Biologicals - Plant Protection Without Chemicals

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Biologicals - Plant Protection Without Chemicals
Biologicals - Plant Protection Without Chemicals

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Respect for the environment is becoming more and more important in our lives. In garden plots, this manifests itself in the application of an increasing variety of methods and principles of plant cultivation. New approaches to agricultural technology and modern biological products allow not only to carefully exploit the soil without harming the environment, but also to effectively restore its fertility. Unfortunately, in the issue of plant protection, the traditional approach still dominates. To combat diseases and pests, and in preventive treatments of plants, they continue to use chemical protection agents. Meanwhile, biological products can not only protect plants from diseases and pests, but are also a more effective means of prevention.

Biological protection of plants and crops
Biological protection of plants and crops

Biologicals - plant protection without chemicals

Even with the most careful gardening, problems with weeds, pests and diseases cannot be avoided by any gardener. Measures for plant protection, effective prevention of problems in their development are one of the most important for an ornamental garden and for a vegetable garden. Gardeners have a wide variety of tools in their arsenal. For both prevention and control of diseases, unwanted vegetation and garden pests, you can always find an ecological alternative to the usual chemicals.

Traditionally, it is known that chemical control agents such as pesticides are used for plant protection. Garden chemicals are divided into several categories:

  • insecticides for pest control;
  • fungicides to protect against diseases;
  • herbicides for weed control;
  • rodenticides to protect against rodents.

The range of products for effective protection today is striking in its variety. Among the chemical preparations there are funds intended for both a single pathogen or disease, and systemic drugs. But for any garden "chemistry" it is necessary to take into account not only efficiency, but also the negative impact on the ecosystem and plants. Chemical means of protection are, first of all, toxic substances. And their use is inseparable from the negative side effects and consequences. Pesticides allow you to fight parasites and pathogens, but also show a number of side toxic properties:

  • poison and pollute the soil;
  • accumulate in plant tissues and their fruits.

Biologics are an alternative to traditional remedies. These are preparations of exclusively natural origin, using natural, highly effective defense mechanisms already existing in nature. They are based on the principles of antibiosis - the ability of beneficial microorganisms to resist dangerous ones. Biologics are products created on the basis of the waste products of viruses, bacteria or fungi. They were obtained as a result of long-term scientific research of microorganisms and their influence on the environment, a thorough study of natural mechanisms and the principle of the work of ecosystems, the characteristics of the development and metabolism of plants. These are absolutely environmentally friendly and improving the ecosystem itself. They not only solve the same problems as well-known toxic chemicals, but also qualitatively improve the ecological situation at the site.

Biologics and natural plant protection products in a vegetable garden, fruit or ornamental garden are not only a full-fledged alternative to the usual garden "chemistry", but also one of the most affective ways of protecting them. The secret of effective biosecurity lies in its complex effect. While chemical agents show their one-sided specificity, biological agents act differently. Biologicals are beneficial not only in the fight against diseases or pests. By suppressing pathogens or parasitic organisms, they simultaneously increase the immunity and resistance of plants, and enhance self-defense mechanisms. Biologics have no side effects. But “there are a lot of advantages from using them:

  • improving the growth and ornamental characteristics of plants;
  • increased productivity;
  • improving the quality of vegetables, fruits, herbs, berries.

Biologics are very diverse. They are divided into well-known categories depending on the problems they are aimed at solving. Among them are:

  • biofungicides for controlling pathogens that cause diseases in plants;
  • bioinsecticides for insect control;
  • bioherbicides for weed control;
  • biodenticides from rodents.
Seedling treatment with a biological product
Seedling treatment with a biological product

The best defense is an integrated approach

Among the means of protection, a special place is occupied by preparations produced by NPO Biotekhsoyuz - the leader in the market of biological agents for growing plants.

The unique biological product "Trichoplant" was developed on the basis of decades of research and development, it allows you to effectively heal the soil and suppress harmful microorganisms and pathogens.

The properties of soil disinfection and plant protection are also shown by the more versatile preparation "Ekomik yielding". This biological product not only restores soil fertility, increases immunity and optimizes plant nutrition, but also suppresses dangerous microorganisms, providing a disinfecting effect.

The biopreparations "Ekomik Yielding" and "Trichoplant" contain two unique components:

  • the trichoderma fungus, which feeds on other pathogens dangerous for plants, in particular, blackleg fungi, fusarium, rot, phytophthora, etc., it heals the soil well, displacing all harmful microorganisms due to its rapid reproduction;
  • bacillus bacillus amyloliquefaciens, which suppresses several dozen pathogenic fungi, which effectively fights mold, and, due to the production of phytohormones and vitamins, stimulates plant growth.

These two biological products have a complex effect. Unlike chemical agents, biological products are not characterized by the specificity of the effect; they protect plants immediately from all kinds of pathogenic factors and negative influences.

Biological product "Ekomik Urozhainy"
Biological product "Ekomik Urozhainy"
Biological product "Trichoplant"
Biological product "Trichoplant"

Biopreparations "Trichoplant" and "Ekomik yielding" are used both for preventive treatment and for health improvement:

  • seeds and planting material;
  • seedlings;
  • soil;
  • garden plants.

Of course, like all environmentally friendly plant care products, biological products are primarily about protection and prevention. They are used to prevent problems in plant development. These are quite delicate, slow-acting and mild products. They require regular treatments and a change in the very approach to growing plants. On plants already affected by pests or diseases, biologicals can only be used as a treatment at the onset of infection. But still, the effectiveness and consistency of the effects of these drugs does not know analogues.

Biological products for plant protection, containing bacteria and fungi, are a unique tool that allows you to grow a generous, and most importantly, an environmentally friendly crop. They move away from traditional gardening methods in favor of preserving, restoring and enhancing soil health and resources. Plant protection based on the laws of antibiosis, using natural mechanisms and acting systemically is the best choice you can make for your site.

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