Best Of The Year From Social Media. The Best Tweets Of Nerd

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Best Of The Year From Social Media. The Best Tweets Of Nerd
Best Of The Year From Social Media. The Best Tweets Of Nerd

Video: Best Of The Year From Social Media. The Best Tweets Of Nerd

Video: Best Of The Year From Social Media. The Best Tweets Of Nerd
Video: Top 10 Most Retweeted Tweets Of All Time 2023, June

For six months now, Botanichka's groups and pages have appeared on your social networks. It is not yet time to summarize, but this is a small reason to look into the statistics. During this time, 35,000 people have become our subscribers and friends. Our posts, photos and jokes have been viewed about 4,000,000 times and received over 50,000 retweets and likes. It is very nice. Thank you very much!

Today we decided to remind you of the best of our tweets. All these, as well as many other posts, messages and photos, you can always find in our groups on social networks: Twitter, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook and MoiMir. Join us!

70 best tweets of 2014

We wrote on many different topics and the day before we could not choose the best of the most popular and interesting material for this. As a result, we decided to include in this collection both the most appreciated by you and those that we like. Only 70 out of several thousand made it to the list, but even that number can slow down page loading and you may have to wait a bit. And so, let's get started. Last year we told:

1. About the most purposeful bird.

2. About mashed potatoes for a classic.

3. About the oldest vine.

4. We wrote about your favorite photos.

5. About rhododendron with history.

6. About funny signs that we love.

7. About the unicellular miracle.

8. About the "candy" in the pot.

9. About collecting cranberries.

10. Show you the best selfies.

11. They told an interesting fact about strawberries.

12. Showed what a dream watermelon looks like.

13. About the tailed oppositions.

14. About plants that reflect sound.

15. We were a little scared.

16. About the usual plants in their natural environment.

17. About the little secrets of familiar products.

18. About a tree with 40 floors.

19. That size matters.

20. About floristry on a grand scale.

21. About the most convenient mango.

22. About "magic" fruits

23. About the most common plants.

24. About the most patient mom.

25. About plants to which all mankind owes.

26. About the little lost squirrel.

27. About "Forget-me-nots" in Japanese.

28. About the sounds that birds make.

29. About the god of thunder from Slavic mythology.

30. About butterflies.

31. We also wrote about goats.

32. And once again they wrote about goats.

33. About the terrible injustice.

34. How ducklings get to the reservoir.

35. About the crocuses that we eat.

36. Met the baby Boo.

37. Laughed at the cats and boxes.

38. Touched over kittens and milk.

39. Learned entertaining about mushrooms.

40. Were surprised by the "failures" in the selection

41. We made sure that sea babies are adorable too.

42. Loved good street art.

43. Learned about cute punk turtles.

44. Engaged in etymology.

45. Considered amazing hotels..

46. Learned to see the beauty in everyday life.

47. Wondered at the skills of disguise.

48. We realized how little we still know about the usual things.

49. And we have always listened to you.

50. We fell in love with a pocket kangaroo.

51. Learned about rare plants.

52. We saw what courage and madness mean in the Troll's Tongue.

53. Laughed at raising domestic animals in tubs.

54. Read about true love.

55. About grandiose natural phenomena.

56. They even agreed that this fish looks like one retired mayor.

57. We admired the amazing photo of Elena Karneeva.

58. Prizes were handed out for "mi-mi-mi".

59. Understood what landscape design is with a capital letter.

60. We wrote entertaining historical facts.

61. About an amazing lake.

62. Moms in the wild, our favorite topic.

63. And where in social networks without eroticism.

64. We have kept pace with fashion trends.

65. Remembered who on the planet is the king of beasts.

66. We've got hundreds of titles for this photo.

67. Admired the heroism of the cat Sam.

68. You and I liked the retired David Latimer from England.

69. And we were glad when you responded to our call to be kinder.

70. And we were surprised for a long time when we found out the winner's tweet!

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