The Best Flowers For Growing Live Bouquets On The Windowsill. Photo - Page 3 Of 7

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The Best Flowers For Growing Live Bouquets On The Windowsill. Photo - Page 3 Of 7
The Best Flowers For Growing Live Bouquets On The Windowsill. Photo - Page 3 Of 7
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2. Fluffy giant celosia

It is difficult to find epithets to describe the inflorescences of silver celosia (Celosia argentea). Fluffy or fur, dense, luxurious both in texture and in the complexity of the structure, cock's combs and feathery panicles seem to be an extraordinary sight in any bouquet.

Room ceilings
Room ceilings

This plant is beautiful both on flower beds and in borders, but more often it is grown for cutting. The whole potted career is just beginning. But the plant will easily reveal the beauty of its extraordinary inflorescences indoors. On the pallets, magnificent scallops feel no worse than on flower beds, and the durability of the inflorescences will be a pleasant surprise for lovers of original bouquets with this plant.

Celosia is an annual plant, but very effective and powerful. In pots, celosies are limited to a maximum height of 60 cm. They form dense bushes from strong shoots, surprising with their simple, with a pointed tip, brightly colored leaves, which only precede the most beautiful sight - the flowering of this plant.

Depending on the shape of the inflorescences, dense pyramids, bizarre panicles or complex ridges are formed on the tops of the shoots of the cellosia, which in appearance are most reminiscent of cockerels. Bright yellows, purples, pinks, reds, oranges or white, like fur-like inflorescences of cellosia, make an unforgettable impression. You can choose according to the color palette, and in size, and in the shape of the inflorescences, which may differ in individual varieties.

Flowering time: June to September.

Reproduction methods: growing from seeds.

Features of growing room cellosis

When transferred to a potted form, celosia does not change their character at all. These are sun-loving plants that will feel good only on a sunny windowsill. They can spend summer in the fresh air. Celosia are not afraid of drafts, but it is better to create the most gentle conditions for them. This summer house perfectly tolerates the heat, but requires special conditions of detention that differ from other indoor summer houses.

Celezia care is not easy. The plant will fully reveal its beauty in a limited amount of soil only if conditions with stable moisture are created for it. Neither inflorescences nor leaves should be allowed to get wet. Watering is carried out so that only the top layer of soil in pots dries out, but avoiding excessive waterlogging. Top dressing is applied in the same way as for garden summers. To extend the flowering period, you will have to remove the wilting inflorescences.

Pests on indoor plants are rare. But diseases are very annoying to everyone who dares to grow this cut culture in a pot. Gray mold and powdery mildew are a common cause of cellosis death caused by improper watering.

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