"Pochkorost" - A Unique Growth Regulator For Indoor Plants

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"Pochkorost" - A Unique Growth Regulator For Indoor Plants
"Pochkorost" - A Unique Growth Regulator For Indoor Plants

Flowers in the house are an amazing source of positive emotions and an ideal tool for improving the interior. With the help of well-chosen plants, even the most dull room can be turned into a cute, cozy room. True, for this you need to provide them with proper conditions and care. How to achieve lush flowering without any extra efforts, stimulate the growth of shoots and facilitate the reproduction of indoor plants, we will tell in this article.

"Pochkorost" - a unique growth regulator for indoor plants
"Pochkorost" - a unique growth regulator for indoor plants

What are our houseplants missing?

It is no secret that only healthy plants can please: flowering plants with timely and abundant flowering, and decorative deciduous plants with healthy, saturated flowers and leaves. In order for everything to be exactly like that, proper care of flowers is necessary - competent planting, a good location, timely watering and feeding. And it would seem that everything is simple - follow the care recommendations and you will be happy! But, unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Many indoor plants are very sensitive to temperature changes. Others - to the humidity of the air, others - to a change in lighting … Sometimes the slightest discrepancy to their needs leads to problems of flowering and general development.

The situations are different. Not always even experienced flower growers can determine what the plant lacks, and what can we say about beginners!

Surely, in your collection there is a plant about which you can say something like this: “Well, what else does he need? All conditions have been created for him, but no, he does not want to bloom! " Or another problem related to both flowering and ornamental plants: there are few shoots and they grow unevenly - it is dense here, it is empty there. In this case, the entire plant looks frail and elongated, and sometimes skewed to one side.

In such cases, questions arise - how to cause flowering, awaken dormant buds and make new shoots grow?

Pochkorost is not just a growth regulator

Pochkorost is more than just a growth regulator
Pochkorost is more than just a growth regulator

To help flower growers in caring for "problem" indoor plants, the company "August" offers to use an effective tool - "Pochkorost". This growth stimulator for indoor plants is presented in the form of cytokinin paste, the main active ingredient of which is b-benzylaminopurine.

"Pochkorost" compares favorably with many other growth stimulants in that when growing various indoor flowers it solves different problems:

  • In orchids, it will help to awaken dormant buds and increase the number of peduncles;
  • Dracaena, lemons and other ornamental plants will give an impetus to the emergence of new shoots, which will lead to branching and the transformation of a weakened plant into a powerful bush;
  • Violets and Saintpaulias - will give a lush bloom;
  • In bulbous and corms, it stimulates the awakening of dormant buds and the appearance of "babies", which is especially important when breeding rare varieties.

How to use "Pochkorost"

For the drug to be as effective as possible, it must be used correctly. To work with orchids, the agent is applied in a thin layer on a sleeping kidney, using a special applicator - an elongated nose of a polymer tube. For better penetration of the drug, a thin layer of the epidermis is preliminarily removed from the treated surface. This can be done with a disinfected knife or blade. One kidney will require 1.5-2 mg of "Pochkorost" and only one treatment.

Awakening dormant buds and stimulating the formation of shoots in ornamental plants is carried out in the same way, but two treatments are required at an interval of 10 days.

To stimulate the flowering of violets, the drug is applied in a thin layer to the place where the bracts are attached to the peduncle. Just as in the first case, a thin layer of skin is preliminarily removed from the treated area. One peduncle will require 1.5 - 2 mg of the product and only one treatment.

To awaken dormant buds and the appearance of offspring in bulbous plants, the drug is applied in a thin layer on the bottom of the bulb. A thin layer of epidermis is first removed from the bottom and Pochkorost is applied with a special applicator. For one onion, 2 mg of the product and one treatment are enough.

Pochkorost is profitable and effective

Low price and very economical consumption - "Pochkorost" is produced in tubes of 1.5 g (the required amount for a single treatment is about 10 times less) - make the drug a profitable and affordable tool for everyone. In addition, the drug has a rather long shelf life - 2 years, during which it does not lose its effectiveness.

Dear florists, grow flowers for your pleasure and for the joy of others! And if something does not work out, you will certainly be helped by the growth regulator from the company "August", the drug "Pochkorost". Try it and make sure that nothing is impossible!

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