7 Sunniest Plants For A Winter Interior. List Of Names Of Indoor Plants With Photo - Page 7 Of 8

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7 Sunniest Plants For A Winter Interior. List Of Names Of Indoor Plants With Photo - Page 7 Of 8
7 Sunniest Plants For A Winter Interior. List Of Names Of Indoor Plants With Photo - Page 7 Of 8

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6. Sun in a pot - winter primroses

Primroses appear on sale in December. The choice of these plants is traditionally not very limited. Some of the most popular color options are dazzling yellow tones. Delicate, light, brighter yellow-orange, lemon or classic "primrose" yellow, two-color yellow-orange - there is plenty to choose from.

Primrose (Primula)
Primrose (Primula)

Blooming sun primroses seem unrestrained and even too joyful. They literally dazzle, and the energy of color is not balanced by a strict structure or prim, boring lines. The primrose literally gushes with positive energy and seems to change the entire atmosphere in the rooms by its mere presence. Of course, it will be possible to place indoor primroses only on the windowsills or very close to the window, but from there they will charge you with their irrepressible fun and catchy warmth.

Favorite primroses today are considered one of the most popular abundant "garden" plants, actively introduced into the pot and indoor culture. The compact rosette bushes of primroses with velvety, tongue-shaped or rounded leaves are just a bright green background for a massive bloom, which is really worth admiring. Above a rosette of leaves, tall, straight peduncles rise, in which umbrellas, shields and brushes of densely spaced bright flowers sit.

Plants need unremitting care for such a lush flowering, but all efforts pay off handsomely. The flowering of indoor primroses does not necessarily cover winter, but many varieties are driven out specially for the cold season.

The most popular types of primroses in which you can find sunny colors in winter flowering varieties:

  • changeable primrose (Primula variabilis), producing tall, up to 30 cm flower stalks;
  • common primrose or stemless (Primula vulgaris), in which flowers sit on short cuttings and create a kind of caps of inflorescences;
  • tender primrose (Primula malacoides) - a fragrant species with long-tiered inflorescences, traditionally beginning flowering in December;
  • primula kyuskaya (Primula kewensis) - yellow-colored species, which does not have other colors of flowers.

On sale there are other thermophilic varieties with abundant flowering, a variety of hybrid varieties. The easiest way to choose primroses is not by the specific name, but solely by their aesthetic qualities.

Primula tender (Primula malacoides)
Primula tender (Primula malacoides)

Prerequisites for primroses

  • cool temperatures (optimally 13-16 degrees Celsius);
  • brightest lighting with measures to protect from direct sun;
  • protection from drafts, but frequent ventilation.

Watering primroses: abundant, constant humidity is needed, but no dampness; prefers humid air (leaves can be sprayed).

Top dressing: not carried out, from November to February, 1 top dressing with fertilizers for begonias or flowering plants is enough.

Pruning primroses: immediately after flowering, the shoots are shortened to release new flowers.

Transfer: after flowering.

Soil for primroses: special for primroses or universal, light, loose, nutritious.

Resting phase: the faded primrose is either thrown away or transplanted and kept in shade in the fresh air, with minimal watering (the renewal of constant humidity in the fall stimulates vegetation).

Reproduction: seeds.

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