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10 Brightest Autumn Colors. Description. Care. Photo - Page 5 Of 11
10 Brightest Autumn Colors. Description. Care. Photo - Page 5 Of 11

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4. Ageratin the highest

The most late blooming of large garden perennials (and one of the most fashionable texture stars) - Ageratina the highest in recent years has become a true star. Even the relative difficulties with wintering in regions with severe winters are not deterred from growing this plant.

Ageratina the highest (Ageratina altissima)
Ageratina the highest (Ageratina altissima)

Ageratina is the highest - a large root-growing perennial up to 1.5 m high. Straight and very strong shoots create dense clumps that will smooth out massively in the garden and compositions. The leaves of the plant sit opposite, they are whole and, in general, dull - oval-ovate, and not lanceolate-elongated, like in other stethos. Wider and more massive, with a coarse toothed edge, they, due to their density and uniformity, give the plant a beautiful texture and pattern.

Small flowers with a long tube in the ageratina would be inconspicuous if not for their number. The flowers are collected in sloppy inflorescences-baskets with an unusual, as if whorled structure, which, in turn, are collected in panicles, scutes and brushes. Long stamens make each flower stand out. And fluffy inflorescences shine against the backdrop of an autumn garden and dark greenery.

Stem stands traditionally bloom in the second half and late summer. But ageratina often blooms only in September and adorns gardens throughout the fall.

Amazing white lace inflorescences, which seem to illuminate the bushes, do not remind of the pink-lilac bloom of the more popular stethos, but they look so elegant that they seem almost festive.

Dark green plain ageratina today conceded most popular one and only, but what sort of ageratiny - "Chocolate» (Chocolate). Young purple leaves, bronze-brown summer leaves and reddish-black-brown autumn leaves seem to be an exclusive luxury. Other forms with brown leaves and red-leaved varieties, which often remain unnamed, are rare.

Ageratins are tall and powerful perennials that are used to create background and volume. They are indispensable in landscape compositions and arrays, they are good as powerful single beds and in the background of any flower beds. Contrasting leaves and large sizes allow you to play with relief.

Ageratins are undemanding to lighting, they can grow in shade. The only thing to be sure of when choosing a place for a plant is loose, nutritious soil.

It is not difficult to care for ageratina. Sometimes plants need supports, for the winter, the aboveground parts need to be cut off, and in drought, these moisture-loving perennials should be watered.

Ageratins can disappear in snowless and unstable winters. Therefore, they are additionally protected with a simple cover of spruce branches and dry leaves.

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