Internet Marathon "Vegetable Garden From A To Z"

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Internet Marathon "Vegetable Garden From A To Z"
Internet Marathon "Vegetable Garden From A To Z"

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Live and learn! Internet marathon of lectures and seminars for summer residents - "Garden from A to Z".

So a wave of trainings and seminars has reached our topic, which in recent years has covered almost all areas of our life.

Internet marathon "Vegetable garden from A to Z"
Internet marathon "Vegetable garden from A to Z"

Trainings can now be found on any topic, almost growing jerboas in the Far North, and many of these trainings cause confusion for most people and the question is - why do people spend their time on this?

However, there are also really serious lectures, seminars and trainings designed to solve the real, pressing problems of their participants.

It is to such seminars and lectures that lectures on agriculture and gardening can be attributed, because the number of people who are interested in this topic is constantly growing, and the situation "in the fields" is constantly changing.

New care products, new tools and devices appear, the environment is changing, and in many countries, the composition of the soil. New knowledge constantly appears, which is designed to facilitate the hard work in the country and make the harvest richer and tastier.

Therefore, the "Club of Smart Summer Residents" decided to make a great gift to everyone who is interested in the topic of agriculture, gardens, vegetable gardens and summer cottages.

In August 2014. the largest all-Russian Internet marathon of trainings, lectures and seminars - "Garden from A to Z", held by the Club will take place.


This marathon is held especially for those who want to get good harvests, while not stooping from morning to evening in the beds.

The Club team managed to gather a truly stellar composition of experts and specialists, from Nikolai Ivanovich Kurdyumov to the Sepp Holzer Center.

The information will be necessary and timely, it will cover exactly those topics that bother summer residents and gardeners most of all in August-September.

Participants in the marathon will hear presentations from several dozen experts in fields ranging from gardening to landscape design.

To participate in the marathon, you do not need to go anywhere, you can participate right from home, sitting on your favorite couch, because the marathon will be held on the Internet.

Speeches by specialists will be held on weekdays from 20:00 Moscow time. To connect to the lecture, you will need to click on the link that you will receive by mail, and that's it - the video broadcast of the lecture will open on your screen.

The marathon will last a whole month, and at the end of the marathon, super-prizes will be drawn between the participants - an iPad, a garden swing and a motor-cultivator.

And the most important gift from the Club is participation in the marathon for free. At the moment, more than 10,000 participants have registered in the marathon, so join us!

To register for free for the Internet Marathon "Vegetable Garden from A to Z", click on the link, enter your name and email address, where you will receive a link to the Internet class, and join!

Schedule of speeches of specialists

04 August Mon Zhelezov Valery Efficient cultivation of southern fruit crops in the north of the European part of Russia and Siberia
05 August Tue Savelyeva Vera Siderata - dig the soil without a shovel!
06 August Wed Galina Kizima Smart vegetable garden. To work less in the garden, you need to think more.
07 August Th Frolov Yuri Restoration of soil fertility - as the basis of organic farming. Soil is a supplier of vital minerals for plants, which means that for humans it is a guarantee of Health! Living soil and greenhouses. Winter Garden and high yields!
08 August Fri Valery's defense Causes, prevention and treatment of potato diseases. Growing potatoes under the straw method. Siderata, mixed plantings. Quantity or quality? How to feed a family of 4 people from a garden of 3 acres. Including potatoes. Natural methods.
11 August Mon Safronov Oleg Disease prevention instead of cure, gentle treatment methods, protection from pests, proper storage, non-GMO seeds, your own seeds, preparing the soil for winter.
12 August Tue Rabushko Nikolay Pruning fruit trees: why? when? than? as?
13 August Wed Bukina Valeria Mixed planting and symbiosis in Holzer's Permaculture. Who actually feeds the plants or how to create a soil bioconsortium.
14 August Th Myagkova Natalia How to plan a beautiful plot
18 August Mon Olga Kozeeva DIY landscape design
19 August Tue Nikolay Kurdyumov How and what do plants actually eat? Why they don't need to be specially fed. To get a rich harvest.
20 August Wed Ryabov Leonid Natural farming (or how to make the soil fertile with minimal cost and environmentally friendly)
21 August Th Rumyantsev Sergey Smart greenhouse and agricultural technology for growing vegetables in such a greenhouse
22 August Fri Aksenova Anna Planting strawberries, care, preparation of beds for planting

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