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10 Of The Trendiest White Tulips Description, Photo - Page 6 Of 6
10 Of The Trendiest White Tulips Description, Photo - Page 6 Of 6

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9. Variety of tulip "Witte Rebel", parrot, medium late

Among the parrot tulips that never seem to go out of style, there is a unique white king. Although the color of the tulip is far from uniform, it shines and sparkles, easily outshining other white competitors. One of the most elegant tulips of this class deserves special attention from fans of the white palette.

Tulip variety "Witte Rebel"
Tulip variety "Witte Rebel"

The Witte Rebel cultivar is a unique large parrot tulip. The sweet, intense aroma of the plant captivates no less than the beauty of the flower. The height of the peduncles up to 55 cm allows the tulip to dominate the compositions, and the unusual, very light, yellowish-herbaceous shade of greenery makes the flowers even more delicate.

The shape of the flower with petals reminiscent of bizarre feathers is mesmerizing, it is constantly transforming. Until, after full opening, the flower turns into a surprisingly artsy creature with a diameter of more than 10 cm.

The flowering times of this white tulip variety vary from season to season. It can bloom with medium tulips, and in unfavorable weather it joins the chorus of the best late tulips.

The color scheme of this variety is the most difficult of the whites. The flowers seem to be dazzlingly snowy, but close up you can see a slight creamy blush and watercolor color enhancement with light green tints. Thanks to the light greenery on the flower beds, it simply dazzles, especially when choosing contrasting partners with dark greenery.

You can use this tulip variety as you like. It is magnificent in landscape style and massifs, brings festive notes and expression to any flower gardens, is grown as a cut plant and seems to be a living bouquet in containers and pots.

10. Tulip cultivar "White Berliner", medium, multicolor, or family

Any florist dreams of a legendary, albeit bred only in 1984, variety. It is not only captivatingly beautiful, but also colorful. The ability to produce not one, but more than three flowers on one peduncle turns each plant into a small bouquet. This tulip looks so elegant that it is impossible to look away from it.

Tulip variety "White Berliner" (Weisse Berliner)
Tulip variety "White Berliner" (Weisse Berliner)

Tulip "White Berliner" (Weisse Berliner), with a German name and Dutch selection, is one of the most interesting hybrids. Medium-sized, with a strong peduncle up to 50 cm in height, it already surprises with the structure of the stems. The main, powerful shoot at the top is divided into smaller secondary ones, on which additional flowers bloom.

Elegant, almost vertical, gray castings hugging the stem emphasize the beauty of flowers tightly seated in a brush. Small and goblet, classically simple, it is due to the large number of flowers of the plant that they seem very original.

Variety "White Berliner" - medium in terms of flowering and resistant variety, whose flowers can be admired for several weeks.

The white color of these tulips does not appear immediately, but it looks dazzling. Creamy, warm in color buds, on which green "feathers" are clearly visible from the outside, gradually become almost snow-white, with an imperceptible yellow spot in the throat. The translucency of the petals emphasizes the beauty of the color of the plant, and the multifloral nature only enhances the effect of silk shine.

With the help of elegant "bouquets" of this variety, they decorate the foreground of flower beds and mixborders. It is indispensable for forcing or cutting, but it looks unforgettable when planted in the soil. Plants appear massive, so it is best to place them near textured lace partners.

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