9 Most Unpretentious Fruit Crops. List Of Fruit Trees And Shrubs That Do Not Require Maintenance. Photo - Page 7 Of 10

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9 Most Unpretentious Fruit Crops. List Of Fruit Trees And Shrubs That Do Not Require Maintenance. Photo - Page 7 Of 10
9 Most Unpretentious Fruit Crops. List Of Fruit Trees And Shrubs That Do Not Require Maintenance. Photo - Page 7 Of 10

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6. Raspberry

Raspberries can also be attributed to unpretentious garden crops. With minimal maintenance (planted, watered, harvested, cut off in autumn), this shrub continues to delight not very happy owners. In the wild, raspberries grow everywhere from the southern outskirts of the European part of the CIS and western countries to cold Siberia in Eurasia.

Common raspberry (Rubus idaeus)
Common raspberry (Rubus idaeus)

Raspberries belong to crops that have a disrupted distribution area, which historically led to different types of plants in this family. But each type of raspberry, with its botanical differences, in general, delivers a lot of pleasure as a valuable product and an indispensable medicine for colds.

In natural nature, raspberries occupy damp shady places, forest edges, ravines, but still prefers fertile soils. In summer cottages, raspberries can be placed at inconvenience, where they, having fit into the general landscape, will supply the owners with tasty and healthy berries for many years.

Features of raspberries

Unlike frost-resistant crops, raspberries do not tolerate severe frosts, they like snow shelters, but they quickly recover by root suckers. Raspberries are good for their unpretentious care and form yields, being generally abandoned.

Useful properties and uses of raspberries

Raspberries are widely used in folk medicine for all colds. But official medicine recommends using only common raspberries for the preparation of medicinal decoctions and tinctures. Its varieties need to be bred in your rational garden.

Raspberry fruits and leaves are rich in organic acids, a wide range of vitamins and minerals, and sugars. They are used as an antipyretic, diaphoretic, antimicrobial agent. A decoction of the roots is a good anti-allergic agent. A decoction of flowers is drunk with neuroses.

Fresh, frozen and dry raspberries are widely used in cooking. Fresh berries are used to prepare drinks, jams, juices, and wine.

Common raspberry (Rubus idaeus)
Common raspberry (Rubus idaeus)

Raspberry care

The most unpleasant property of raspberry bushes is crawling to new habitats. Over time, raspberries can take up an entire small area.

Experienced gardeners recommend planting raspberries in trenches, enclosing the latter with waste slate and other materials to the depth of the main mass of roots. Regulates raspberry growth in trenches by autumn pruning. Another tip: plant the raspberry with garlic, then the garden bed will be free for other crops, and the raspberry prefers not to grow outside of the garlic.

During the growing season (especially in dry weather) the raspberries need to be watered, but during the hot summer it is still a pleasant concern.

In a country house, it is best to propagate raspberries by dividing the bush and root suckers.

Raspberry varieties for growing in the country

Early raspberry varieties: Early Zarya, Izobilnaya, Gigant, Kaskad, Michurinskaya. The variety Yellow Giant or simply Giant is the best for the conditions of the Northwest regions. The early raspberry variety Mirage is very convenient for an unpretentious garden. Bears fruit all summer. It practically does not react to adverse weather conditions. All care is spring pruning by 15-25 cm and loosening of bushes, which can be combined with feeding.

Medium varieties of raspberries: Arbat, Pride of Russia, Cleopatra, Kirzhach, Maroseyka, Sibiryanochka, Golden Giant yellow-fruited.

Late varieties of raspberries: Samara dense, Sputnitsa, Peresvet, Stolichnaya, Mirage. These varieties are great for winter harvesting.

Common raspberry (Rubus idaeus)
Common raspberry (Rubus idaeus)

Experienced gardeners often do not choose varieties according to the ripening time, but use varieties of remontant raspberries, which have time to provide a harvest for everyone. For gardeners who prefer minimal crop care, the following remontant varieties can be considered priority ones - Bryansk Divo, Hercules, Apricot, Atlant, Golden Autumn, Ruby Necklace, Indian Summer, Eurasia, Polka.

The most suitable raspberry variety for all regions, including the Moscow region, where the climate can change dramatically throughout the year, is Hercules. The variety multiplies quickly, resistant to fungal and bacterial diseases. Not picky about environmental conditions and care during the growing season. Pay attention to the polka raspberry variety. Fruiting from July to November. Suitable for all regions, including the north.

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