The Sustainable Alternative Is EM Technology For A Rich And Healthy Harvest. Where To Start This Spring?

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The Sustainable Alternative Is EM Technology For A Rich And Healthy Harvest. Where To Start This Spring?
The Sustainable Alternative Is EM Technology For A Rich And Healthy Harvest. Where To Start This Spring?

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Before embarking on a nature-like technology and soon becoming disillusioned with its effectiveness, it is necessary to realize that after long-term use of chemicals and mineral fertilizers, the earth is tired and cannot recover in one season, and it is likely that the harvest in the first year may not be so impressive, but in this case, it is many times more useful.

EM technology for a rich and healthy harvest
EM technology for a rich and healthy harvest

Which sites are suitable for EM technology?

  • Ridges after the traditional gardening, where the land remained uncovered for the winter.
  • The ridges are new, where weeds or meadow grasses have always (or for a very long time) grown.
  • Ridges with mulch, in the form of cut grass.

What is important for EM technology?

Permanent beds and narrow beds. You can use "narrow Mittlider ridges", warm beds, high beds.

The soil must be fed with green manure and mulch, not left uncovered for the winter and loosened no more than 5-7 cm, so as not to lose its fertility. Siderata mainly help to "water" in winter and spring, as they retain snow on the site, and mulch is the main helper in summer, because it creates "condensation" irrigation. Do not use chemicals and mineral fertilizers in the beds.

For good germination of seeds, ripening up to 50%, and increasing crop yields up to 100%, before sowing, we recommend soaking the seeds in the EM-preparation "Baikal EM-1". For 1 cup (200 ml) of pure water, add only 5 drops of the EM preparation working solution, and the path to healthy food will begin.

Avoid monocultures. It is recommended to vary the fit. Seedlings can be watered weekly with working solution "Baikal EM-1" in a concentration of 1: 2000, without bringing the soil to waterlogging. Processed seedlings can be planted without any prior preparation. A useful harvest is provided.

What are the main results of using EM technology?

  • Humus recovery.
  • Eco-friendly harvest with high health benefits.
  • Increased shelf life of fruits (2 times).

How to plant seedlings?

It is better to plant seedlings a little immature. Overripe seedlings are more difficult to tolerate a transplant, take root much worse, and are more susceptible to diseases in the process of adaptation. This is one of the reasons why the sowing time for seedlings should be calculated individually.

To saturate the plant with useful elements, we recommend weekly watering the seedlings with a working solution "Baikal EM-1" at a concentration of 1: 2000, without bringing the soil to waterlogging. Processed seedlings can be planted without any prior preparation.

The seedlings purchased on the market must be completely dipped into the working solution of the Baikal EM-1 preparation at a concentration of 1: 2000 and then planted. Instead of such treatment, after planting, it is possible to water the beds and plants with a working solution of an EM preparation at a concentration of 1: 2000 at the rate of 2-3 l / m2. To get a good harvest, it is better to do both operations. Vegetation irrigation with an EM-preparation solution is carried out in 10-15 days so that 4-5 treatments were carried out in the first half of the growing season. Solution concentration 1: 1000, consumption 2-3 l / m2.

EM-preparation "Baikal EM-1"
EM-preparation "Baikal EM-1"

G. Kazan - “At the beginning of May, frost unexpectedly hit, many plantings, even covered ones, died. I, having arrived at the dacha, mentally saying goodbye to my tomatoes, was surprised. If the entire control group died, then the second was crumpled, dark green, with a lilac lower part of the leaves, but alive. EM technology increases soil temperature, enhances immunity. This saved my tomatoes."

Permsky Krai - "Baikal EM-1" helps to get a huge amount of compost in a short time. And the compost pile, in turn, easily replaces the manure machine. The soil becomes loose, oxygenated, nutritious, in short, my plants really like it. Once a season, I must sprinkle tomatoes and cucumbers with a solution of Baikal. It seems to me that they have become less ill”.

G. Nizhny Tagil“I use this product for compost. Very effective. I throw all the weeds into the pit, foliage, small twigs, in general, everything that consists of organic matter. I fill it with EM mortar and after two years I have a car of first-class black earth. For convenience, I divided the pit into two parts and it turns out that while one fills up, the other is cleared. Very comfortably. The meaning of this fertilizer lies in living bacteria, which help speed up chemical processes in the ground, speed up the processing of organic matter. I am 100% sure of its environmental friendliness. The instructions for using this microbiological fertilizer are written right on the bottle. Everything is clear and accessible. It's very easy and simple to use. It can be stored for a long time, but the main thing is to observe the temperature regime so that bacteria do not die. The bottom line is this. For 1000 rubles a year I get:car floor of good black soil, excellent environmentally friendly harvest and minimum efforts to take care of plants."

G. Elektrostal - “Before, nothing was used for the prompt production of humus. This is a breakthrough in technology. Compost can already be used in 2 weeks. Our harvest has also increased. They moistened all the organic matter that was: cleaning, sawdust, tops and manure and covered with a film until ripening. And when they found out that this drug was created on a special basis. technologies based on the cultivation of beneficial bacteria that produce enzymes that have a beneficial effect on our plants, our family loved this fertilizer concentrate. Thanks to the technologists from Ulan-Ude."

Republic of Belarus, Gomelsky - "Baikal EM-1" is an irreplaceable fertilizer for flower growers. Advantages: increases resistance to diseases and pests, accelerates the growth and flowering of plants, excellent organic fertilizer. Well applicable for organic root dressing for both indoor plants and outdoor plants. It is not toxic, and this is important for plants that need insect pollination. Increases plant immunity to diseases and various pests. Promotes better fruit ripening and accelerates plant growth.

It is very convenient for growing flowers with seeds, the seedlings grow strong and healthy, respectively, the flowers of the plant are large with bright colors. And it is also advisable to abandon the joint use with fungicides.

We recommend environmentally friendly and unique in their properties preparations "Baikal EM-1" and "Tamir" for the natural healing of soils and a rich harvest. The preparation "Baikal EM-1" amazes many with its versatility of application, and this is seed treatment, spraying of seedlings and indoor plants, foliar and root processing of plants, composting.

Since 2018, Ulan-Ude EM drugs "Baikal EM-1" and "Tamir" have been produced with a protective sticker of the international association "Antikontrafakt", due to 80% of counterfeits on the Russian market.

A novelty for farmers: "Baikal EM-2" is a reliable way to get a healthy livestock, increase production volumes and product quality. Strengthens the immune system, reduces morbidity and mortality, and eliminates unpleasant odors.

Preparations "Baikal EM-2" for animal nutrition
Preparations "Baikal EM-2" for animal nutrition

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