October. Folk Calendar. Folk Omens, Holidays

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October. Folk Calendar. Folk Omens, Holidays
October. Folk Calendar. Folk Omens, Holidays

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For the ancient Romans, October was the eighth month of the year and was called october (from the Latin octo - eight). The old Russian name for October is dirty: frequent rains interspersed with snow turn the earth into a dirty mess. In the Ukrainian language, this month is called zhovten (leaves turn yellow), and in Belarusian it is called castor (from the word castra - a product of flax processing).

Levitan I. I. "Golden Autumn", 1895
Levitan I. I. "Golden Autumn", 1895
  • The average temperature is 3.8 ° C, with fluctuations from minus 0.4 ° C (1920) to plus 8.6 ° C (1935).
  • The first snow falls: October 2 - 1899, October 4 - 1941, 1971
  • The length of the day decreases to 9 hours 22 minutes.

October Seasonal Calendar

Phenomena Term
middle the earliest late
Full leaf fall of aspen 5 october September 20 (1923) October 20 (1921)
Temperature transition below 5 ° C October 9 - -
First day with snow 12 october September 17 (1884) November 7 (1917)
End of birch leaf fall 15 october October 1 (1922) October 26 (1940)
Puddles covered with ice October 21 October 5 (1946) November 12 (1952)
First day with snow cover October 23 October 1 (1936) November 18 (1935)
The pond freezes October 30 October 27 (1916) December 2 (1889)

Folk proverbs and signs of October

  • In an autumn storm, seven weathers are outside: sows, blows, twists, muddies, roars, pours from above and sweeps from below.
  • The October day is melting quickly - you cannot tie it to the fence.
  • In October, neither on wheels nor on sleds.
  • October is the gathering of the last fruits.
  • September smells like apples, October smells like cabbage.
  • October is cold and full.
  • October is crying with cold tears.
  • October is dirty - neither wheel nor runner likes.
  • If in October a leaf from birch and oak falls off uncleanly, expect a harsh winter.

Detailed folk calendar for October

October 1 - Arina. If the cranes fly to Arina, then to Pokrov (October 14) you have to wait for the first frost; and if they are not visible on this day, not a single frost will be hit before Artemyev's day (November 2).

October 2 - Zosima, patron of bees. They put hives in Omshanik.

October 3 - Astafiev day. Astafiev's winds.

  • If the north, angry wind blows - there will be a cold nearby, the southern blow - to the warmth, the western - to the phlegm, the eastern - to the bucket.
  • If Astafya is foggy, warm, cobweb flies along the alleys - to a favorable autumn and long snow.

October 7 - Thekla the glowing girl.

  • Threshing - bread is threshed in heated barns.
  • Lots of fires.

October 8 - Sergius. Chop the cabbage.

  • If the first snow is on Sergius, then winter will be established on Mikhailov Day (November 21).
  • The toboggan route is established four weeks (weeks) from Sergius.

October 14 - Pokrov. They tried to insulate the house by the Pokrov - to roll up the heaps, to dig in the grooves, to smear the frames.

  • On Pokrov it is autumn before lunchtime, and after lunch - winter-winter.
  • On Pokrov heat a hut without firewood (insulate the house).
  • What is the Pokrov - such is the winter: the wind from the north - to a cold winter, from the south - to a warm one, from the west - to a snowy one, with variable wind and winter to be unstable.
  • If a leaf from an oak and birch tree falls on the Pokrov cleanly - by an easy year, and not cleanly - by a severe winter.
  • Cover on the goal, then Demetrius (November 8) on the goal (no snow).
  • According to popular belief, from the first snow to the toboggan track - six weeks time.
  • October is a wedding, weddings are being played in the village: the Pokrov will come and cover the girl's head.
  • The girls asked: "Father Pokrov, cover the earth with snow, and me with a fiancé."
  • The cover is the first winter.
  • The veil is not summer, the Presentation (Annunciation - April 7) is not winter.
  • Until the Pokrova it is autumn, and beyond the Pokrov it is winter.
  • From Pokrova winter begins, from Matryona (November 19) it sets, from winter Matryona (November 22), winter rises to its feet, frosts come.
  • The veil covers the ground with a sheet, then with a snow.

October 17 - Erofeev Day. From this day onwards, the cold sets in.

  • On Erofeev day one erofeich (vodka infused with herbs) warms the blood.
  • He puts on a fur coat since Erofei.

October 18 - Kharitons - the first canvases. In the villages, they were busy spinning canvases. Winter begins with Sergius, with Matryona (November 22): "If Sergius is covered with snow, then from November Matryona, winter will rise on his feet."

October 21 - Trifon-Pelageya.

  • It's getting colder from Tryphon-Pelagia.
  • Trifon mends a fur coat, Pelageya sews mutton mittens.

October 23 - Lampi (Evlampy). On Lampei the horns of the month seem to be in the direction where the winds come from: if on Eulampius the horns of the month are at midnight (north) - there will be a fast winter, the snow will fall on dry land; if at noon (south) - do not expect a quick winter, there will be mud and slush until Kazan (November 4), autumn will not wash off with snow, and will not dress up in a white caftan.

October 27 - Paraskeva-grubby, porosikha.

  • Paraskeva Rippers (flax flutter).
  • There is a lot of mud on Gryaznykh - four weeks before winter.

October 30 - Hosea.

On the prophet Hosea, the wheel says goodbye to the axle

The leaves on the trees flew around. The forest has become transparent, only the oak stands until November in brown leaves. The lilacs are still green in the gardens, and green leaves can be found on the branches. On viburnum and mountain ash, the berries turn red and orange.

Morning frosts make themselves feel. In the morning, the puddles are covered with a thin layer of ice. In the middle of the month, sometimes a small snowball falls, which melts quickly. Cranberries are turning red in the swamp.

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