Garden Without Hassle. Organic Farming

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Garden Without Hassle. Organic Farming
Garden Without Hassle. Organic Farming

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Organic farming today is turning from a little-known trend into a full-fledged movement for conscious, rational and responsible gardening and horticulture. Calling to work in accordance with nature, and not in spite of it, this approach allows you to save energy and resources, to enjoy every minute spent on your site. And grow a high-quality, environmentally friendly crop in your garden without hassle, forgetting about watering, weeding and even digging. The lazy-sensible approach is the basis of natural farming, which turns the idea of ​​u200b / u200btheir own garden and garden.

Organic farming - a hassle-free garden and vegetable garden for the sane lazy

Every summer resident dreams of rich harvests that do not require extra effort. And the concept of "lazy" garden and vegetable garden is becoming more and more firmly in our life. But the very principles that make it possible to simplify the process of growing their own crops, for many remain, if not a mystery, then something akin to science fiction. A hassle-free vegetable garden that does not require weeding, watering and even digging is not a myth or an impossible dream, but a reality. But in order to achieve a result, it will be necessary not only to radically change the approach, but also to reconsider the ideas about traditional farming methods.

Garden without hassle
Garden without hassle

At the heart of the "lazy garden", as the principle of organizing your own garden and vegetable garden, built on the laws of organic (or natural) agriculture, is often called a responsible approach and respect for nature. And to be mistaken, believing that you can do nothing at all, but get an excellent result, is not worth it: it is not lazy gardeners who achieve success, but reasonably lazy gardeners. The ability to correctly allocate resources, minimize all labor-intensive work and effectively use the entire area of ​​your small plot is not only reality, but also the only correct approach. And organic farming isn't just for those who don't have the time or energy for “normal” gardening. This is a whole philosophy and a special approach to gardening and horticulture, available to everyone regardless of age, knowledge and experience - to those who want to live and create in symbiosis with nature,and not just use and drain its resources.

Putting the main task of not getting the maximum out of the soil, and not harming nature, organic farming uses natural mechanisms for restoring soil fertility, carefully analyzing the laws of their renewal. And the perception of soil is not just a resource, an environment for growing plants, but as a living organism with a unique ecosystem, any interference in which leads to an irreversible imbalance, and radically changes the perception of the very process of growing cultivated plants.

Following the laws of nature itself, without interfering or destroying, but only helping her as much as possible and knowledgeable, organic farming teaches us:

  • appreciate your work;
  • correctly allocate resources and time;
  • do not waste time on unnecessary (and often causing great damage) procedures;
  • re-enjoy the time spent on your site.

After all, in order to relax in the country, and not to work every minute, you also need to learn. And sometimes it is much more difficult to rebuild the way of thinking and perception than to master new methods for yourself.

Three main "non" of natural farming - the basis of a vegetable garden without hassle

Organic farming allows you to abandon all the most difficult, time-consuming components of classic gardening and truck farming - the fight against unwanted vegetation, regular watering and soil cultivation.

Garden without hassle
Garden without hassle

Organic farming is based on three principles:

Principle 1. Don't dig

Instead of digging, active and deep tillage, organic farming calls for preserving the natural environment of the soil and just maintaining and improving it, maintaining air and water permeability, without harming the original inhabitants of the soil, using natural means for renewal and restoration and creating a high-quality humus layer.

Principle 2. Don't weed

It is better to fight weeds not with the most ineffective method - complete weeding, but with their systematic oppression, considering the "main enemies" of any summer resident as one of the valuable natural resources.

Principle 3. Do not water

The most time-consuming and resource-intensive component of caring for your garden is perceived as inevitable. But if you reconsider the approach and do not enrich the soil with water, but keep it in it, then you can forget about watering.

Of course, organic farming is not just about giving up watering and feeding. In everything, from measures to protect plants from pests of diseases to the question of fertilizing, one should "listen" to nature and rely on natural mechanisms of protection and self-regulation, which cannot be more efficiently invented. An organic garden and hassle-free vegetable garden is a healthy garden that grows strong and resilient plants. And to the choice of seedlings, seeds, tubers, the selection of plant communities, the observance of crop rotation and rotation, and to sowing or planting in natural agriculture, their own approach, individual, respectful to the characteristics of the crops themselves.

"Well forgotten old" natural farming

Unfortunately, few people know about natural farming in the Russian Federation. We often have it now with a new, sometimes even innovative or alternative approach. Although the essence of natural agriculture is not the invention of new technologies, but a return to the origins, attention and respect for nature and its laws, which everyone knew hundreds of years ago. With technological progress, in just a hundred years, the ability to grow crops in accordance with nature and without harming it gave way to new methods, which led to catastrophic destruction and depletion of soil. For decades, "scientific" but unnatural methods of farming dominated and imposed by agricultural scientists, and the original, age-old traditions and practices of creating a garden without hassle were practically lost.

Adherents of traditional agricultural technology are convinced that organic farming methods are of little use in private gardens and orchards, they require large resources and costs. But in practice, the opposite is true: even on your own 6 acres, you can make sure that natural farming opens up gardening from a completely new side. It's much easier on a small area:

  • understand natural mechanisms and begin to act together with nature itself;
  • move from soil exploitation to soil conservation and improvement;
  • start to use the area rationally and get large and high-quality harvests even in a small garden without hassle.

The fun process of learning about the laws of nature and getting started with them paves the way for responsible farming and new ways to organize your own garden without the hassle.

Galina Kizima - a guide to the world of organic farming

The laws and methods of organic farming have been applied in practice by the chief expert in this field Galina Kizima for more than 55 years. The author of more than a hundred books, manuals and articles on smart and successful gardening and gardening, Galina Aleksandrovna Kizima is a frequent guest on television and radio, a renowned practitioner who modestly calls herself an amateur gardener. Even opponents listen to her opinion.

Galina Aleksandrovna Kizima
Galina Aleksandrovna Kizima

For more than half a century of practice, Galina Kizima has successfully confirmed that the three main "not" successful farming not only work, but are also a successful basis that allows you to find your individual approach, save energy, resources and time, achieve the desired result and enjoy your favorite business … Having passed through his own experience the path from the usual generally accepted methods to attentive "looking" to nature and understanding how to change your activities on the site and began a long way of the master of acquaintance and experiments with organic farming, understanding its foundations. And then - and the desire to share their knowledge and experience with those who are also selflessly in love with gardening. And today Galina Aleksandrovna, who herself has gone from an amateur to a guru, has become for many a guide to gardening,in which they work in accordance with and together with nature, and not fight with it.

More than twenty thousand gardeners and summer residents have already discovered all the advantages of organic farming thanks to Galina Kizima's video course "Garden without hassle." This is a unique course from fascinating videos that will help you not only understand, but also see how an organic vegetable garden works without the hassle of a summer cottage and how simple the laws are at the heart of natural farming. Like the author's books, the video course is distinguished by its accessible language - you will not hear complex terms and boring explanations in it, these are advice from a practicing gardener to the same amateur gardeners.

A complete and accessible guide will show you how to apply the principles of natural farming in practice and get environmentally friendly, healthy and record harvests of your favorite vegetables, berries and more, forever forgetting about digging, weeding and watering for a real garden without hassle. And it will help you rediscover the pleasure of your favorite hobby.

Nice bonus to Kizima's "Garden without hassle"

All Botanichka readers have a great chance to join the community of reasonably lazy gardeners and like-minded people of Galina Kizima, because today the entire video course "Garden without hassle" is available for you with a unique discount of 2000 rubles. In addition, a very pleasant bonus awaits you - 12 books by Galina Kizima in electronic version as a gift. Thanks to them, you will learn how to apply the methods of organic farming in growing ornamental plants, the subtleties of sowing and planting in the garden without hassle, plant protection, growing seedlings, harvesting and harvesting crops, features of the annual work cycle and many more gardening secrets without much effort and hassle.

To take advantage of this unique offer and purchase Galina Kizima's full video course "A Vegetable Garden Without Hassle" with a discount and a gift, follow the secret link.

Discover simple yet redefining organic farming with Galina Kizima! After all, you can grow your own crops without hassle and create a beautiful garden not only by exploiting nature, but also by acting according to its laws and principles. And learn the most mysterious of the arts - to enjoy your garden and garden, forgetting about hard work forever

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