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5 Best Plants For The Office. List With Descriptions And Photos - Page 2 Of 6
5 Best Plants For The Office. List With Descriptions And Photos - Page 2 Of 6

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1. Anthurium

The modern star of minimalist offices and consulting centers, taking over the interiors of restaurants, cafes and coffee shops, Anthurium is an inimitable leader among "business" cultures. A spectacular appearance, emphasized by the luxurious shine of leaves and flowers, a modern palette, minimalistic, but not boring forms - these are the main advantages of this not only indoor plant, but also an office plant.

Anthuriums (Anthurium)
Anthuriums (Anthurium)

Anthuriums can be displayed either separately, as a single decoration, or duplicated, placed symmetrically in the same containers, playing with style, color and mood. This is one of the best plants for creating green partitions, planting in large flower girls and original stands.

The greening of offices and work space absolute favorites are anthuriums Andre (Anthurium andraeanum) and anthuriums Scherzer (Anthurium scherzerianum), their numerous varieties and hybrids. Evergreen semi-epiphytes, which have received the eloquent nickname "flamingo flowers", conquer with large, graceful, heart-shaped leaves with a rich dark green color, creating elegant bushes and sitting on long petioles.

Anthurium bushes are limited to 40-70 cm in height. Inflorescences are very effective. Spiral or straight, yellow-orange cobs are surrounded by a bright veil with prominent embossed veins. Depending on the variety, the color, shape and even size of the leaves change, and the color palette of acrylic shades of color for the bedspreads includes not only red, pink, cherry, purple, white, orange, light green options, but also unusual two-tone combinations. Anthuriums bloom under ideal conditions almost continuously, it lasts (at least) from spring to autumn.

It is not at all difficult to find suitable conditions for anthurium. These plants prefer coolness and stable heat, they do not like either cold or heat. Ideal conditions of about 18-20 degrees and protection from drafts are all that Anthurium will need to become a luxurious star of the workspace. One of the main advantages of the flamingo flower is its good adaptability. Not welcoming direct rays too much, anthuriums feel great in diffused lighting and in partial shade, they tolerate artificial light well, which is the main reason for its so frequent cultivation in offices with their special lighting.

Taking care of anthurium is not so easy. The soil must be consistently moist. The plant does not like dampness and drought. Top dressing is applied with the usual frequency of 1 every 2 weeks, and the air humidity should be high. Regular wiping of leaves, installing any humidifier, and frequent spraying are important points of caring for a flamingo flower. Anthuriums often suffer from improper care, losing the decorative effect of the leaves with improper feeding, watering or selection of conditions. On this plant, pests are not uncommon - scale insects and aphids.

Anthurium in the office
Anthurium in the office

For anthuriums, a universal substrate with a slightly acidic reaction is suitable. A high drainage layer, loosening additives and good air and water permeability are the main guarantee of the health of this plant. The plant is transplanted in early spring as the roots fill the previous container.

Reproduction of anthurium is not an easy task, but the choice of methods is surprisingly rich. Anthuriums can be grown from seeds, side shoots, stem cuttings, or apical cuttings.

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