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7 Medicinal Plants For Your Garden - Page 4 Of 7
7 Medicinal Plants For Your Garden - Page 4 Of 7
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Calendula is a powerful, highly branching and bushy annual with a height of 20 cm to almost 1 meter. Ribbed light shoots are densely covered with bright, simple, tongue-shaped or oval-shaped leaves. On the tops of the shoots, bright orange or sunny yellow basket inflorescences with a bitter fresh aroma bloom.

A distinctive feature of calendula is that even the brightest terry varieties retain medicinal characteristics to one degree or another, and in many they are even more pronounced than in the basic wild species of calendula.

Medicinal marigolds, or medicinal calendula
Medicinal marigolds, or medicinal calendula

Calendula is great for decorating a vegetable garden (it can even be planted between rows of vegetables or greenery), especially since it protects plants from pests and diseases. It is used in curbs, and in flower beds, ridges and group plantings, all low varieties are suitable for pot and container culture.

Features of growing and care

Calendula can only be cultivated as an annual, but it is surprisingly easy to grow. Calendula is sown directly into the soil and blooms from June until the very frost. She prefers sunny areas, fertile, loose and sufficiently moist soil, and before sowing or for the winter, it is better to fertilize her.

Care comes down to watering in drought and cutting off inflorescences, which stimulates the further release of bright baskets.

Why is calendula useful?

Calendula is known for its antiseptic, soothing, regulating, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. It is used for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and liver, as a choleretic and diuretic, a healing and soothing drug for lesions of the skin, throat, oral cavity, for the regulation of climacteric disorders.

It is one of the essential herbs in skin care.

Marigold flowers
Marigold flowers

When to harvest calendula

For medicinal purposes, only the baskets of inflorescences are collected. They are cut after blooming at the stage when the outer reed flowers are horizontal, removing the inflorescences without pedicels.

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