8 Best Plants For Landscape Hedges Plants For Hedges. Description, Photo - Page 6 Of 8

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8 Best Plants For Landscape Hedges Plants For Hedges. Description, Photo - Page 6 Of 8
8 Best Plants For Landscape Hedges Plants For Hedges. Description, Photo - Page 6 Of 8

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6. Action

Completely odorless, but no less abundant, action is the main competitor of spirits. Shrubs up to 4 m in height are surprisingly graceful, create non-massive, elegant and attractive hedges during the entire active season, surprising with an abundance of flowers and ease of maintenance. The brightly colored deytion leaves are arranged oppositely, forming a beautiful elegant bush with a lush bottom and arched branches.

Flowers up to 1.5-2 cm in diameter are usually double, collected in erect brushes, under which greenery is almost hidden. Romantic cascades of dense bushes look attractive even after flowering, even if the brightest advantage of this shrub is the snow-white summer flowering, covering the hedges with foam.

Action in a hedge
Action in a hedge

Actions are usually used for the formation of medium-sized hedges with a height of 2 m, and look good in mixed plantings.

Actions are stable and not capricious, they perfectly tolerate even polluted urban conditions. Fences will bloom profusely only in good light, they tolerate any soil, but they achieve the greatest decorative effect when planting in at least slightly moist, loose, nutritious soils without excessive acidity. The action does not have a very high winter hardiness, in the middle lane these white-flowering beauties very often freeze out along the snow line, but at the same time the action stands out for its unique ability to fully recover and bloom despite damage.

Advantages of action hedges:

  • amazing grace of arched branches and beauty of lines;
  • foam-like abundant snow-white bloom;
  • the ability to bloom with minimal care and the speed of growth and recovery of plants even after freezing.

Best views for hedges

To create natural hedges about 2 m in height, all varieties of hybrid deuts are considered ideal, which stand out for their very abundant flowering, fast growth and the ability to maintain shape without rejuvenation. The most spectacular hedges are obtained from hybrids of graceful and rough action. Looks great in the lush lines of Lemoine deytion up to 2 meters high with graceful flowers in large panicles of inflorescences that appear during May and June. To create hedges, they sometimes use small-flowered or Amur action, but they allow you to create living fences only up to 2 meters high, even if they flaunt with more spreading branches and look elegant and original.

Action in the hedge
Action in the hedge

Landing rules

Fences are best laid in the spring. Even young plants obtained by cuttings can be used as seedlings for hedges. The action is planted at a distance equal to the future diameter of the crown without thickening, traditionally - about 1-1.5 m.

It is better to plant the action in individual-type planting pits with a depth of about 50 cm, and not in trenches. At the bottom, it is imperative to lay drainage from sand or sand and crushed stone about 10-15 cm high. The root collar of the shrub should be located at the soil level.

After planting, abundant watering is carried out, and, if possible, mulching.

Features of caring for a hedge from action

Hedges made of abundant flowering action are considered one of the easiest to care for. This plant practically does not need feeding, but if you want the hedge to really retain its beauty for decades and not lose the power of its flowering, then it is better to feed it annually in early spring, using full mineral fertilizer or during the first half of the season, apply organic matter under the bushes …

Action in the hedge
Action in the hedge

Watering the hedge is necessary only to maintain a stable soil moisture, this shrub needs 1 watering per month, with an increase of up to 2-3 times during the hottest periods. Like all landscape-type hedges, deutsiums will gratefully respond to weeding with parallel loosening of the soil to a depth of 25 cm. To retain moisture and simplify maintenance, it is better to mulch the soil with peat at least a thin layer.

In hedges, action is not cut at all, except for the removal of dry and damaged branches. In the early years, young plants can be slightly huddled for the winter, and the most delicate specimens can be bent to the soil with a shelter; in the future, deutsy hedges do not need protection.

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