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Indoor Plants With Unusual Patterns On The Leaves. List Of Names With Photos - Page 5 Of 6
Indoor Plants With Unusual Patterns On The Leaves. List Of Names With Photos - Page 5 Of 6

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4. Live sprocket stocks

Stapelia variegata (Stapelia variegata) cannot be called anything other than an outlandish beauty. True, today scientists transferred this plant to a completely different genus of succulents - Orbea variegata (Orbea variegata). But if the plant is found on sale, then, basically, it is under the old name of the stocks.

Orbea variegated (Orbea variegata), or Stapelia variegated (Stapelia variegata)
Orbea variegated (Orbea variegata), or Stapelia variegated (Stapelia variegata)

The motley stapelia is one of the most unusual indoor plants, which is distinguished by its exoticism, unpleasant odor, and its compactness. Like living alien creatures, the stars of the flowers of this succulent will never tire of surprising you, but not always pleasant.

This plant stands out for anything, but not a variety of colors. Light yellow "base" and dark brown patterns are all variations. But thanks to the outlandish shape of the staple flower, these coloring do not look boring, and their shades differ.

Stapelia variegated is a compact succulent, which is a rare class of foul-smelling plants among indoor plants. The height of the orbeya-stapelia will not exceed 5-10 cm. The tetrahedral shoots are fleshy, with processes at the base, leafless, adorned with straight teeth. The plant gradually forms a kind of curtain, reminiscent of cacti or other succulents.

Non-standard flowering of stocks starts in summer. One plant produces up to 5 amazing flowers with fleshy triangular petals, similar to true stars up to 8 cm in diameter. Flowers bloom only at the base of young shoots. From the outside, the light yellow color of the flower is unremarkable, but the innumerable thin stripes and irregularly spaced spots, veins forming outlandish transverse "animal patterns" and the edge of the inner side of the flat flower look simply amazing. The aroma of the stocks resembles rotten meat, and you cannot call it pleasant.

Giant stapelia (Stapelia gigantea)
Giant stapelia (Stapelia gigantea)

A distinctive feature of the slipways is that they do not tolerate contact with roots in any form. Even their small injury leads to the fact that the plant most often dies. But this is not all the unpleasant surprises that the stocks have prepared for those who decided to grow this outlandish star.

Stapels need coolness in winter, air temperature is 14-16 degrees, warm in summer (from 22 to 26 degrees), diffused light. But there is no need to spray this beauty, and they water it with restraint.

Stapels are outlandish and exotic plants, but it would be a big mistake to admire them in the living room or bedroom. The unpleasant smell of the plant requires placement during the flowering period in ventilated rooms or on balconies. In winter, they can be placed in any room you want.

Stapelia mutable (Stapelia mutabilis)
Stapelia mutable (Stapelia mutabilis)

The role of motley stocks in the interior

  • as an exclusive accent;
  • outlandish decoration;
  • like an extravagant star.

In addition to the variegated staple, it is worth paying attention to no less outlandish patterns of other species - yellowish stars with transversely spaced specks of reddish-brown tones of the variable staple (Stapelia mutabilis) and pale flowers of the giant staple (Stapelia gigantea) up to 20 cm in diameter, with the thinnest overlapping streaked with dark red and reddish hairs.

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