We Grow Peanuts In The Garden. How To Grow Peanuts In The Middle Lane. Photo

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We Grow Peanuts In The Garden. How To Grow Peanuts In The Middle Lane. Photo
We Grow Peanuts In The Garden. How To Grow Peanuts In The Middle Lane. Photo

Video: We Grow Peanuts In The Garden. How To Grow Peanuts In The Middle Lane. Photo

Video: We Grow Peanuts In The Garden. How To Grow Peanuts In The Middle Lane. Photo
Video: How to grow Peanuts in your home garden 2023, April

Many gardeners want to grow unusual vegetables or fruits in their beds. The desire of an enthusiastic gardener to receive harvests of exotic fruits is understandable, the main thing is that the process brings moral satisfaction. Peanuts are still a rather rare crop for many regions of Russia. But growing it is not that difficult. Then why not try? This article is all about peanut farming techniques.

Harvesting peanuts
Harvesting peanuts


  • A little about peanuts
  • Features of growing peanuts
  • Valuable properties of peanuts

A little about peanuts

Peanuts are thermophilic crops, therefore they are widespread in subtropical latitudes. The homeland of the plant is South America. From there, peanuts were brought to the West Indies, and then spread to European countries.

The largest peanut plantations can be found in South America. There, nature has created the most favorable conditions for the comfortable growth of this plant. Recently, however, gardeners have increasingly grown crops in temperate latitudes.

Peanuts belong to the legume family, but unlike other crops, their fruits form and grow underground. The annual plant forms a small shrub with branched stems. Its leaves are paired, the flowers are small with a yellow color.

Features of growing peanuts

Peanuts, like other legumes, are easy to grow. The plant develops well at temperatures above + 20 ° C. But if the air temperature drops below + 15 ° C, plant growth stops. Therefore, in cool weather, it is advisable to cover peanuts with foil.

Planting can be done as soon as the soil temperature exceeds + 15 ° C. To increase the yield of the crop, seeds are planted in April in cups to a depth of 3-4 cm (pre-soaking), and then transplanted into open ground.

Peanut seedlings
Peanut seedlings

Planting pattern - 50-60 cm between rows, 15-20 cm - between plants in a row.

Therefore, in a day, peanut flowers must have time to pollinate. As a rule, the plant blooms in late June. At the end of pollination, the peanut ovaries are buried in the ground, where future fruits ripen.

After lowering the stalk into the ground, the bushes must be earthed, like a potato.

When the peanuts begin to bloom and during their flowering period, the plant needs to be watered. After flowering ceases, watering should be done only during prolonged droughts.

The first sunrises of peanuts must be protected from bird attacks. Birds can completely destroy peanut crops.

During the growing season, gardeners do not face plant disease problems. When the peanuts begin to dry, the leaves and stem turn yellow, it means that the nuts can be dug up and harvested.

As a rule, we harvest peanuts in the second half of September. It is dug up, gently shaken off the ground, and placed in a dry place. Next, the plant is dried along with the bush. After 10 days, the fruits can be separated in the peanuts.

Peanuts in shell
Peanuts in shell

Valuable properties of peanuts

Peanuts are valuable nutritious foods. It contains sugar, carbohydrates, protein in large quantities, high-quality fats and vitamins and minerals necessary for the human body.

Not so long ago in the United States, a study was conducted that showed that peanuts contain a large amount of antioxidants that prevent the development of heart and vascular diseases. The use of peanuts is the prevention of the development of atherosclerosis, malignant tumors and a delay in the processes of premature aging. And also its fruits contain vitamins E, B and linoleic acid, which has an anti-sclerotic effect.

For peanuts, it is better to choose sunny places with fertile soil. Southern culture enriches the land and gives health to the owners of the site. Try to grow peanuts in your garden and, be sure, share your experience with us in the comments to the article or on our Forum.

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