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10 Most Popular Indoor Plants. The Names Of Common Plants With Photos - Page 3 Of 11
10 Most Popular Indoor Plants. The Names Of Common Plants With Photos - Page 3 Of 11
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# 2. Indoor Saintpaulias

These amazing plants are known to all flower growers simply as violets, although there are many genuine viols in room culture. Saintpaulia, or the Usambara violet (Saintpaulia), is a tiny miracle that never goes out of style. For many, these miniature plants have become collectibles. And in the ability to place touching accents in the interior, no one, even the most fashionable exotic, can compare with Saintpaulias. This is a plant for piece accents, but it is inimitable beautiful.

Saintpaulia, or Usambara violet (Saintpaulia)
Saintpaulia, or Usambara violet (Saintpaulia)

Height: from 5 to 20 cm, rosette diameter - from 6 to more than 20 cm.

Saintpaulias offer a unique play of textures. Rounded or oval, fleshy, with a velvety edge, the leaves of the plant flaunt with a dark color and a textile effect, the reverse is a light side. They form a tiled rosette, sit on short petioles, are large, medium, and miniature, flaunt with a simple jagged edge or a more original border. There are many varieties of Saintpaulias with different colors and even variegated foliage variations. But no matter what violet we are talking about, velvet leaves perfectly emphasize the beauty of flowering.

The touching flowers of Saintpaulias with a small yellow "eye" in the center are asymmetric, consisting of 5 petals, simple or double, conquer with their mother-of-pearl-porcelain texture. Against the background of densely pubescent leaves, they literally shine and make a very touching impression. The flowers are collected above the leaves in inflorescences-umbrellas with a loose structure, on pubescent rising flowering shoots. In some Saintpaulias, the inflorescences form a continuous “cap” in the center of the bushes. Along the edge, the petals of some violets are decorated with ruffles or carved borders. Under optimal conditions, violets continue to bloom for up to 10 months a year and almost continuously.

Variations of Saintpaulias varieties: from miniature to classic violets, varieties and hybrids with different combinations of white, pink, lilac, red, purple, lilac and blue colors; there are numerous multi-color, two-color combinations, and the number of variations in the shape of the petals and the diversity of the structure of terry varieties is very large. Besides ordinary Saintpaulias, there are ampelous varieties and “wasps” with exotic flowers.

Using Saintpaulias

  • as single accents or in collections;
  • on the windowsill, pieces of furniture, serving;
  • as touching live bouquets, an alternative to cut flowers;
  • in seasonal and festive decor.
Saintpaulia, or Usambar violets (Saintpaulia)
Saintpaulia, or Usambar violets (Saintpaulia)

Lighting for Saintpaulias: diffused light or partial shade.

Wintering conditions for Saintpaulias: ordinary indoor.

Features of care for Saintpaulia: the plant loves coolness and stable temperatures, needs moderate, careful watering (preferably drip), does not tolerate drought and waterlogging, does not require measures to increase air humidity, needs regular feeding and plucking out wilting flowers and leaves.

Reproduction of Saintpaulias

  • leafy cuttings;
  • separation of bushes.

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