A Live Christmas Tree Is A Delightful Araucaria. Home Care. Photo

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A Live Christmas Tree Is A Delightful Araucaria. Home Care. Photo
A Live Christmas Tree Is A Delightful Araucaria. Home Care. Photo

We all know the song of the Lyube group with such a chorus: “… don't ruin, men, don't ruin! Do not chop, men, do not chop! " But… again, on New Year's Eve, they cut and destroy. I, of course, this - about the Christmas trees. If you really need a natural coniferous beauty, I advise you to take a closer look at araucaria. Why, of all the conifers commonly sold in flower shops, to her? Yes, because she gets along well in room conditions! Although, strictly speaking, it is a greenhouse plant. But it may well adapt to room conditions.

Live Christmas tree - delicious araucaria
Live Christmas tree - delicious araucaria


  • Instead of a tree - araucaria
  • Description of araucaria
  • Conditions for growing araucaria varifolia
  • Caring for araucaria varifolia at home

Instead of a tree - araucaria

I think I'm not the only one who is so compassionate about the felled trees. And let us be assured that it is, they say, special landings are being cut down. I do not believe! Has anyone seen them in Russia? I saw them in California, but in Russia they are not, they are cut down in our forests, and so destroyed in many places by fires and mismanagement.

Moreover, as statistics show, most of the felled fir trees are not sold out. I am not pleased with the reports on television about another multi-meter beauty brought for the main square of the city. After all, such an old spruce was someone's home and dining room! There was life at all its levels: for squirrels, birds, small forest rodents and beneficial insects.

Is it really impossible to replace it with artificial and other tricks that imitate a New Year's tree? Currently, shops have a huge selection of artificial fir trees, sometimes difficult to distinguish from real plants. An assortment for every taste and budget. And lovers of the coniferous smell can be advised to get a small “bouquet” of spruce branches before the New Year. Arranged with blooming hyacinths and other fresh flowers, such a composition will decorate any New Year's table.

Another great option than to replace the usual tree - araucaria. Rumors about her capriciousness are greatly exaggerated. It will be a picturesque addition to any indoor flowers all year round. And in the New Year's decoration, in beauty and splendor, it is in no way inferior to living spruce.

What about the coniferous aroma? Araucaria smells like pine needles just like spruce. Of course, cypress will be cheaper, but it will hardly make it to spring, even under favorable conditions. A small spruce in a pot is even worse. They definitely need a greenhouse, if there is none, then these conifers will prefer suicide, disdaining our worries. There are, of course, exceptions, but rarely. Many people know this and buy a plant like a bouquet - not for long. Araucaria is another matter.

Description of araucaria

The Araucaria got its name in honor of the Araucan Indian tribe, who gave names to both the Arauco province in southern Chile, and the city located there, and the bay washing Chile from the west. For the first time this plant was described by the botanist and traveler H. Molina in 1782 as the plant 'Pinus araucana'. Subsequently, the botanist J. Lamarck began work on ordering the species of this plant.

There are currently about 14 species of araucaria. Here are a few of them, some were named in honor of botanist: Chilean, Brazilian, Cunningham, Blade, Bidvilla, Hanstayna, Cook (columnar), angustifolia, heterophyllous and others.

Araucaria in nature is a powerful plant, reaching a height of 60-75 meters, it is a long-liver, the oldest plants are about 2000 years old! And, in general, experts attribute araucaria to the plant world of the Jurassic period. Fossilized araucaria cones are still being found. The plant is dioecious, a plant is considered mature at 300 years old, it is they who can be cut down for construction and other uses. Indian tribes added Chilean araucaria seeds to their food, they are large and nutritious, like nuts.

It is known that araucaria in the south of Argentina are identical to those that grow in Australia, this once again confirms the version that these two continents once formed a single continent. Sochi, Nikitsky, Sukhumsky and other botanical gardens of the Crimea and the Caucasus are proud of fairly large specimens of araucaria.

Araucaria heterophylla (Araucaria heterophylla)
Araucaria heterophylla (Araucaria heterophylla)

Conditions for growing araucaria varifolia

In our stores, as a rule, they sell araucaria varifolia, or Indoor spruce. Her homeland is Norflock Island. Do not be afraid that in room conditions it will reach a considerable height in a short time. Alas, we will not live up to such a moment, this coniferous plant does not grow quickly, especially since its growth can be restrained by a small volume of the pot. Although in a very small one, no plant will develop. The pot should be chosen wider, with a drainage hole, because the plant does not like stagnant water.

Araucaria prefers land with a slightly acidic reaction, a mixture of turf, leaf, peat and sand in the ratio (1: 2: 2: 1). Fertilizers are preferred with a weak calcium solution. A heavily diluted tincture made from crushed eggshells is a good top dressing.

Araucaria loves fresh air and spraying. Therefore, in the summer it is simply necessary to take it out to the garden, or to the balcony, and the ventilation will not hurt, but not the drafts!

Araucaria heterophylla (Araucaria heterophylla)
Araucaria heterophylla (Araucaria heterophylla)

Caring for araucaria varifolia at home

It is better to transplant in the spring and as needed, and not more often than once every 3-4 years. Araucaria can even bloom, but not indoors. It is rooted with seeds and cuttings in spring, which must be dried for a day, then the cut must be refreshed and dipped in Kornevin, placed under the jar. In order for it to grow evenly under room conditions, it is advisable to turn the pot weekly, with different sides to the light.

The crown of the araucaria is its Achilles heel, you cannot touch it, much less cut it off. Once I accidentally broke off the top of my plant. Araucaria “cried” for a long time, releasing a thick resinous juice of a milky-green color. Then she shot a new crown. But it could well have perished, as experts warn about.

Buy araucaria! Adult, it is good as a tapeworm, which can be placed even in the corner, but not less than 1.5 meters from the window and backlit. Such a plant looks exotic and very impressive. Araucaria's New Year's decorations should be without strong clamps and heavy decorations. She's alive!

And there is no need to endlessly remove the needles, and the main thing is to throw out the bald plant at the end of the holidays. After all, Araucaria is a holiday in itself, which with normal care is always with us!

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