Bougainvillea Is A Gorgeous Brazilian Beauty. Home Care. Photo

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Bougainvillea Is A Gorgeous Brazilian Beauty. Home Care. Photo
Bougainvillea Is A Gorgeous Brazilian Beauty. Home Care. Photo

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Both avid plant breeders and people who are not at all fond of plants will not be able to remain indifferent to the beauty of the charming Bougainvillea plant (sometimes it is written Bougainvillea, Latin Bougainvillea). The plant of the Nyctaginaceae family is represented most often by small trees, lianas or in the form of shrubs.


Today there are about 14 types of lush exotic beauties. Bougainvillea is characterized by creeping and clinging shoots, lianas are covered with thorns. The plant is widespread in South America and Asia, but now you can grow it almost anywhere. Bougainvillea adorns gardens and loggias, architectural structures and buildings. However, you can grow it at home on the windowsill.


  • Features of bougainvillea
  • Home bougainvillea care
  • Transplant and reproduction
  • Bougainvillea pests and diseases

Features of bougainvillea

Despite the brightness, the flowers of the plant are rather small and inconspicuous. The bracts give the beauty and luxurious look of bougainvillea. They can be of a wide variety of bright colors: white and cream, pinkish and purple, as well as red and purple shades. Plants of two colors are found. The stem of the flower is lignified, but the shoots of lianas are very flexible, which allows them to be formed into a variety of shapes. The leaves are dense and covered with fluff, are ovoid. In different conditions, the plant can reach different sizes.

In the garden and in natural conditions, they can grow up to 15 meters in height. At home, of course, less. It blooms several times a year, almost continuously.


Home bougainvillea care

Bougainvillea loves light. In order for the plant to grow and bloom well, a certain temperature regime must be observed. During her time it is good at a fairly high temperature, up to 30 degrees. In winter, at rest, the temperature should be room temperature, but not higher than 12 degrees. At this time, it is better to transfer the plant to a dark place.

Watering should be moderate and regular.

The air must be humid. In summer and with dry air in winter, you need to regularly spray the vine with water. Once a week, you need to feed the flower with fertilizers. In winter, bougainvillea is at rest; there is no need to feed it at this time.


Transplant and reproduction

In the spring, the plants take root rather quickly. A transplant is necessary once a year if the bougainvillea grows at home. You need to transplant carefully, by transferring from one pot to another, without damaging the clod of earth.

The plant propagates in the summer by cuttings or air layers.

In the spring and after each flowering, pruning must be done, otherwise the bougainvillea loses its shape, thins and branches poorly.


Bougainvillea pests and diseases

Bougainvillea can get sick. Then it begins to grow poorly, the leaves begin to fall off. This occurs when waterlogged, or when the plant is in a draft for a long time. The plant may die if the water stagnates. The flower can infect aphids or mealybugs. This will create some difficulties, but they are quite treatable.

The chic Brazilian decorative beauty will transform any room. Especially if you combine several plant species into one colorful composition.

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