Recipes For Red And White Currants. Juice, Syrup, Jelly. A Photo

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Recipes For Red And White Currants. Juice, Syrup, Jelly. A Photo
Recipes For Red And White Currants. Juice, Syrup, Jelly. A Photo

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Berries of red and white currants contain from 4 to 11% sugar, 2-3.8% organic acids, 25 to 50 mg% vitamin C, 0.04-0.2 mg% carotene, 5-8 mg% iodine, 1, 7-4.4 mg% coumarin and a large amount of pectin substances. Berries can be used both as an independent product and as an excellent raw material for homemade preparations: syrups, juices, jellies.

Red currant juice
Red currant juice


  • Red and white currant juice
  • Red and white currant syrup
  • Red and white currant jelly
  • Boiled red and white currant jelly

Red and white currant juice

The juice of red and white currants well quenches thirst, improves appetite, activates the intestines, has a diaphoretic effect and promotes the release of uric acid salts.

It is not difficult to extract it from currant berries. For this, you can use an electric or screw juicer, a juicer, or simply squeeze the berries by hand in a nylon bag after blanching, and if there are a lot of berries - on a mechanical screw press.

Currant juice is preserved by hot filling or pasteurization. In the first case, it is heated in an enamel bowl to 85-90 ° C and poured into sterilized hot bottles, in the second, it is poured into bottles and heated at the same temperature. The pasteurization time depends on the volume, for example, in half-liter bottles - 8-10 minutes. In both cases, the bottles are then hermetically sealed.

Natural currant juice without sugar is very sour. They acidify dishes, use it as a semi-finished product for making homemade drinks, and also instead of vinegar when preserving fruits, berries and vegetables.

Red and white currant syrup

Aromatic and very good for the preparation of soft drinks syrup from red and especially from white and pink currants.

Natural juice is mixed with sugar (1 liter of juice is 1300 g of sugar), heated to 90 ° C and sugar is completely dissolved, then poured into sterilized hot bottles and hermetically sealed.

Currant juice with sugar is prepared as follows. 100 g of boiling 45% sugar syrup are poured into sterile hot bottles, immediately topped up with hot (90 ° C) natural juice to the upper edge of the neck and hermetically sealed with rubber caps.

Red currant jelly
Red currant jelly

Red and white currant jelly

To make jelly, take freshly squeezed natural juice of slightly unripe berries of red or white currants, mix with sugar (1200 g of sugar for 1 liter of juice) and pack in small sterile dry jars.

Put a circle of parchment dipped in vodka on the jelly, and seal the jar with any plastic lids. Store jars in a cool place, protecting them from shock, especially the first day or two.

Currant jelly will turn out to be dense and especially tasty and aromatic if cooked with fruit sugar (for a glass of juice - a glass of fruit sugar). In juices with fruit sugar, the taste and aroma are more pronounced.

Boiled red and white currant jelly

You cannot cook boiled jelly with fruit sugar, that is, boiled, semi-hard currant juice with sugar, since fructose melts already at 102-105 ° C, forming crystals.

In general, boiled jelly is a very persistent product. It can be used both independently and for decorating cakes.

To prepare it, they take the juice of slightly unripe currant berries, boil it in a shallow bowl, gradually adding a half dose (400 g) of sugar, and the other half (another 400 g) is introduced in small portions before the end of cooking.

The readiness of the jelly is determined by the boiling point (107-108 ° C) or by eye. To do this, run a wooden spoon along the bottom, if the jelly is ready, a path remains. Jelly is packaged in sterile small jars heated over gas or in the oven. After standing for 8-10 hours, they are sealed with ordinary plastic lids.

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