Rules Of The Contest "My Summer Victories"

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Rules Of The Contest "My Summer Victories"
Rules Of The Contest "My Summer Victories"

Video: Rules Of The Contest "My Summer Victories"

Video: Rules Of The Contest "My Summer Victories"
Video: LaWs vs Team Pointers | Light Summer | ФИНАЛ | 17.08.2020 2023, June
Competition "My Summer Victories"
Competition "My Summer Victories"

During these winter days, the project invites its users to remember the gardening achievements of the past summer and share their memories with all visitors of our site. Send a story about your achievement, illustrating its photos and receive prizes from our partner. Tell us about your harvest, growing interesting plants and flowers. These can be photographs and stories about successful flower beds or flower beds, about fruitful beds, interesting finds in the layout of your site, or your know-how.

Wonderful prizes await you:

  • Certificates for 5000, 3000 and 2000 rubles for the purchase of seeds, fertilizers, soil and protective equipment from our partner online store DomSadok for the first, second or third place.
  • And also a special prize: an electronic photo frame for the brightest and most interesting photo illustrating your story.

Send your stories and photos using the form located at the bottom of this page or in the form of an email to [email protected].

Friends! At your request, the deadline for accepting works has been extended until March 31

Acceptance of works: from January 10 to March 31, 2012.

Voting: from February 15 to April 15.

Winners Announcement: April 16.

The composition of the competition work:

  • Title and story of your achievement.
  • Photos to illustrate your story.
  • Your name, address, email address.

Information about the competition, as well as submitted works will be constantly available in a special section.

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