5 Most Spectacular Indoor Plants With Large Leaves. Alokazia, Afelandra, Medinilla, Monstera, Platiterium. Home Care. Photo

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5 Most Spectacular Indoor Plants With Large Leaves. Alokazia, Afelandra, Medinilla, Monstera, Platiterium. Home Care. Photo
5 Most Spectacular Indoor Plants With Large Leaves. Alokazia, Afelandra, Medinilla, Monstera, Platiterium. Home Care. Photo

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Indoor plants with beautiful leaves have always been ranked among the gardening favorites. Not everyone can afford to take care of blooming stars, but the number of decorative deciduous species is becoming so great that everyone will find a suitable option for themselves. And by budget, and by taste, and by size, and by the degree of their endurance. Houseplants with large leaves have always occupied a special place in interiors, and in the hearts of flower growers. And often it is not the sizes that are their main "trump card".

5 most spectacular indoor plants with large leaves
5 most spectacular indoor plants with large leaves

Large-leaved stars are a special group of indoor plants

Large foliage has always been considered one of the most advantageous traits for indoor plants. Such cultures are always the first to attract attention on the shelves and are often used by professional designers for a reason. Large-leaved plants bring orderliness to interiors, positively affect the perception of space even in small rooms, and compensate for any chaos and disorder.

They are the ideal choice when you need a bright, catchy accent, and if you need to distract attention from the flaws of the interior. The large size of the leaves enhances the impact on the room environment, as if making the plant more strict and neat.

Among lovers of indoor plants with the largest leaves, there will certainly be many fans of palm trees. Huge fronds of all representatives of this family attract not only with their gigantic size, but also with the beauty of lines, silhouette, durability, shade of color and unique character. Indoor palms are not always giants, but their leaves are almost always unimaginably large. Fikusy and Co. are also the first handsome men on the list of large-leaved stars.

Large hard leaves are the dignity of almost all indoor orchids with the status of popular and unpretentious species. The huge tongue-shaped leaves of Phalaenopsis adorn plants no less than its unique flowering. Orchid greens are often underestimated, but they certainly remain prominent and showy.

Still, not palm trees or orchids are associated with the best large-leaved indoor stars, but plants with a completely different character. Herbaceous stars and original indoor lianas are the main contenders for the title of the most spectacular plants with large leaves. If the leaves of palms or orchids are not always the most important thing in their "image", then in herbaceous plants of the decorative-deciduous group, it is the leaves that are both the main pride and the most attractive feature.

The assortment of plants with leaves that are not only large, but also spectacular seems to be astounding today. New varieties and types of crops that have fallen in love in the last century or their modern novelties on the market make the choice of only one single candidate for a place in the house a difficult task.

Favorite spathiphyllums and anthuriums, luxurious eucharises, unique calatheas, bright ficuses and classic monsters - these are just a few names from among the large-leaved stars.

Among the large-leaved houseplants, the main favorites are:

  • the inimitable leaves of the most bizarre of the indoor ferns, the Platycerium, is a spectacle that will impress everyone and always (like any fern, the Platycerium leaves are very large, but their bizarre shape makes this effect even more attractive);
  • classic, veined leaves of unpretentious shade-tolerant spathiphyllums and zantedesky;
  • the leaves of aspidistra decorated with luxurious specks and even more spotted leaves of non-dwarf Dieffenbachia varieties;
  • huge bizarre banana leaves, including Abyssinian;
  • palmate giant leaves of Japanese fatsia and even larger fancifully dissected leaves of the tree philodendron;
  • magnificent patterned varieties of large-leaved decorative begonias;
  • the patterns resembling bird feathers, velvet, completely oval leaves of kalata and arrowroot unfolding from tubes;
  • huge velvet leaves of sinningia;
  • large for a very compact plant, with bright veins, leaves of a flowering aphelandra;
  • complex leaves of zamiokulkas more like twigs;
  • resembling maple in shape, dazzlingly bright light green in color, often underestimated leaves of the indoor maple abutilon and no less expressive foliage of sparmania;
  • inimitable shiny heart-shaped leaves of flowering anthuriums and huge leaves of crystal anthurium with precious patterns;
  • large leaves of precious orchids, patterns on which look like gems;
  • wrinkled and shiny, ideally contrasting with the luxurious clusters of inflorescences, the leaves of the crossandra funnel-shaped and jacobinia corporal;
  • the inimitable bright bracts of the poinsettia Christmas star;
  • bizarre and tough, oval-lingual leaves of the elephant ear of the hemantus;
  • classic matte greens of Chilean jasmine - loose mandevilla;
  • huge leaves like a tropical miracle medinilla magnificent;
  • carved, inimitably catchy leaves with perfect lines, which are the main pride of all alocasia;
  • traditional giant leaves of rubber ficus, etc.

Let's take a closer look at the five most spectacular large-leaved indoor plants. Catchy, flamboyant, austere or extravagant, they will seem like real stars when their talents are used correctly.

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