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10 Of The Trendiest White Tulips Description, Photo - Page 2 Of 6
10 Of The Trendiest White Tulips Description, Photo - Page 2 Of 6
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1. Variety of tulip "Royal Maiden", medium-flowering, goblet

The absolute white color among tulips is a rarity. But as close as possible to the purity of a perfectly white color, the coloring of an amazing tulip variety, the name of which perfectly illustrates the purity of its shapes and colors. A classic among classics, this tulip, average in all respects (except for its showiness), conquers with its seeming simplicity.

Tulip variety "Royal Virgin"
Tulip variety "Royal Virgin"

The “Royal Virgin” tulip variety of the Triumph class does not amaze with either its huge size or original structure, but it seems perfect and very modern. At a height of 40 to 50 cm, it surprises with the beauty of the leaves and elegance when planted in groups. The cool shade of greenery perfectly emphasizes the beauty of the bloom.

With a diameter of about 10 cm, elongated goblet, drop-shaped in buds, with flawless lines, these tulips seem to be perfect. Not a single wave or curvature interferes with admiring the pure shape of the flower. And the ability to grow in partial shade as well as in the sun only improves the plant's reputation.

This variety usually blooms in April, completing its parade even before the late tulips appear on the scene.

The color of the flowers of the Royal Virgin tulips cannot be called otherwise than snow-white. The finest shades are not caught by the eye, and this tulip in any composition seems dazzlingly pure white.

This variety can be used for forcing and cutting, but it is especially good in large mixed compositions. To fully reveal the beauty of the variety, it is worth planting plants in large groups. The delightful white elegance of the Royal Virgin is evident in the curbs and rocky gardens.

2. Tulip cultivar "Silver Dollar", goblet, medium color

It is not easy to find dazzling white tulips without a warm ebb of petals even among the goblet varieties that are classic in flower shape. This variety is a unique exception: the cold shade of the color is so strong that it reminds of the noble tints of silver. This is a strict, elegant and very prim tulip for ceremonial compositions.

Tulip variety "Silver Dollar"
Tulip variety "Silver Dollar"

The Silver Dollar white tulip variety is relatively new, but has already been ranked among the best Dutch varieties and is often touted as the most recognizable Dutch variety in the Triumph tulip class.

Up to 60 cm in height, the peduncles appear strikingly strong and even, and the leaves seem to outnumber all competitors. They are perfectly xiphoid, with slight waviness, but very tough. The dark, cold shade of the color emphasizes the severity of the flowers and further distinguishes this variety from the competitors. The flowers of the variety are very large, with an ideal goblet shape and a diameter of more than 12 cm.

The flowering period of the Silver Dollar tulip will pleasantly surprise fans of classic tulips. This variety blooms in April and belongs to the mid-bloom.

The color scheme of this tulip goes beyond the usual white. The base color is enhanced and accentuated by the pearlescent texture of the petals, which adds a special luxury to the cold silver tint. As if covered with a metallic coating, this tulip looks like the perfect aristocrat.

The status of one of the best commercial varieties is not accidental for this variety. It is good at forcing, in pot culture, in any composition. He reveals his special beauty in the company of violets and ground covers, against the background of textured plants. Its classic appearance is suitable for regular gardening and elegance-based compositions.

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