Simple Ways To Decorate Your Garden For The Winter Holidays. Photo

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Simple Ways To Decorate Your Garden For The Winter Holidays. Photo
Simple Ways To Decorate Your Garden For The Winter Holidays. Photo

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The winter garden, wrapped in a white blanket, softened by soft caps of snow on the graphic crowns of shrubs, looks beautiful and attractive in itself. Evergreen crops, dry inflorescences on clumps of perennials and grasses, plants with bright bark, unexpectedly turn out to be real stars in it … But on the eve of the holidays, even the pastoral winter landscape seems too modest. At a time when houses are being transformed, filled with bright decor and cheerful colors, special lighting and mood, the garden is often forgotten. But you can also decorate it for the holiday, so that every visit to check the snow cover, shelters, supplies turns into a small holiday. And this can be done without much time and resources.

Garden decoration for the New Year holidays
Garden decoration for the New Year holidays


  • Why decorate a garden in winter
  • Simple guidelines for finding a way to decorate your garden in winter
  • Handy and not only decor for the winter garden
  • Festive illumination

Why decorate a garden in winter

It is worth decorating the garden for your favorite holidays, even if you do not plan to celebrate the New Year outside the city or gather for family gatherings surrounded by winter nature. The garden is not left unattended; you still have to visit the site.

Regular inspections and monitoring of the condition of plants is a prerequisite for successful wintering, as well as checking the stored crop and planting material, distribution and retention of snow. And we must not forget about our smaller friends - birds, hedgehogs, other useful inhabitants of the garden, as well as about enemies-rodents, even in the midst of winter. So why not turn routine into bright, complex work in the cold - into a fun activity, brightened up with cute details and touching accessories?

Indeed, in the coldest time of the year, the garden lacks just the little things: colors, details, a variety of shapes, interesting design moments. At this time of year, the basic structure and gaps in it are exposed, the garden often looks dull. And you can fix it in just a few minutes. Do not be afraid that as soon as the holidays are over, such decor will be inappropriate: instead of Christmas and New Year decorations, choose a strategy of bright winter decoration - and such accessories will be appropriate in the garden until the moment when the spring transformation begins in it.

Garden decoration for the New Year holidays
Garden decoration for the New Year holidays

Simple guidelines for finding a way to decorate your garden in winter

It is very simple to understand how to decorate a garden and where to place festive winter accents, which corners are more suitable for experimenting with design, and which can be left as is. There is no better method for this than a walk in the garden, in which winter has already come into its own. As soon as the first snow falls, inspect the area in the morning, when the sun is not yet melting ice and snow, when the garden sparkles in frosty sheen.

Just walk around your site and mark two kinds of "points":

  1. Places where winter beauty is mesmerizing, where it is beautiful enough and without any tricks. Beautiful crowns of evergreens, magnificent drawings of bare branches of shrubs, bright leaves of winter-green perennials, periwinkle or ivy, beautiful elevation transitions, an ice-bound pond with dry clumps of cereals, a pastoral gazebo or objects of small architecture - these are typical examples of objects that are especially good in winter.
  2. Those zones and objects that seem empty, boring, inexpressive, on which the eye even has nothing to "catch".

The rest of the space does not need decoration. But points of attraction and obvious voids need to be additionally decorated using different methods.

The most advantageous views of the winter garden are slightly supplemented with seasonal or festive “details” that will make the pastoral picture bewitchingly beautiful anyway.

Places that are boring and empty require a bit more effort - they need to be filled with large decor to change their perception.

You need to start decorating from boring, demanding places, and finish with small strokes in winning places.

Garden decoration for the New Year holidays
Garden decoration for the New Year holidays

Handy and not only decor for the winter garden

You can decorate your garden with literally everything that you have at your fingertips. If you still have holiday decorations or plan to throw away old decor, following the New Year's trends, do not rush to send accessories and decorations to the landfill: in the garden they may well find a second life.

Christmas decorations, garlands, pendants, Christmas wreaths are, of course, beautiful, but still oriented only for the festive period, decor. But decorations that can be left in the garden for the whole winter are no less festive, but more organic, eco-friendly and appropriate in a garden setting. And the choice is by no means limited: just look around, check the utensils, supplies, look in a new way at familiar objects and things.

If the harvest turned out to be enviable, some of the apple varieties are simply tasteless, not too beautiful or poorly stored - do not throw away the fruits, lovingly picked in the fall, vegetables and nuts, but simply give them a new life in the decor of your garden. Small sour apples, wild birds, bunches of mountain ash and viburnum, nuts that turn out to be empty can be used to fill baskets, wicker baskets, containers that can be placed in the garden.

Covered with frost and snow, such "harvested" fruits will perfectly emphasize the warm atmosphere and the fullness of your garden with life. You will have time to throw them away later, closer to spring. Cones, dry fruit and berries - a magnificent decor, one of the most spectacular in the winter garden. Moreover, you can collect cones for free in the forest on the way to the site. To give fruits and fruits a new winter beauty, they can be additionally moistened with water to form a glossy, icy, silvery crust.

An even simpler option is spruce branches, branches of juniper or other conifers, dry thin twisted twigs left after the autumn pruning. You can twist Christmas wreaths from them, tie them into a kind of bouquets and imitate wintering potted plants, using them for a variety of compositions.

Never discard the floppy shoots of pruned annuals or perennials; they are the perfect, festive base for your party wreaths. Even beautifully folded woodpiles will decorate a winter garden no worse than a shiny winter rain! For example, a modest bundle of brushwood, intercepted by a bright ribbon and as if accidentally left under a group of conifers, will create the feeling that this garden is often visited, it is filled with life and warmth.

It is enough to hang a spruce branch on a gate or a fence, decorating it with a bright bow - and the decoration is ready for the holidays. Also, spruce branches can be used as a suspension to decorate the supports that are empty in winter, from which the vines were removed.

Such decor can be laid out on furniture, platforms, stands that remain for the winter in the garden, strung on strong threads, hung like garlands, even on the gate, even on the fence, even on the stairs or at the pergola. Just a couple of cones, as if accidentally forgotten on the rung of the stairs, and a handful of nuts on the table will add that very zest that the winter garden so lacks.

But in order to reliably "hold" the decor, protect it from the weather, it is better to use old baskets, empty tubs, pots made of winter-hardy materials or unusable containers that can be easily filled with flowers, dried flowers, seedlings, put winter bouquets of a simple format in them and fix in the right place.

If you have an old broken chair, a damp-resistant stool, a table that can be taken out into the garden - place them in the garden in the most boring places, using them as additional decor and stands for winter still lifes.

Feeders, birdhouses, and winter houses are a great way to decorate your garden and make it look more attractive during the cold season. Treats for birds, for example, can be hung on trees, like Christmas tree decorations, rather than put in birdhouses.

But the most important thing in winter decor is the finishing touches. Warm fabrics, even old cuts, unwanted scarves, discarded mittens, cozy knitted sweaters, not to mention ribbons, twine, sisal - all these materials can be used to decorate the garden.

It is enough to wrap a pine conifer wrapped from the winter sun in a spiral with a bright ribbon, tie a bundle of brushwood with a warm scarf, put a pair of mittens on a woodpile or a bench, as if accidentally forgetting to spread a piece of warm fabric like a blanket - and the garden will sparkle with new comfort and new colors. Such "games" should be played not in the entire garden, but where you are most often - not far from the house, on the terrace or in the recreation area, where you usually sit with a cup of tea wrapped in a blanket.

The most important thing in winter decor is the finishing touches
The most important thing in winter decor is the finishing touches

Festive illumination

At the mention of lighting the winter garden, bright festive garlands are, of course, the first to come to mind. The choice of models suitable for outdoor decor is amazingly large, and such garlands are not necessarily expensive. But, in fact, you can play with light in different ways. Even the most modest candles, placed on a stump, bench or table, even if they were wrapped to protect them from dampness, will fill the garden with a lively glow in the evening.

Particularly adorable are candles placed in pots, old utensils, tubs, closed-type lanterns and candlesticks, pendant lamps that can be placed on trees and other objects when they create the effect of islands of light. Additional lamps or replacement of shades for colored ones for the winter will allow you to play with special effects. And everyone's favorite bonfires - both large and small - will brighten up any frosty day.

True, you need to use lighting with an open fire to create a special festive atmosphere wisely, remembering the safety rules, and only when you yourself are in the garden.

If you want your conservatory lighting to turn into a magical sight, add additional decor to your lamps and candle groups. Even simple objects that will bounce off the light will seem like very successful design tricks.

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