Suede Stock-rose - The Queen Of Flower Beds

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Suede Stock-rose - The Queen Of Flower Beds
Suede Stock-rose - The Queen Of Flower Beds
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This flower can be considered a classic of decorative gardening. Stock-rose, or Mallow, has been cultivated since the 15th century! For several centuries in a row, the stock rose was considered a special flower. It was grown both in palace gardens and in the farmsteads of peasants. Today, the fashion for the stock rose returns again. And the appearance of suede forms makes it desirable in the gardens of the most sophisticated flower growers. How to grow a stock rose and where to get the best suede seeds, read the article.

Suede stock-rose - the queen of flower beds
Suede stock-rose - the queen of flower beds

Where to plant a rose suede stock?

Tall and slender beauty, adorned with double inflorescences, the stem-rose blooms profusely and for a long time. It is cold-resistant, with a powerful stem, up to 200 cm high. She has large velvety double flowers, collected in long racemose inflorescences.

Since the stock rose is a tall plant, it is ideal for planting near fences. Suitable for grouping in mixborders, decorating flower beds, lawns, fences and walls. Cut stems at the bud stage bloom in the water.

Stock rose prefers to grow in sunny areas.

Features of growing a two-year culture

Stock-rose seeds are sown in open ground in May-early June or closer to autumn.

The site for sowing is pre-dug up and grooves or holes are prepared. The grooves are located at a distance of 35-40 centimeters from each other. The wells should be about 3 centimeters deep.

You need to put 2-3 seeds in the hole. Top - sprinkle the seeds with earth, squeeze lightly and pour cold water. Seedlings will appear in 1.5-2.5 weeks.

Thin the shoots when 2-3 main leaves appear on the shoots, and leave the strongest shoot in hole 1. In the grooves between the plants, a gap of 30-35 centimeters will remain.

Further care for the rose stem consists in timely watering, feeding, protection from pests and diseases, and weeding.

Young bushes hibernate under fir spruce branches, a layer of dry foliage or mulch from humus, peat, sawdust. In the first year, the flower forms a rosette of large leaves. In the summer of next year, a tall peduncle with a spike-shaped inflorescence of terry flowers of different colors appears on the plant. It blooms one year after planting, from July to October.

Best Suede Stock Rose Seeds

Suede stock-rose comes in pink and burgundy. Flower beds that combine two colors look especially impressive.

Stock-rose "Pink suede"
Stock-rose "Pink suede"
Stock-rose "Burgundy suede"
Stock-rose "Burgundy suede"

Suede stock rose seeds are presented in the Darit premium seed collection. This is a European exclusive collection of flower seeds and spicy Provencal herbs. Darit seeds undergo a special selection, which brings them to the premium segment.

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