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10 Of The Trendiest White Tulips Description, Photo - Page 5 Of 6
10 Of The Trendiest White Tulips Description, Photo - Page 5 Of 6

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7. Variety of tulip "Snow crystal", fringed, late flowering

It is impossible to look away from the lush elegance and translucency of this tulip. Feminine and romantic, it instantly attracts attention with the contrast of weightlessness and large-sized flowers and has no stylistic restrictions on its use.

Tulip cultivar "Snow Crystal"
Tulip cultivar "Snow Crystal"

It is impossible to describe this tulip "Snow Crystal" with simple epithets. Peony-shaped and densely double, with petals decorated with filigree fringes, with a graceful shape, the flower of this variety would seem huge if not for the translucency of the petals, which makes it airy and textured.

The delicate green sepals in the buds emphasize the beauty of the white flower, as well as the strikingly vibrant color of the greenery, which stands out against the background of other tulips in a warmer shade. This is a short tulip, the height of which is limited to 40 cm, but as if it draws attention from other plants.

Creamy oil, the lightest semi-tone of white tulip color emphasizes the translucency of the petals and enhances the crystallinity effect from the needle fringe. In the sun, the shades intensify.

The "Snow Crystal" tulip is a May variety with a fairly late flowering.

This tulip variety is good in flower beds and mixborders, not solo plantings. Even a few bulbs draw attention to themselves. "Snow Crystal" is suitable for both forcing and cutting; it makes an amazing impression in a potted form.

8. Variety of tulip "Mount Tacoma", double late

The unique textile texture of the massive flower petals of this white tulip is immediately recognizable. This is a rare, valuable, legendary tulip for true connoisseurs of unique and rare shades.

Tulip variety "Mount Tacoma" (Mount Tacoma)
Tulip variety "Mount Tacoma" (Mount Tacoma)

Not the largest, only up to half a meter high, with grayish-gray greenery and gracefully curving leaves, the Mount Tacoma tulip immediately evokes associations with either roses or peonies. The flowers seem huge, overshadowing even the brightest partners.

This tulip is a representative of not only double, but also peony tulips with flattened flowers. The original shape of the buds allows the plant to attract admiring attention even before the flower opens. In diameter, flowers can reach 9-10 cm.

This tulip blooms very late, sometimes only in June.

It is impossible to judge the future color by the pink-light green buds, but as soon as the flowers begin to open, the delicate change of creamy white, warm tone, turning into subtle halftones of the almost elusive ivory, reveal all its luminous potential. The blossoming white flowers seem to be made of luxurious silk, they are amazingly stable and delicately fragrant.

This variety is good at forcing, but it reveals its beauty most fully in mixed compositions. It looks very good in the company of bright and clean flower colors, perennials with decorative foliage and seasonal plants.

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