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The Best Materials Of "Botanichki" Of
The Best Materials Of "Botanichki" Of

Video: The Best Materials Of "Botanichki" Of

Video: The Best Materials Of "Botanichki" Of
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We again summarize and recall the best materials published by our authors at Botanichka over the past year. When compiling this list, we took into account the number of views, your votes for materials, comments and reviews on social networks. In 2016, a record number of unique and interesting content was published on our site, and we are very sorry that only a few were included in this list. We have divided the list into four parts, in accordance with the categories of our site and publish only 10 materials from each section. You can go directly to the part you are interested in using the links below, or view the entire list using the page navigation at the bottom of this material.

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8 best indoor filter plants

Thanks to the processes of photosynthesis, indoor plants heal the atmosphere, play the role of natural moisturizers and even phytoncides. But the most important function of indoor crops is air purification. These are the most natural filters available. And among these natural cleaners there are real stars that can effectively cope with the task at hand. View article"

Why do indoor plants leave leaves?

Many houseplant problems are easier to prevent. And this rule especially applies to care: an individual approach, adherence to the regime of watering and feeding, control of the drying out of the substrate guarantee the plants' preservation and health. The loss of leaves by indoor plants, even if it is partial, is a problem, after which an attractive appearance is not restored as quickly as we would like. View article"

8 most shade-loving indoor plants

Indoor plants that can grow even in poor light without sacrificing attractiveness are at their peak today. And this is due not only to the fact that such cultures are usually unpretentious. The introduction of plants into the interior, active use inside rooms requires a more rigorous selection of plants. Not all indoor beauties are ready for secluded lighting in the most beautiful places and the role of a decorative accent. View article"

Homemade tangerine from a bone: from A to Z

Most children, and not rarely adults, began their acquaintance with botany with a mandarin duck. Orange, fragrant, with bright slices, it led us to the question: is it possible to grow such a miracle on our own? And if this question overtook us not far from the pot of earth, the seeds were sent to the soil. And after a while, the experiment turned into a daunting task: how to care for and get fruit from your own tangerine? View article"

10 best flowering indoor plants

Today, in interior landscaping, the main attention is paid to indoor plants from among decorative deciduous plants. But no matter how varied the choice of deciduous crops is, no grower can refuse to grow at least one flowering plant. Touching or catchy, nostalgic or modern - they are all surprisingly attractive and irresistible. And for every grower there is a blooming star. View article"

Pilea - variety of species

Ornamental foliage plants can offer a surprisingly rich selection of attractive accents. Some of the finest in shape and texture are the pileae. They have so many species and varieties that it is sometimes difficult to believe that the bushes belong to the same genus. Non-capricious, hardy, the saws are unmatched in the luxury of small foliage. It is not difficult to grow them, as well as to get new plants on your own to replace old ones. View article"

10 best fast growing indoor plants

Indoor plants boast a very enviable variety. There are in the assortment of domestic plants and those that retain their unchanged appearance for decades, and handsome men who are able to increase their size several times a year. Fast-growing crops are plants for impatient flower growers and those who want to achieve an amazing result in interior landscaping in a matter of months. View article"

8 best indoor plants for the kitchen

The kitchen is a special place in our house, which is also specific for growing indoor plants. To choose cultures that perfectly complement the interior of this room and will feel good in conditions of constantly fluctuating humidity and temperature, just at first glance. For the kitchen, style, size, and the ability to purify the air, and even periods of flowering and the greatest decorativeness are important. View article"

Indoor jasmine - unearthly perfection

Jasmines are beautiful indoor lianas, evergreen, abundantly blooming, captivating with their nobility and fragrant flowers. Being a plant surprisingly graceful, real jasmine cannot boast of great endurance and even less frost resistance, and we grow it as a greenhouse or indoor plant. But on the other hand, jasmines always become a real pride in the collection. View article"

10 most popular indoor plants

Despite the general love for unusual indoor plants, there are crops that do not disappear from window sills, despite any trends. Plants familiar to everyone, which have become "golden classics" are special, time-tested cultures that have proven their indispensability. Among them there are both modest crumbs and large giants. But they have one thing in common - traditional beauty and ease of cultivation. View article"

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