"Smart" Greenhouse, Or How To Make The Greenhouse As Autonomous As Possible?

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"Smart" Greenhouse, Or How To Make The Greenhouse As Autonomous As Possible?
"Smart" Greenhouse, Or How To Make The Greenhouse As Autonomous As Possible?

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Growing vegetables in the risky open field farming area is understandably risky. A greenhouse on the site helps to keep these risks to a minimum. Another thing is that without regular maintenance - first of all, watering and airing - vegetables in a greenhouse will die much faster than in open ground. This feature complicates the cultivation of vegetables in greenhouses by summer residents who can come to the site only for the weekend. Does that mean they'd better give up the greenhouse? No! After all, a greenhouse can be made "smart" - it can be provided with autonomous irrigation and ventilation systems. We will tell you about all the advantages of growing vegetables in an "independent" greenhouse in the article.

How to make the greenhouse as autonomous as possible?
How to make the greenhouse as autonomous as possible?

How does a greenhouse work?

At its core, a greenhouse is a closed plant growing area with transparent walls and a roof to maximize sunlight capture. And the principle of its operation is very simple.

With the arrival of spring, the sun's rays illuminate more and more our plots and, accordingly, greenhouses. The ground in greenhouses warms up much faster than open ground and air. The warm ground also heats up the air in the greenhouse as a result of heat exchange. It cannot "pierce" the walls and roof of the greenhouse and go outside, therefore it accumulates in the room, creating the same greenhouse effect. And we have the opportunity to plant heat-loving plants in the greenhouse a month and a half earlier than in open ground.

But that's not all. Proper greenhouse operation has many benefits. This is at least:

  • protection of plants from spring and autumn frosts, from any temperature fluctuations;
  • creating an optimal microclimate for plant development;
  • in cold regions - the cultivation of heat-loving plants;
  • extension of the harvest time;
  • protection of plants and fruits from rain, hail, strong wind;
  • if a heating system and additional lighting are provided, then plants can be grown in the greenhouse even in winter.

Humidity and air temperature in the greenhouse

Optimal humidity and maintaining the optimum air temperature are the main conditions for successful plant growth in a greenhouse. If the humidity is too high, it will provoke the development of fungal infections, due to which the plants, and then the fruits, will be affected by diseases. And if the temperature is too high, then the greenhouse plants will simply burn out. To maintain optimal humidity and temperature in the greenhouse, it must be regularly ventilated. And with this, many summer residents have a problem.

Not all gardeners live in their dacha all season, and you need to open the windows or doors on time. And if it is hot during the day and frosts are promised at night, then who will open the greenhouse doors in the morning and close the doors of the greenhouse at dusk?

Today this problem can be easily solved thanks to the modern system of automatic opening and closing of DusyaSan vents, which has already been appreciated by many summer residents. Moreover, even if you do not have a fashionable greenhouse with a domed window, but an ordinary greenhouse with a window, you can install this device on this very window. The effect will be the same!

How does the DusyaSan airing machine work?

Greenhouse ventilation machine DusyaSan
Greenhouse ventilation machine DusyaSan

The DusyaSan airing kit includes very few parts that any summer resident can assemble and install on the greenhouse window. It:

  • cylinder, its holder, drain and pusher;
  • stop latch;
  • levers;
  • corners of attachment to the frame and window;
  • fastening bracket;
  • cotter pin.

The cylinder filled with special oil reacts to temperature readings. At high air temperatures, the oil expands, pushing the piston, which automatically opens the window. When the outside air temperature drops, the oil in the cylinder is compressed, the piston returns to its original position, and the window closes.

The DusyaSan automatic ventilation system can be used at temperatures up to +50 ° C. Before installation, you need to make sure that the greenhouse window opens without problems, so that no mechanical obstacles prevent the machine from performing its work.

For the winter, the DusyaSan automatic ventilation system must be removed from the greenhouse window and stored indoors until the next season.

Organization of watering in the greenhouse

Watering is vital to growing vegetables in a greenhouse. If plants in open ground can count on a portion of moisture in the form of precipitation, then protected ones can only count on watering. At the same time, plants in the greenhouse should not be watered with cold water from a well or well. Therefore, thoughtful summer residents install a barrel inside the greenhouse for irrigation, where the water settles and heats up naturally. Of course, pouring directly from the barrel will not work; you need, at least, a watering can with a convenient nozzle.

But manual watering is a troublesome business, it requires both time and physical effort. And, again, only summer residents who live on the site constantly in the summer can water their plants in a timely manner. And, for example, during the fruiting period of cucumbers, these crops need to be watered every day or every other day, otherwise the fruits will become bitter. Weekend gardeners have problems with this.

Automatic drip irrigation AquaDusya
Automatic drip irrigation AquaDusya

There is a way out too! In the greenhouse, drip irrigation can be easily organized. To do this, even before planting plants, you just need to put hoses with droppers of the AquaDusya drip irrigation system on the ridges. When planting a plant, a dropper is inserted next to it. As a result, moisture will flow directly under the root of the planted crops, and all the weeds in the greenhouse will remain dry and dry.

Drip irrigation hoses "AquaDusya" are connected to the barrel tap. It is enough to open it, and the heated water will begin to address, in small portions, to each seedling, and in 40-60 minutes it will wet the soil to the optimal depth.

You can open the tap yourself, or you can entrust this simple matter to an automatic irrigation system. Moreover, this does not even require electricity. The device is powered by conventional finger-type batteries, which are enough for the entire summer season. The summer resident is only required to set the necessary parameters, indicating on what days and for how long the drip irrigation will be carried out, and the smart system of drip irrigation "AquaDusya" will start the process without his participation.

It is also convenient that, unlike some other autowatering, it is enough to raise the barrel for AquaDusi from the ground to a height of only 20 cm, placing it on bricks, for example. Whereas for many other automatic irrigation systems, it is required to raise the barrel by 1.5 m, building a global "pedestal". But at this height, it will not fit in every greenhouse!

In autumn, the "AquaDusya" drip irrigation system is washed, dried and removed until the next season. And you don't even need to disassemble it.

Weeding or mulching?

Plant maintenance in the greenhouse can be greatly facilitated by abandoning traditional weeding in favor of mulching the soil. For this, you can use black non-woven fabric or black dense film. Round holes are made in them for future plants. Then this mulching material is placed on the hoses from the drip irrigation system laid out on the beds. A plant is planted in each hole.

The mulch cover protects against the formation of soil crust and weeds rampage, retains moisture in the soil for a long time. Therefore, one large drip barrel will last for a long time. By the way, you can add liquid fertilizers here, then the automation itself will also feed the plants at the right time.

Dear Readers! Growing plants in a greenhouse has many benefits. And all the hassle of caring for plants can be greatly facilitated using automatic ventilation and watering systems. Allow yourself a large harvest with minimal physical costs. Have a nice summer and good decisions!

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