"Biotlin" Will Help From Aphids And Other Pests

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"Biotlin" Will Help From Aphids And Other Pests
"Biotlin" Will Help From Aphids And Other Pests

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Spring and early summer are a hot season for summer residents. There is so much that needs to be done in order to get a rich harvest by autumn that sometimes there are not enough hands. But, when preparing the beds and planting seedlings and seedlings, do not forget about protecting the garden and vegetable garden from pests. Everyone knows that some insects do great harm to garden and horticultural crops. It can be said without exaggeration that aphids are the most common pest. How to deal with aphids, and what measures will help prevent the appearance of this pest, we will tell in this article.

Biotlin will help against aphids and other pests
Biotlin will help against aphids and other pests

Aphids - what is the danger of a pest?

There are a lot of species of aphids, but they all weaken plants by sucking juices from young shoots, which are subsequently deformed. In addition, these pests carry many viral diseases; a sooty fungus often develops on the leaves covered with sticky secretions of aphids. As a result, the yield decreases and loses its quality, and perennial ornamental and fruit-berry trees and shrubs weaken and hibernate poorly.

It is not difficult to recognize aphids on the site. Colonies of translucent pests settle on the young tops of various plants. Disguised as a host plant, aphids can be gray, green, white, or black.

In spring, aphid larvae hatched from an egg begin their life cycle. They feed on young shoots, drawing sap out of them, and after a short period of time they begin to produce wingless females. In a month, one aphid individual is capable of giving the world hundreds of thousands of pests.

When the shoots of plants begin to coarse, winged females appear. These pests settle on another suitable plant species. Aphids reproduce quite intensively and in one season about ten generations of winged and wingless females are born. By the fall, winged males can be found that return to their previous plant. There the females lay eggs, which winter well under favorable weather conditions.

"Biotlin" is a reliable protector against aphids

"Biotlin" is a reliable protector against aphids
"Biotlin" is a reliable protector against aphids

To protect plants, the company "August" offers "Biotlin" - a systemic preparation for the destruction of various types of aphids on fruit, berry, vegetable, ornamental crops and flowers.

This drug can be used for both control and prophylactic purposes. For this, for example, currants are processed before the appearance of flowers, an apple tree and a pear - before or after flowering.

Fruit trees are often affected by the apple blossom beetle - Biotlin will help in this case too.

Features of the drug

The drug for control and prevention is diluted in a ratio of 3 ml (1 ampoule) per 10 liters of water. This amount is enough to process 5 medium-sized trees or 7 shrubs. Spraying should be carried out in dry, calm weather, in the morning or evening.

In addition to aphids, Biotlin effectively destroys other harmful insects living on the underside of the leaf. Eggplants, cucumbers and tomatoes grown in greenhouses are often attacked not only by aphids, but also by the whitefly, which is not easy to defeat. "Biotlin", at a concentration of 5 ml per 10 liters of water, will successfully cope with this pest.

Flowers grown in greenhouses often damage not only aphids and whiteflies, but also thrips and leafhoppers. A greenhouse is a limited enclosed space and it is easier to spot pests there than in a garden or vegetable garden. Regular plant inspections will help prevent colonies. It is enough to treat crops with the Biotlin insecticide when the first pests are found. A solution in the ratio of 5 ml per 10 l of water is sufficient to treat 100 m² of greenhouses or greenhouses.

Biotlin is a systemic drug with a high rate of action. Insects feeding on the leaves of the treated plants die within two hours, as the drug quickly penetrates into all plant tissues. "Biotlin" is not addictive to pests, and one treatment is enough to effectively protect the garden and vegetable garden.

Treatments with many pesticides during flowering are prohibited, as they pose a danger to beneficial insects. It is also not recommended to use Biotlin during the flight of bees. Before use, familiarize yourself with the safety measures when working with the preparation, which, like other useful information about the insecticide, are described in detail in the instructions.

Biotlin is a modern effective insecticide for protecting plants from aphids and, if used correctly, does not harm the environment and plants.

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