green. For them, by irrigation, I provoke the shoots and growth of weeds in the beds dug up in the fall for seedlings and late crops. As soon as shoots appear, I carry out fine weeding, level the soil and plant seedlings.

I mulch planting with humus, dry grass, mowed earlier, mature biohumus, straw. This year, she planted early tomatoes and mulched with mowed meadow fescue (the whole garden was filled with this weed).

It's the third week after landing. Plants in fescue mulch do great. They did not get sick with temperature changes (during the day +25.. + 28, at night +8.. + 10ºС). The soil under the mulch is moist. Fed up with nitrofoskoy.

Having freed myself from planting, I again take up the weeds. In all free areas, I mow them to the ground and leave them in place. I immediately lay out those torn by hand on the free soil.

If the land is not occupied by anything, plant pumpkin or zucchini in the holes among the cut weeds. Their wide leaves will protect the soil from weeds and drying out.


The second wave of weeds grows very quickly in August. They are not scary if the vegetable garden and garden have been kept clean all summer. That is, weeds were destroyed at the beginning of growth, all weeding was mulched.

A few words about herbicides at their summer cottage

Some gardeners and gardeners prefer drastic weed control measures. It is believed that treating plants with herbicides will solve all problems. Moreover, the recommendations often write that the drugs decompose or go into a state inaccessible to plants, without harming the soil. I am categorically against the use of chemicals and especially herbicides in summer cottages and house plots.

Destroying green plants, herbicides have a very negative effect on humans, animals, birds, beneficial insects. If you have decided to chemically fight weeds, then the treatment should be carried out only with preparations acting on green plants and before planting garden crops. Under no circumstances should weeds be treated with herbicides in summer in areas with food plants, under fruit trees and in berry fields.


At present, chemical preparations “hurricane”, “tornado”, “zero” are on sale. These are analogues of "Roundup" effective at high and low temperatures on a large list of weeds, both annual and perennial. The above drugs of systemic action. Accumulating and moving through the organs of plants, they cause changes in their young cells that are incompatible with the further vegetation of the weed.

After treatment with herbicide, only the next year can vegetables be planted on this place. It takes time for the drug to detoxify, it will become conditionally harmless and will not have a negative effect on vegetables and other crops.

Remember! After the treatment of weeds with herbicides, plants cannot be planted on the treated areas for food within the time specified in the recommendations.

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