13 Proven Tomato Varieties That I Recommend Planting. Description And Photo

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13 Proven Tomato Varieties That I Recommend Planting. Description And Photo
13 Proven Tomato Varieties That I Recommend Planting. Description And Photo

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I have been growing tomatoes for a long time, and I have varieties that I plant constantly and I know they will not let me down. At the same time, I closely follow the novelties of the selection and every year I try new ones for myself. In central Russia, where I live, the weather is often changeable and not always favorable for thermophilic tomatoes. Therefore, I am interested in new varieties and hybrids that are unpretentious in cultivation and at the same time, tasty and fruitful. I want to tell you about the tomatoes that I especially liked this year. I grow tomatoes in a polycarbonate greenhouse and in the open field.

13 proven tomato varieties I recommend planting
13 proven tomato varieties I recommend planting


  • Tomatoes that I grew in the greenhouse
  • Tomato varieties for outdoor cultivation

Tomatoes that I grew in the greenhouse

1. Tomato "Antonovka honey"

The new variety with green fruits attracted interest by its name. I wanted to grow and taste these tomatoes. I liked the variety. Tomatoes, indeed, with a honey flavor, sweet, aromatic. The flesh of the tomato is tasty, fleshy, of an unusual color - green, and in the center - bright pink.

We ate them fresh, used them in salads. Tomato peel is firm, but not tough, so they are perfect for pickling.

In terms of ripening, these tomatoes are mid-season. They have no special requirements for growing conditions. The variety can be grown both in the open field and in the greenhouse. In the greenhouse, my tomatoes have grown, somewhere about 1.5 meters. Plants must be pinched and tied up.

2. Tomato "Marshmallow in chocolate"

A variety with beautiful and tasty tomatoes. The fruits were of medium weight (approximately 150 grams), of an interesting color: brown-red with green strokes.

The tomato has a wonderful taste - sweet without sourness. The pulp is juicy, the skin is thin, the tomatoes did not crack during cultivation. In addition, the variety turned out to be very productive and bore fruit until the very cold. The combination of all these qualities attracted me, next year I will plant again. It can be very offensive when the variety is fruitful, and the fruits are like plastic, or, conversely, tasty, and the yield is very low.

We used fresh tomatoes of this variety: for salads, slicing. These tomatoes are not suitable for salting, but lecho and tomato paste turned out to be excellent - delicious, rich dark red color.

Of the "minuses" it is worth noting the unsuitability for salting and the impossibility of long-term storage. This is important for me, usually I have a large tomato harvest, so I do a lot of harvesting and love when tomatoes can be kept fresh for longer.

Plants of this variety need pinching. I formed my tomatoes, according to the recommendations, into 2 stems. In the greenhouse, they reached a height of 1.7 meters, no more.

3. Tomato "Golden Domes"

I really liked this variety with bright orange fruits. Tomatoes are delicious, juicy, fleshy. We used them fresh, in blanks - for ketchup, lecho, adjika. Tomatoes with gelatin turned out very beautiful for the winter. And the juice is also original - with a fruity flavor.

Of the large varieties, he was one of the first to mature. Although according to the description, it belongs to the mid-season. An interesting feature of the variety: the first fruits are more rounded, and the subsequent ones are heart-shaped. My tomatoes were up to about 400 grams. In the upper hands, they did not become much smaller, remaining rather large.

When growing this variety, I liked that, being picked green, the tomatoes could be ripened at home without any problems.

This variety can be grown both in the greenhouse and in the open field. In the greenhouse, this variety reaches 1.5 meters, in the open field it is smaller.

A garter and shaping is required, many stepsons are formed, so one must not forget to form a bush. I formed it into 2 stems - I left my stepson under the first flower brush.

According to many gardeners, this variety shows even better results in the open field than in a greenhouse, so next year I will try to plant it outdoors.

Tomato "Antonovka honey"
Tomato "Antonovka honey"
Tomato "Marshmallow in chocolate"
Tomato "Marshmallow in chocolate"
Tomato "Golden Domes"
Tomato "Golden Domes"

4. Tomato "Red Arrow F1"

I heard about this hybrid for a long time, the reviews are very good, so I decided to try to grow it myself.

I really liked this tomato. I grew it in a greenhouse, but, judging by the description, it was possible in the open field. The bush is not very high, about 1.5 meters, but it was covered with fruits. Tomatoes are all smooth, rounded. When ripe, they became deep red, and inside the fruit too.

The tomatoes are wonderful - juicy, fleshy, very tasty. Which was very pleasing, because not always productive hybrids have very tasty fruits. Fruit weight was up to about 150 grams.

We used tomatoes fresh and for pickling. Carpal hybrid, forms at least 10 brushes, 7-9 tomatoes in a brush. Plants had to be pinned and tied to a support. Under the weight of a rich harvest, they would simply break.

It so happened that one of the plants of this hybrid was in the shade of the watering barrel, and this did not affect the harvest at all. This plant also had a lot of tomatoes. Later in the literature I read that this hybrid tolerates shading well, so it can even be used in dense plantings.

I decided for myself: I will plant this hybrid every year, it is unpretentious, tasty and very productive.

5. Tomato "Malachite box"

A wonderful variety with tomatoes of an unusual color: they are green, with a yellow tinge. Surprisingly, the taste is incomparable, I really liked it. Tomatoes are sweet, aromatic, with an original fruity flavor. The pulp is very tender, emerald green, few seeds. Tomatoes of this variety are wonderful in "multi-colored" salads along with pink, yellow and red tomatoes.

Bush up to 1.5 meters high. I grew it in a greenhouse, but you can also grow it outdoors. The tomatoes themselves are large, up to about 400 grams, there were a lot of them on the bush.

When growing this variety, it is important to determine the moment of fruit ripening in time. It is better not to be guided by their color. When the tomatoes are ripe, they become soft to the touch. When harvesting for ripening at home, this variety is best harvested separately from other red varieties so as not to miss the moment of ripening.

Among the disadvantages is the inability to store the crop for a long time, the tomatoes become watery. A variety for fresh consumption only. Because of the color of the tomato, the workpieces from it will be "for everybody's taste." Therefore, I will definitely plant, but not very much.

6. Tomato "Citrus Garden"

I will definitely plant this tomato variety next year. Very productive with unusual fruits. The fruits are oval, with a "nose", there are many of them, they resemble lemons, hence the name of the variety.

I liked these pickling tomatoes the most. They did not crack in the jar and looked very nice among tomatoes of other colors. I specially made such beautiful pickles for the holidays, small lemons look very unusual on the festive table. I really liked the taste of salted tomatoes of this variety, but when fresh they seemed to me a little dryish, not so juicy.

Tomatoes were tied in large tassels, but ripened gradually, until the very cold. In my greenhouse, these tomatoes grew 2 meters high and even more. They had to be pinned and tied up. I liked the yield of this variety, there was a lot of tomato.

Tomato "Red Arrow F1"
Tomato "Red Arrow F1"
Tomato "Malachite box"
Tomato "Malachite box"
Tomato "Citrus Garden"
Tomato "Citrus Garden"

7. Tomato "Curiosity"

This is a cherry tomato. Usually I don't plant a lot of them, 1-2 bushes for pickling. Tomatoes of this variety have an unusual red-brown color. I decided to try them salted along with other colorful tomatoes.

I liked the tomatoes, juicy, sweet, very tasty. The variety is wonderful not only for salting, but also for fresh food. I was very pleased with the harvest, there were a lot of tomatoes. Therefore, we were able to pickle these tomatoes for the winter and ate them fresh.

I also liked the fact that the variety is early ripe, and it bore fruit for a long time, the tomatoes were tied until the very cold.

The variety is high, approximately 1.8 meters, so it must be tied up. I formed my plants into 2 stems. In plants of this variety, stepchildren grow rather quickly, so it needs to be regularly pinned.

Tomato varieties for outdoor cultivation

8. Tomato "Orange"

I liked this variety for its unpretentiousness, wonderful taste and versatility of using its fruits.

The harvest was all as if calibrated - the tomatoes were even, perfectly round, beautiful, yellow. They are very good for salting and other preparations, but we also ate them fresh with pleasure. Tomatoes are dense, but not tough, very tasty, few seeds, juicy pulp.

The variety is fruitful, in general, the fruits were 200 grams, but some grew much larger.

Determinant variety, medium height. I grew it on the street under a film cover, but you can also in a greenhouse. Plants must be pinned and tied up.

9. Tomato "Diet Big Man"

Another variety of yellow tomatoes. But this variety has a more intense orange-yellow color. They liked the taste - juicy, sweet, few seeds. We used tomatoes fresh and for harvesting.

This variety is early in terms of ripening. At the same time, the tomatoes were kept fresh without any problems until the end of October, which is very important for me. I always plant several varieties that can last long enough to eat my crops for longer.

Plants of this variety are not tall, in the open field they were about 1 meter tall. The fruits were large enough, 300 grams. We collected a lot of tomatoes from each bush, that is, the yield of this variety is good. The plants had to be pinned and tied to a support.

Tomato "Curiosity"
Tomato "Curiosity"
Tomato "Orange"
Tomato "Orange"
Tomato "Diet Big Man"
Tomato "Diet Big Man"

10. Tomato "Gigolo"

I heard a lot about this variety, that it is, first of all, wonderful for salting. In fact, this variety is good for canning. In shape, they resemble sausages, the salting turned out to be of an original look and at the same time very tasty. We also dried them. These tomatoes are fleshy, but a little dry, with a dense, but not thick skin - ideal for drying.

Gigolo tomatoes are well kept. My harvest was quite large, and I did not have time to process everything at once. These tomatoes were stored without any problems for a month and a half, at a time when tomatoes of other varieties became soft and spoiled.

I was very impressed with the yield. Tomatoes tied perfectly, there were a lot of them. The bush covered with fruits looked very beautiful. To avoid contamination of the fruit with diseases, at the end of the summer I was forced to pick green tomatoes. I was amazed that the plants, after harvesting, tied a lot of tomatoes. Fruiting of this variety continued until the very cold.

I liked that this variety does not need to be pinned, since this procedure is time-consuming. In the recommendations for growing this variety, it was written that it can be grown without a garter to a support. Indeed, the bush is compact, standard, but when the tomatoes began to set vigorously, the plants could not withstand such a load. I liked the variety in all respects, I will plant it every year.

11. Tomato "Golden Heart"

A low unpretentious variety with orange-yellow fruits of a beautiful heart-shaped shape. The tomatoes ripened very early and continued to be tied all summer. The harvest pleased me, there were a lot of tomatoes and they are all of excellent quality. The pulp of a tomato is juicy, fleshy, aromatic. There are few seeds.

According to the description, this variety is suitable for baby and diet food. Indeed, the taste is excellent, practically without acidity. The skin of the tomato is firm, but not tough. We used tomatoes for fresh food, for pickling, making lecho, sauces, adjika.

Plants of the "Golden Heart" variety are not tall, in the open field they are 60-80 centimeters, but spreading, so they do not need to be planted close to each other.

The variety must be tied up, the tomatoes grow quite large and can break the plants. I formed my bushes, but, according to reviews, they could be grown without pinching.

12. Tomato "Leningrad Chill"

A very unpretentious cold-resistant variety, specially created for the zone of risky farming. The variety is early, I planted it specially for the first harvest.

I liked it. The bushes were small, 40 centimeters, they were strewn with fruits. Tomatoes are not small, medium-sized, about 80-100 grams. Ripening of my tomato began in the first decade of July.

Tomatoes taste good, with a slight sourness. Of course, we ate our first tomato crop, we didn't even think about any harvesting.

The variety requires minimal maintenance; it is pinned in the axils of the first 5-6 leaves. But it must be tied to a support.

Tomato "Gigolo"
Tomato "Gigolo"
Tomato "Heart of Gold"
Tomato "Heart of Gold"
Tomato "Leningrad Chill"
Tomato "Leningrad Chill"

13. Tomato "Buffalo Heart"

A very good variety. Low, up to 1 meter, unpretentious, productive. Heart-shaped tomatoes, excellent taste. The color of the tomato is raspberry-pink, the pulp is sweet, juicy, few seeds. The variety is fruitful, tomatoes are 250-300 grams, there were a lot of them. We used them fresh and for blanks.

Pleased with long-term fruiting. Tomato bushes set fruits until the very cold. At the same time, the variety showed good resistance to diseases.

I grew this variety in the open field, but planting in a greenhouse and under temporary shelters is possible. Indoors, the height of the plant will be greater, up to 1.5 meters.

Tomato "Buffalo Heart"
Tomato "Buffalo Heart"

In conclusion, I want to say: thanks to the efforts of breeders of wonderful varieties and hybrids of tomatoes, many have been bred at this time. In such an abundance, it is not easy to navigate. Plant the varieties that you succeed annually, and try new ones, perhaps you will like some variety in terms of its qualities more. Growing a tomato is not an easy task and you need to try different varieties that will delight you with both taste and harvest.

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