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8 Essential Seedling-grown Vegetables - Page 10 Of 10
8 Essential Seedling-grown Vegetables - Page 10 Of 10

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Features of growing vegetable seedlings

All vegetables are characterized by general criteria and rules for growing seedlings. In order to get a high-quality harvest, you need to grow strong and healthy plants, and for this you need to select seeds, rejecting all not large enough and defective ones.

Seed germination process
Seed germination process

The seeds of almost all vegetables can be pre-disinfected by soaking in a 1% solution of potassium permanganate. But an absolutely obligatory step is soaking, which is carried out immediately before sowing, allowing the seeds to swell and the shells to soften.

Soaking is very simple. To do this, sprinkle seeds on a container of any natural moisturized cloth laid on the bottom and pour water so that it slightly covers the seeds. Soaking is carried out for 12-24 hours with the optimal option and at least 15 minutes with a lack of time.

Containers and containers for vegetable seedlings must be equipped with drainage holes, it is advisable to be individual for large crops, and it is better to choose the substrate from among special mixtures for growing seedlings or take care of choosing a light and nutritious, air and permeable soil. Vegetables grow best in slightly acidic soil.

The sowing process itself is extremely simple. Seeds are laid out in the pre-moistened and leveled soil, falling asleep on top with a layer of loose soil from 1.5 to 3 cm high and gently moisten the top layer of soil from a spray bottle. Germination must be carried out in greenhouse conditions, in a warm and bright place, covering the crops with foil or glass with obligatory daily ventilation and maintaining a stable substrate moisture.

Young seedlings of vegetable crops do not need additional moisture and the cap should be removed immediately after the emergence of the shoots. All vegetables need a comfortable environment for the normal growth of seedlings: the temperature is about 20-30 degrees, which is gradually lowered only two weeks before being transferred to the soil for hardening and very good lighting, the lack of which can lead to stretching of the plants.

Only those vegetables that were sown in a common container dive, the same crops that grew from the very beginning in an individual pot do not dive.

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