How To Protect A Site From Snakes

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How To Protect A Site From Snakes
How To Protect A Site From Snakes

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We often hear from the owners of country houses and summer residents about unpleasant encounters with snakes. And these meetings take place not only during walks in the fields and forests, but also directly on their own fenced area. Agree, there is little pleasant if you have to move around the yard or garden with caution, carefully examining what is under your feet. And although not all snakes are poisonous, no one wants to coexist with them, especially people who are panicky afraid of reptiles. Not everyone understands how to get rid of uninvited guests - it is impossible to kill snakes, and not everyone is capable of this, but there is a way out, and bloodless. About what kind of snakes can be found in suburban areas and how to carefully and humanely discourage these guests - we will tell in this article.

How to protect a site from snakes
How to protect a site from snakes

What snakes can be found on your site

At first glance, it may seem that snakes have recently bred in large numbers and are already found where they have never been before. But after all, we were not there before where we live now. Dacha and residential settlements occupy more and more territories, reclaiming land for construction from fields and forests and displacing the indigenous population - animals, rodents, reptiles and many, many others. Therefore, meetings with snakes, especially in new settlements, until all plots are built up and the improvement of the territory is completed, of course, there will be. But are they as dangerous as people think?

Let's start with the fact that in the vastness of our country there are not so many poisonous snakes as in other heavenly corners of the planet. The most common of our poisonous is the viper. In the central part of Russia, Nikolsky's viper lives, it is also the most poisonous. It is impossible to distinguish it from the usual one, since there are no external differences, only the chemical composition of the poison differs. In the south of Siberia, the Far East, the Southern Urals and some southern regions, you can find common and steppe vipers, in the Caucasus, which is surprising - the Caucasian. The steppe viper is the least dangerous, as the owner of the weakest poison, although other species usually do not pose a mortal danger to an adult. But for a small child or a person with an allergic reaction, a viper bite can end dramatically. The consequences of a snake bite in the neck will also be sad,head or torso, and in such cases, the sooner medical assistance is provided to the victim, the better.

Residents of the Moscow region, Tver, Yaroslavl, Novgorod and Pskov regions often complain about viper bites. The victims note that snakes are no longer afraid of people and calmly crawl around the sites. In general, we do not keep statistics on snake bites, since snakes are not carriers of infection.

The appearance of vipers is very diverse and this is expressed in the color scale of scales from light gray to black and in the color of patterns, where you can see blue, purple, and crimson, and orange. Many vipers are an extraordinary rarity and are listed in the Red Book, therefore (and not only therefore) they cannot be killed.

An ordinary snake is difficult to confuse with any snake because of the yellow spots on the head - a kind of ears. The water one differs from the ordinary one by the absence of yellow spots, and the dark color of the scales and the ornament on the back make it look like a viper. But the similarity is only external - the water one, like other snakes, is not poisonous. Snakes are widespread almost throughout the entire territory of our country, with the exception of the Far North. They are not aggressive and do not pose any danger to a person, since they themselves in every possible way avoid meeting people. Their bites, if such a thing happened, are harmless.

The largest snake, it is also the most aggressive - the Caspian, or yellow-bellied snake. This two-meter-tall handsome man with a dark back and a light yellow to orange belly can attack a person and bite. However, his bite, although unpleasant, is not terrible, since the snake is not poisonous.

On the territory of Russia from the Volga to the Primorsky Territory, another poisonous predator lives - the shitomordnik. The bite of this snake is especially dangerous for small children, and for pets, even as large as horses, the dose of poison is often fatal.

Whatever it was, nobody wants to figure out whether a snake bite is fatal or not, so it is necessary to take measures to protect your site from reptiles.

"Snake Eco" - snake repeller

Snake® ECO - Balls for repelling snakes
Snake® ECO - Balls for repelling snakes

“… And again snakes, snakes all around, be empty for them…”, but we don't have mongooses, they didn't bring it. However, there is a reliable remedy that bloodlessly rid the territory of unpleasant guests. It is impossible to kill snakes not only because some of them are included in the Red Book. And, of course, not because, as the popular rumor goes, you kill the snake, its relatives will come up and take revenge. It is a myth! But what snakes are really useful for is the fight against rodents. Mice and others like them sometimes pose a serious threat both as carriers of dangerous diseases, and as destroyers of our food. By feeding on mice, snakes contain the growth of rodent populations and provide us with significant help. Therefore, the best way to scare away snakes from the site is to scare away, and the best scarer is "Zmeed Eco" from the "August" company.This product, safe for people and the environment, scares away snakes in an environmentally friendly way, therefore it is included in the ECO series of the "World without pests" line. In spring, snakes come out of hibernation and begin to show activity, so taking measures to protect their possessions is also best in spring.

Features of the drug use

"Zmeed Eco" is produced in the form of balls impregnated with a unique combination of essential oils with a repelling odor. These oils are absolutely safe for people, pets and the environment. 100% natural composition of the preparation for the whole season will provide a repellent protective effect against snakes, after which it will disappear, since the product is completely biodegradable.

It is easy to use Zmeed Eco:

  1. If snakes have already appeared on the site, the balls are laid out on the soil about a meter apart.
  2. If there is a risk of snakes appearing, a protective barrier is created around the site, spreading the balls around the perimeter at a distance of 50 cm from each other.

At the beginning of each season, it is necessary to update the protective strip to prevent the appearance of snakes on the site.

In order for the drug to be as effective as possible, it is necessary to put things in order on the site. All sorts of heaps of debris and leftover building materials can attract snakes and serve as their shelter, so you need to get rid of the trash. There should also be no high thickets of weeds - this is simply dangerous, because in such bushes the snake is not visible and you can easily step on it and get a bite in return.

Using "Zmeed Eco", you need to observe basic safety and hygiene measures: do not contact the skin and mucous membranes, and wash your hands with soap and water after work. It is necessary to store the drug out of the reach of children and separately from food and medicines.

Dear Readers! If snakes come to visit you, do not be frightened or hunt them. Arm yourself with the proven "Zmeed Eco" remedy from a reliable manufacturer - the "August" company, and the snakes will leave your possessions quietly and for a long time.

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