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The Best Materials Of "Botanichka"
The Best Materials Of "Botanichka"

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Traditionally, we sum up the outgoing year and recall the best materials published by our authors at Botanichka last year. When compiling this list, we took into account the number of views of articles, your votes for materials, your comments and reviews on social networks. In 2015, a record number of unique and interesting materials was published on our site, and we are very sorry that only about 10% of articles were included in this list, however, you can always find all the materials you are interested in on the pages of our project. We have divided the list into four parts, in accordance with the categories of our site and publish only 10 materials from each section. You can go directly to the part of your interest using the links below, or view the entire list using the page-by-page navigation at the bottom of this material.

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5 perfect plants for your baby

Gardening a children's room requires a careful approach, because, unlike all living quarters, only those plants that have certain characteristics can be placed in the nursery. To imbue your nursery with colorful cultures and engage your child in caring for them, you need to carefully select candidates from among the friendliest indoor dwellers.

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Variegated or variegated plants at home

Lovers of indoor flowers are gradually changing their attitude towards green interior decoration. More and more often, original forms of perennials appear in living rooms and other places of rest, unusual flowering, curly, decorative leafy forms of plants with amazing mélange-colored double flowers and leaves with variegated patterns on leaf blades.

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7 Tips for Basic Orchid Care for a Newbie

The passion for orchids is rightfully called a special sphere of floriculture. These amazing plants are so unique in their growth form, and in the type of rhizome, and in terms of requirements for conditions, that they cannot be ranked as ordinary flowering crops. Among the orchids there are a huge number of both hardy and unpretentious, and capricious, capable of growing only in greenhouses.

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Indoor bells. All about campanula in room culture

The charming campanula is one of the most abundantly flowering indoor plants. Touching and quivering, with bright greenery, it is almost completely hidden under hundreds of flowers and looks like a real cloud. At first glance, one cannot immediately recognize the relatives of garden bells in indoor bells. But these are the same plants, simply adapted to the pot culture.

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The guarantee of longevity of myrtle

Myrtles are one of the most beautiful tub stars. In spring and summer, they decorate not only interiors, but also balconies, terraces and even recreation areas. Classic restraint, silhouette and touching flowering - these are the "trump cards" of this plant. But in order for the tub miter to become the best soloist in the collection for decades, it will be necessary to provide him with not only high-quality, but optimal care.

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Growing a lemon tree at home

The lemon tree is a perennial plant that loves warmth and adequate moisture. Under natural conditions, it grows in a subtropical climate and reaches a height of three meters (dwarf varieties) to eight. Due to its unpretentiousness and love of warmth, the lemon tree can well be grown in an ordinary city apartment or house.

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Hemantus full of surprises, or deer tongue

Gemantus is a crumb in which everything screams about non-standardness. This plant can surprise even an experienced grower. The foliage of the bulbous is evergreen, the dormant period does not lead to the loss of greenery, and the shape of the leaves resembles deer tongues. Add to this undemanding care, "fluffy" flowering and rich varietal palette - and the hemantus will appear before you in all its splendor.

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How to guarantee a variegated pattern on sansevier leaves

The inimitable hardy sansevieria is back in fashion. One of the best plants for decorating the interiors of not only private houses, but also offices, has earned universal recognition for its modest requirements and high endurance. Variegated varieties are especially popular, which add a bright and catchy pattern to the clean and restrained silhouette lines.

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Growing hippeastrum hydroponically

The charming and graceful hippeastrum is one of the most beloved winter-flowering indoor plants. These bright representatives of the bulbous family are found in almost every home. The popularity of hippeastrum is largely due to the ease with which it is grown. It is enough to provide the correct period of rest - and the luxurious fire gramophones of flowers will decorate the windowsills.

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Calathea - prayer flower

Calathea is a perennial plant with a storage root system in the form of a tuber or rhizome. Indoors, it grows up to 1.0 m or more. The undersides of the leaves are usually purplish pink. The midrib is thick and has previously been used as a basket weaving material. Hence the name Calathea, which in Greek means "basket".

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