April. Folk Calendar. Folk Omens, Holidays

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April. Folk Calendar. Folk Omens, Holidays
April. Folk Calendar. Folk Omens, Holidays

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There is no single interpretation of the Latin name "apelis". Some produce it from "aprekus" - warmed by the sun, others - from the verb "aperire" (to open), that is, the month when the earth, after the winter torpor, opens its bowels and begins a violent growth of greenery. The old Russian name for April is pollen: some plants bloom. There were other nicknames: snowman (the snow completely melts), aquarius, caddis flies (melt water is pouring), birch ash - an evil for birches: in April, birch sap was prepared - sap. In Belarusian - krasovik.

“At the beginning of spring. 1917 ", Baksheev V. N
“At the beginning of spring. 1917 ", Baksheev V. N

The average monthly temperature is +3.7 ° C. The monthly rate of sunshine is 164.5 hours. April adds 33 mm of precipitation to the melt water. General climatic characteristic: "neither colder than March, nor warmer than May."

April Seasonal Calendar

Phenomena Term middle the earliest late Temperature transition above 0 ° С April 3 March 13 (1933) April 24 (1929) The beginning of sap flow near the birch April 8 March 25 (1930) April 27 (1929) Lapwings arrive April 11 March 20 (1906) May 14 (1912) Cranes fly north April 11 March 25 (1915) April 17 (1911) The snow cover is melting April 12th March 17 (1921) April 21 (1926) Mother-and-stepmother blooms 13 april March 31 (1953) April 26 (1945) - hazel (hazel) April 18th April 4 (1921) May 6 (1929) - red willow April 24 April 8 (1921) May 6 (1929) Temperature transition through 5 ° С 20 April April 3 (1921) May 6 (1893) Thaws the soil completely 20 April April 8 (1935) May 5 (1929) The beginning of sowing early spring crops April 24 April 13 (1937) May 9 (1929) The cuckoo begins to call April 29 April 24 (1951) May 6 (1944)

Folk proverbs and signs of April

  • February is rich in snow, April - in water.
  • April streams awaken the earth.
  • Don't break the stoves - it's still April in the yard.
  • April with water - May with grass.
  • April does not like the lazy, the nimble pigeon.
  • Wet April is good arable land.
  • April is red with buds, May with leaves.

Detailed folk calendar for April

April 1 - Daria the Lost. In another way - Daria-obgad ice holes (mud, horse manure at the hole).

April 4 - Vasily the sunflower, Vasily the greenhouse, Vasily the dropper - from the roofs of drops.

April 7 - Annunciation. The third meeting of spring. "On the Annunciation, spring overcame winter." The winter path collapses a week before the Annunciation or a week later. Annunciation frosts.

  • If there is snow on the roofs on the Annunciation, so lie it until Yegoriy (May 6).
  • The Intercession (October 14) is not summer, the Annunciation is not winter.
  • Forty cold matinees remained from the Annunciation.
  • Spring before the Annunciation - many frosts ahead.
  • On the Annunciation, a thunderstorm - for a warm summer.
  • On the Annunciation, the sky is cloudless, the sun is bright - to be a terrible summer.
  • If the night of the Annunciation is warm, then the spring will be friendly.

April 9 is the day of Matryona the Nastovitsa. Nastoks are arriving - lapwings.

  • The lapwing flew in, brought water on the tail.
  • The pike breaks the ice with its tail.
  • There is a ford under the threshold, there is a crossing on the street.

April 14 - "Marya - light the snow, play the ravines."

  • Marya lights the flood.
  • Water flows on clear nights - for a fine cleaning.
  • Marya - empty cabbage soup: a supply of cabbage is coming out.

April 19 - Fedul. "Fedul came and blew the hot-house." Windows are exposed on Fedula.

April 21 - Rodivon - "ice breaker, the sound of water".

  • Set a plow on Rodivon, plow it under oats.
  • In the spring you will miss an hour, in the summer you will not make up.

April 23 - Rufa - "the road is crumbling."

April 24 - Anti-flood. If the waters (rivers) have not opened up on Antipa, the summer will be bad.

April 26 - Vasily Pariysky. The bear comes out of the den.

April 29 - "Irina-urvi shores". High water. The banks of the rivers are torn up.

Nature is coming to life more and more. The snow has melted. Waters are freed from ice, rivers flood. Trees and shrubs turn green, many plants bloom. The willows bloom throughout April and half of May. Hazel and alder are blooming. Mother-and-stepmother turns yellow on the hillocks and slopes of railways. Poisonous wolf bast blooms in the forest with beautiful pink-lilac flowers, blue and white copses, corydalis, and spleen bloom. Chistyak and buttercup (kouroslep) turn yellow in damp places. Yellow stars of goose onions peep out of the grass.

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