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Top 10 Fast Growing Houseplants List With Photo - Page 4 Of 11
Top 10 Fast Growing Houseplants List With Photo - Page 4 Of 11

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3. White-spiked spurge (Euphorbia leuconeura)

As soon as this plant is not called! Either with an indoor chestnut, or with a white-flowered palm tree, or even with not very pleasant epithets … But despite its reputation, this type of indoor euphorbia is a unique plant that can surprise with both resistance and beauty.

Euphorbia (Euphorbia leuconeura)
Euphorbia (Euphorbia leuconeura)

Being one of the easiest succulents to grow, the white-tailed euphorbia surprises with a ribbed trunk on a thin "leg" that looks like a palm tree or a cactus (but only from afar). But it attracts more with its silhouette and huge oval leaves with elongated tips, on which an interesting pattern of white veins that really resembles chestnut leaves appears.

The color of the leaves of the milkweed is rich, emerald green. The veins are surprisingly symmetrical. The unusual edging on the trunk (which is actually traces of fallen leaves) and petioles, the satin texture of the leaves only add to its charm.

The silhouette of the white-lobed milkweed is formed gradually, as the foliage falls, because of which the crown constantly "rises". The flowers are located in the axils of the leaves, are inconspicuous, prone to scattering seeds in the pots of neighboring plants.

Euphorbia grows very quickly: a full-fledged "palm" is formed from a tiny plant in a year, managing to sow children on the sides.

Possibilities of using white-veined milkweed

  • in group plantings and container gardens;
  • as an alternative to mini-palm trees;
  • for the collection of succulents;
  • on the windowsills;
  • as the perfect companion for flamboyant flowering soloists.
Euphorbia (Euphorbia leuconeura)
Euphorbia (Euphorbia leuconeura)

Required conditions for white-veined milkweed: diffused bright lighting and coolness.

Peculiarities of caring for white-lobed milkweed: standard watering, rare dressings.

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