The Best Pickled Tomatoes. Step-by-step Recipe With Photo

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The Best Pickled Tomatoes. Step-by-step Recipe With Photo
The Best Pickled Tomatoes. Step-by-step Recipe With Photo

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There are endless pickled tomato recipes. These recipes are passed down from generation to generation, adopted from friends or neighbors. Many families keep pickled tomato recipes inherited from grandmothers. There are also a huge variety of cooking tricks, and you just have to choose which recipe, which proportions of spices are right for you and your homemade ones will like the most.

I myself really love pickled tomatoes. Often, when I come to visit for a traditional feast, I look around the table in search of my favorite snack. If there are tomatoes on the table, then you can be sure that I will definitely try them. And if you like the appetizer, I will definitely try to learn the intricacies of cooking. So this little masterpiece appeared among the recipes of my family. Geographically, this recipe came from the Oryol region, and I thank my friend who brought it, having written it down in his family. For the past few years, we have been preparing pickled tomatoes only according to this recipe.

Ingredients for making pickled tomatoes
Ingredients for making pickled tomatoes

Distinctive features of the recipe: a small amount of vinegar (it is practically not felt) and vegetable oil added to tomatoes. As a result, the tomatoes are very delicate in taste, the brine is very fragrant, since vinegar does not kill all the aromas of spices. These tomatoes do not creep, they keep their shape and size well. I highly recommend making several cans of this recipe and I'm sure you and your family will love these tomatoes.

I will add that the recipe is based on a three-liter can, but for the photos we chose one-liter cans. Do not be confused by this.

You will also need your regular inventory
You will also need your regular inventory

For a three-liter jar you will need:

  • 2kg tomatoes
  • 1 tbsp. a spoonful of tablespoon 9% vinegar
  • 1 tbsp. a spoonful of vegetable oil
  • 6 tbsp. tablespoons of sugar
  • 2 tbsp. tablespoons of salt
  • dill umbrella
  • horseradish leaf
  • 5-7 cloves of garlic
  • sprig of parsley
  • a few peas of black pepper
  • Bay leaf

Method for preparing pickled tomatoes

  1. At the bottom of the washed cans, put a horseradish leaf and a dill umbrella.
  2. Wash the tomatoes thoroughly and tear off the stalk. You do not need to pierce them, since we will not fill them with boiling water, but with warm brine.
  3. Fill the jars with tomatoes.
  4. Put a few cloves of garlic, a sprig of parsley with the tomatoes.

The set of spices may vary. For tomatoes, the following are also suitable: tarragon, dill, currant and cherry leaves, bitter red pepper and others. I only add dill (umbrella), garlic, parsley.

Line the bottom with herbs, lay the tomatoes tightly
Line the bottom with herbs, lay the tomatoes tightly

Brine preparation

A three-liter jar requires approximately 1.5 liters of brine.

  1. Add 6 tablespoons of sugar, 2 tablespoons of salt, bay leaf, peppercorns (5-7 pcs.) To 1.5 liters of water.
  2. Bring the brine to a boil, then turn it off and let it cool. We will pour warm brine into the jars so that the tomatoes do not burst.

Pour the tomatoes

  1. Pour 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil, 1 tablespoon of 9% vinegar into the jar to the tomatoes.
  2. Fill the tomatoes with brine to the very top.
  3. Banks are pasteurized in a water bath for 15-20 minutes.
  4. We roll up the cans with lids. Turn over and wrap as usual for a day.

That's all.

Please write in the comments what recipes are cooked in your family. Perhaps the recipe for "The Best Pickled Tomatoes" belongs to you?

Pickled tomatoes are ready
Pickled tomatoes are ready

A few tips

  • For pickling, you should choose only good, undamaged, strong tomatoes of the same variety and size.
  • Large and fleshy tomatoes are best pickled by cutting.
  • For decoration, you can add green bell pepper, onion rings to the jar.

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