November. Folk Calendar. Folk Omens, Holidays

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November. Folk Calendar. Folk Omens, Holidays
November. Folk Calendar. Folk Omens, Holidays

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For the ancient Romans, November was the ninth month of the year and was called november (from the Latin word “novem” - nine). The old Russian name is breast: at night the earth freezes and everything around lies in dead heaps. There were other nicknames - semi-winter. In Ukrainian, Belarusian and Polish, November is called leaf fall. The average monthly temperature is minus 2-3 ° С, with fluctuations from minus 32.8 ° С (1890) to plus 12.6 ° С (1927). The air temperature below 0 ° С passes on average November 4, the earliest date is October 8 (1903), the latest is December 8 (1913).

Volkov Efim Efimovich. Swamp in autumn. 1871
Volkov Efim Efimovich. Swamp in autumn. 1871

Covering snow can fall until November 3 (1956), solid snow falls around November 27, but November may be without snow. In November, deep autumn lasts until the time when the air temperature drops to 0 ° С, after which the pre-winter begins. Pre-winter continues until the period when the daily air temperature goes below minus 5 ° С.

Folk proverbs and signs of November

  • The sunshine rate is 28 hours per month instead of 80 hours in October. The darkest nights.
  • November - September is a grandson, October is a son, a native father in winter.
  • In November, winter struggles with autumn.
  • November is a semi-winter: both the wheel and the runner love.
  • November - midwinter: a man with a cart says goodbye, climbs into the sleigh.
  • Father is chilly - October, and November has chilled him too.
  • November nights are dark before snow.
  • In November, dawn meets twilight in the middle of the day.
  • November is the month of winter arriving feathered guests.
  • November - with a nail, December - with a bridge.
  • If there are few mushrooms, the winter will be snowy and harsh.

Detailed folk calendar for November

November 4 - autumn Kazan, the first winter (snow fell). In the villages, the men returned from the out-of-the-way trades: "On Kazan one day they celebrated the throne, on the next day they held the throne, on the third - great again."

  • Before Kazanskaya it is not winter, from Kazanskaya it is not autumn.
  • It happens that it rains on Kazanskaya in the morning, and in the evening snow lies in snowdrifts.
  • You drive out to Kazanskaya on wheels, and put the runners in the cart.
  • From Kazan, the frost is not great, but does not order to stand.
  • If he cries on the Kazan sky, then winter will come after the rain.
  • It will pour holes on the Kazan rain - winter will soon lead.

November 5 - Jacob's Day.

If he sends a grain (small hail) to Yakov, then from Matryona (November 22), winter will return to its feet

November 8 - Dmitriev day. They celebrated commemoration of the dead, Dmitriev's week was called "grandfather's".

  • Winter does not come until Dmitrieva Saturday.
  • Dmitry in the snow - late spring.

November 10 - Nenila-flaxies. Flax was prepared for sale.

November 12 - Zinovey-titmouse holiday. Birds flock closer to housing, where there is more food.

November 14 - Kuzminki: Kuzma-Demyan. First winter holiday. On Kuzminki, cock's name days were celebrated - Kochets.

  • Kuzma and Demyan - seeing off autumn, meeting winter, first frosts.
  • Kuzma-Demyan will pack, until spring will not be red.
  • Do not chain the river in winter without Kuzma-Demyan.
  • Demyanov's path is not a path, but only a crossroads of winter.
  • If Kuzma-Demyan orders, then Mikhailo (November 21) will uncover.
  • Kuzma-Demyan with a bridge - Mikhailo with a half-bridge.

November 15 - Akindinus and Pigasy. In the barn, the threshing of bread was in full swing: Akindin kindles the barn, Pigasius extinguishes the sun (a very short day).

November 19 - freeze-up.

November 20 - Fedot - leads ice onto ice.

November 21 - Mikhail's Day. Mikhailovsky thaws, Mikhailovsky mud.

  • If Mikhailo Demyanov breaks the path, do not wait for him until the winter Nikola (December 19).
  • If there is frost on Mikhailov's day, expect big snows, and if the day begins with fog, there will be a thaw.
  • Since Mikhailov's day, winter has been forging frosts, the earth is freezing.

November 22 - Winter Matryona: real winter is set. From the winter Matryn, winter rises to its feet, frosts come.

November 23 - Erastus. "From Erast, wait for an ice crust."

If there is frost on the trees on Erasta and the day after Fyodor Studit (November 25) the ground is covered with snow, then there will be no lasting winter path for a long time: until the Introduction (December 4) thaws will stretch and the autumn thaw will stand.

November 25 - Fedor-Studit.

  • The Studite will become cold and angry.
  • Fedor-Studite - freezes the earth.
  • Fedorov's winds howl like a hungry wolf.
  • With Studite, the cold is worse every day.
  • Fyodor is not Fyodor - he shivers indiscriminately.

November 26 - Ivan Chrysostom.

  • At this time, plant life stops.
  • On Chrysostom, any chill stops growing.

November 27 - Philip. Filippovki. Conspiracy (meat-eater) before the Nativity Fast. Before the onset of Filippovki, the last weddings were held: whoever did not get married before Filippovki, pray to God and wait for a new meat-eater.

Frost on Philip - for the harvest of oats

November 28 - Guriy. The snow that fell on this day will not melt until spring.

November 29 - Matthew.

On Matthew, winter is sweating (thaw)

November - late autumn. The wind knocks the last leaves from the oak trees. Cold rain and sleet. There is still no winter, only sometimes the snow that falls in November does not melt anymore, rivers and lakes are covered with ice, and early winter sets in. But usually in the Moscow and adjacent regions, winter and a permanent toboggan run are established only in December.

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