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8 Essential Seedling-grown Vegetables - Page 6 Of 10
8 Essential Seedling-grown Vegetables - Page 6 Of 10

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5. Early-ripening cucumbers

It is customary to grow cucumbers in our country without seedlings, sowing the seeds of this inherently tropical plant directly into the soil of the greenhouse or under a film. But with such a growing strategy, the first harvest of cucumbers will have to wait.

Seedlings of cucumbers
Seedlings of cucumbers

The seedling method of cultivating cucumbers allows you to get the earliest harvest: cucumbers sown at an early date and then transferred to the ground as a whole bear fruit 2-3 weeks earlier than competitors planted in the ground.

Cucumbers do not like trauma to the root system (as well as transplants). Seedlings of this amazing vegetable are grown individually, in pots or glasses, allowing the plant to be transferred to a permanent place without any contact with the root system.

Cucumber seeds remain viable for up to 8 years, hatch very quickly, with the usual pre-planting soaking already on the second or third day, although dry seeds germinate within a week after sowing.

A feature of cucumbers is that the plants are transferred to the soil at a very young age, after only 20-25 days of cultivation. This early maturity determines the timing of planting. Seedlings of greenhouse cucumbers are sown on April 10-15, ground ones - on May 10-15, if the plants are planned to be covered with a film - on April 20-25.

Cucumber seedlings are transferred to the soil on May 10-15 for greenhouses, in the second decade of May for plantings covered with a film and in the first decade of June for cucumbers growing in open ground.

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