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5 Best Garden Plants To Grow At Home List Of Names With Photos - Page 6 Of 6
5 Best Garden Plants To Grow At Home List Of Names With Photos - Page 6 Of 6

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5. Large-leaved hydrangea

The most spectacular and beloved of the garden hydrangea species is so capricious that it is often preferred to grow it as a tub. Large-leaved hydrangeas (Hydrangea macrophylla) moved into the rooms when plants wintering indoors were no longer considered only as a garden decoration: the huge hats of your favorite hydrangeas look great in the interior. This is one of the most special plants, famous for its moisture-loving nature, does not change its character too much, even in indoor culture.

Large-leaved hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla) in the garden
Large-leaved hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla) in the garden

With a maximum height of 1 to 1.5 m at a considerable age, indoor hydrangea at first seems to be a compact plant, but rarely remains within half a meter in height. Strong shoots and large leaves of a fairly light color with a matte surface look good, but the real show of hydrangeas begins only when the shrubs bloom.

Magnificent inflorescences of a wide variety of pastel colors - from white to blue and pink, conquer the dependence of the shade on the characteristics and pH of the soil. Dazzling like a watercolor vision, they seem to be a luxurious bouquet made by a florist, not a living plant itself. Flat or spherical, large or medium, indoor hydrangeas are inimitable.

Features of caring for room hydrangea

Hydrangeas are not easy to grow plants. They require careful care and specific conditions, and a cool winter makes you weigh your options for caring for them.

Indoor hydrangeas are propagated by cuttings. Cuttings are cut in the spring, rooting in a light substrate under a hood.

The shade-lovingness of garden hydrangeas in the middle lane is relative, and in indoor hydrangeas it is not very pronounced. These plants cannot stand direct sunlight, but they do not bloom in poor light. Light partial shade or diffused bright light is the best option.

Large-leaved indoor hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla)
Large-leaved indoor hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla)

After the hydrangea has shed its leaves, it is kept in the shade for 8 weeks. The temperature for growing this crop is strictly controlled not only in winter. For indoor hydrangeas, it is desirable to maintain the indicators at + 18 … + 20 ° С. The plant hibernates at 10 degrees, and should spend 8 dark weeks at + 5 ° C. In the summer, indoor hydrangeas can be taken out into the fresh air.

In caring for hydrangeas, the most important thing is to maintain uniform soil moisture during the period of active growth. Acidified or soft warm water and the use of special fertilizers for rhododendrons (and additional fertilizing for blue varieties) allow you to achieve very effective flowering.

Hydrangeas are transplanted after flowering. For this, plants use only special substrates for rhododendrons; for blue varieties, they control the degree of acidity.

Even in the indoor format, hydrangeas remain fast-growing shrubs, they lose their compactness, require pruning after flowering and timely rejuvenation. This shrub often suffers from pests and diseases.

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