6 Of The Most Spectacular Indoor Plants With Colorful Leaves. List Of Plants With Colorful Leaves. Names And Photos - Page 2 Of 7

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6 Of The Most Spectacular Indoor Plants With Colorful Leaves. List Of Plants With Colorful Leaves. Names And Photos - Page 2 Of 7
6 Of The Most Spectacular Indoor Plants With Colorful Leaves. List Of Plants With Colorful Leaves. Names And Photos - Page 2 Of 7

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1. Angelic Caladium

These amazing brightly colored cultures are ranked among the noble species. And although the "disposition" of Caladium is far from flexible, and it is not so easy to grow it, the cheerful beauty of this plant fully pays for any work. The originality of his colors is truly incomparable. Multi-colored brightness can be brought into the house with the help of the most popular type of caladium - two-color (Caladium bicolor).

Caladium bicolor
Caladium bicolor

Caladiums are famous for their unique combinations of "acrylic" paints on sheet plates. White-green is just a traditional version, which is considered more rare among modern caladiums than multicolored. The brightest variations of red and pink, combined with cream, white, and bright or light green, transform Caladiums into a watercolor wonder. Moreover, in most caladiums it is pink or red that dominate the color, and the rest of the colors seem to frame them. Drawings replace each other in zones or recreate the marble effect, always seem to be created by the artist's hand, and not by nature. The veins are thin, usually either darker than the leaf plate, or bright red.

Caladiums are herbaceous plants with a pronounced dormant phase, before which they shed their foliage. They develop from tubers, and this largely determines the specifics of care. Despite the specific development, caladiums reach at least 30 cm in height, and the most powerful varieties exceed 70 cm.

Caladium leaves sit on very long petioles, which most often bend at the ends, and sometimes droop beautifully in an arched manner. But thin and beautiful cuttings with a predominantly colored color are just a beautiful addition to huge leaves. Most often sagittate or cordate, with a solid, slightly wavy edge, the leaves of the caladium seem simply huge. All the drawings on the leaf plates emphasize their shape, as if reinforcing the resemblance to heart-shaped contours. For the beauty of the leaves, this plant has received a very eloquent popular nickname - "angel wings".

Flowering of this plant is discreet, occurs in April-May. Not remarkable at all.

Caladiums are quite capricious plants and not so easy to grow. Unfortunately, this culture is so light-requiring that it feels good, mainly on windowsills. For caladium two-color, only diffused lighting is suitable, direct rays can hit the plant only in the morning and evening. But on the other hand, Caladium during the active growing season feels great in ordinary, rather hot room temperatures. For wintering, a plant that has dropped its leaves is taken to rooms with a strict temperature range from 18 to 20 degrees. Caladium is watered with restraint, maintaining light soil moisture; and from August, when growth stops, watering is reduced and by the time of transfer for the winter, the plant that has dropped its leaves is completely transferred to dry conditions. Top dressing is also carried out only during the period of active growth.But the most difficult thing in growing caladiums is maintaining high humidity, without which it will be impossible to achieve decorativeness.

Caladium bicolor
Caladium bicolor

The role of Caladium in the interior:

  • window sill decoration;
  • large accent by the window;
  • decoration of high chests of drawers or stands, bookshelves by the window;
  • emphasis on spring and summer (drops leaves in autumn).

Caladium is a plant that, in terms of its color palette, would be well suited to children's rooms, but due to the content of toxic, skin irritating substances in its juice, these multicolored soloists should not be used there. Caladiums are plants for living rooms, bedrooms, more suitable for large rooms. If you have a spacious bathroom, you can place it there too. While the optimal growing conditions for Caladium are certainly created in conservatories and flower display cases, success can be achieved in living rooms as well.

Varietal variety of caladiums: the plant is most often represented by hybrid varieties, but there are many forms that combine white, red or pink and green in a wide variety of variations (from bright red specks on green leaves of the verschaffeltii form to a purple border over bright small leaves and white spots caladium regale, pink and white speck neumannii, decorated with a large red spot, crimson and scarlet veins and border of leaves of caladium leopoldii, as well as many other unnamed varieties. because these plants allow a lot.

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