5 Varieties Of Fruit Cherry Tomatoes - The Sweetest And Brightest. Description, Photo

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5 Varieties Of Fruit Cherry Tomatoes - The Sweetest And Brightest. Description, Photo
5 Varieties Of Fruit Cherry Tomatoes - The Sweetest And Brightest. Description, Photo

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Cherry tomatoes differ from their large counterparts not only in the small size of the berries collected in neat brushes. Many varieties of cherry are characterized by a unique sweet taste, which is significantly different from the classic tomato. Anyone who has never tasted such cherry tomatoes with closed eyes may well decide that they are tasting some unusual exotic fruits. In this article, I will highlight five different cherry tomatoes that have the sweetest and most unusual colors.

5 varieties of fruit cherry tomatoes - the sweetest and brightest
5 varieties of fruit cherry tomatoes - the sweetest and brightest

It has been noticed that fruity notes are more common in variegated cherry varieties. But small tomatoes with red fruits often have a more classic taste - "tomato".

Thus, fruit cherries kill two birds with one stone: they delight the eye and delight the taste. Of course, I am not calling to replace all the usual tomatoes with sweet "berries". But, in my opinion, on the site you need to have both ordinary large tomatoes with the usual taste, and exotic fruit ones. Especially if the family has children.

Among other advantages, "fruit" cherry trees show great resistance to sunburn, practically do not crack, hold well on the bush and do not deteriorate for a long time during storage. Starting with one variety, which made the best impression on our family, we have collected a whole collection of “fruit” cherry varieties, which we must plant every year.

1. Cherry tomato "Variegated date"

Tomato series "Date" is presented in several varieties. But, in my opinion, it is the “Pied Date” that deserves the most attention. The fruit of this variety is elongated with a small pointed nose. The color of the tomatoes is very unusual: rich orange-red with dark green and light orange longitudinal stripes, chaotically scattered over the surface of the fruit.

Cherry tomato "Variegated date"
Cherry tomato "Variegated date"

The skin is not rough, but the fruits are quite elastic, since a rather dense pulp is hidden inside. Due to its similar consistency, "Variegated Date" can withstand transportation and store well.

But the main advantage of the variety is still not an exotic appearance, but an amazing and unlikely taste. Ripe fruits are very sweet, like candy, and have pronounced fruity notes. You want to eat this tomato directly from the bush, and it can be really hard to tear yourself away from it.

The brushes of this variety are long, consisting on average of 8-20 small tomatoes weighing 20 grams, as a rule, they are even, beautiful, regular shape. The yield of these tomatoes is very high.

By the nature of its growth the bush of "Variegated Date" is indeterminate, therefore it is better to form it into one stem and regularly remove stepsons. Ripening period is average. In our family, this variety is the most beloved and obligatory for planting every season. In my opinion, the taste of the "Variegated Date" can be considered a reference for all "fruit" cherry tomatoes.

2. Cherry tomato "Bumblebee"

A very original series of colorful cherry tomatoes of the western selection " Bumble Bee" will undoubtedly cause admiration for its inimitable beauty and excellent taste. Most likely, this variety-series received such a funny name due to the similarity of the "plump" rounded striped fruits with these businesslike insects. In the Bumblebee series, you can find three different tomatoes, differing in color and flavor nuances. But they all grow very tall and need a garter and shaping.

Cherry Tomatoes "Purple Bumble Bee"
Cherry Tomatoes "Purple Bumble Bee"

Cherry Tomatoes "Purple Bumblebee"

On the bushes of this variety, dark red, almost brown fruits are tied, covered with thin dark green stripes. From afar, such tomatoes may seem burgundy, but close up, their original pattern becomes very distinguishable.

The berries have a rounded, slightly flattened shape, making them look plump and appetizing. The pulp is dense and sugary. A very pleasant fruity taste can be described as "multifaceted", since it resembles different fruits, and at the same time, does not look like any one. Fruits with a dense skin are resistant to cracking and do not fall off the bush. The variety belongs to the mid-early.

Cherry tomato "Morning Bumblebee" (Sunrise Bumblebee)
Cherry tomato "Morning Bumblebee" (Sunrise Bumblebee)

Cherry tomato "Morning Bumblebee"

Differs in an elongated shape of the fruit, and some of them are obtained with a small nose. This variety has an unusually beautiful sunny color: thin orange-red stripes are located on a bright yellow background. Moreover, red marks can be found not only on the skin, but also inside the fruit, which makes it indispensable for decorating a festive table.

In my opinion, “Morning Bumblebee” is less sweet than the inimitable “Variegated Date”, but it surpasses it in the beauty of “cheerful” tomatoes. The plant bears fruit abundantly until frost. Indeterminate bush up to 1.5 meters high in open ground, and up to two meters in a greenhouse.

Cherry tomato "Forest blue bumblebee" (Bosque Blue Bumblebee)
Cherry tomato "Forest blue bumblebee" (Bosque Blue Bumblebee)

Cherry tomato "Forest blue bumblebee"

A rare attractive tomato of bright yellow color with dark blue "shoulders". Unlike the other two Bumblebee species, it is not striped, but has a dark spot on the top of the fruit. As it grows, the dark pattern takes on an increasingly saturated purple color. Moreover, the more sun each tomato receives, the darker its color becomes.

"Forest Blue Bumblebee" is a small salad-type tomato. It is larger in size than the average cherry tomato, so it is more likely to be a cocktail tomato. This variety has a juicy texture and a mild sweet and sour taste that is sometimes described as “citrusy”.

Forest Blue Bumblebee tomatoes are high in anthocyanins, natural antioxidants that are responsible for blue-violet pigmentation and are claimed to be effective in treating many diseases, according to some sources. In addition, these tomatoes contain high levels of vitamins A, B, C and lycopene, another antioxidant that doctors believe may also be used in the prevention of certain types of cancer.

Forest Blue Bumblebee Cherries are great for fresh snacks, and their unusual appearance makes original tomatoes an excellent addition to salads.

3. Cherry tomato "Green grapes"

Without doubt one of the most unique varieties of cherry tomatoes, the color of which remains green even when fully ripe. The average brush consists of 6-12 berries. The taste of this variety is also very far from the usual tomato and has a fruity aftertaste and pleasant aroma. Its flesh is tender and sweet.

Cherry tomato "Green Grape"
Cherry tomato "Green Grape"

Gardeners who want to plant this variety for the first time may have a question, how to distinguish ripe berries from unripe ones? It's actually pretty easy to do. Unripe tomatoes are dark green in color, as they mature, they turn light green with a slight yellowish tint and golden dots. The ripeness of this variety is also easy to determine by touch, since ripe fruits are much softer than unripe ones.

It so happened that under this name, gardeners used two varieties of green-fruited cherry tomatoes. The former form elongated small berries, similar to grapes "Ladies fingers", and the latter, larger ones, have a regular round shape. According to reviews, the former are seriously superior in taste to the latter, however, we have grown only a round variety of tomatoes "Green Grapes" and were very pleased with its taste.

These tomatoes are characterized by high yields and early ripening. The bushes are indeterminate and, on average, reach a height of 1.5 meters. You can form them in 1-2 stems. The exotic look makes green tomatoes an original decoration of the festive table, which will undoubtedly surprise all guests.

"Green grapes" will also look very elegant and pickled in a jar in combination with cherry red and yellow colors. On the bush, ripe tomatoes hold well, do not crumble and practically do not crack.

4. Cherry tomato "Kish-mish orange"

Unlike most "fruit" cherry varieties, this tomato belongs to hybrids, since it is marked (F1). "Kish-mish orange" is one of the varieties of tomatoes of the "Kish-mish" series. In addition to his sales also to be found , "Kish Mish red" and "yellow Kish Mish". But the most delicious and beautiful among them seemed to us exactly orange.

Cherry tomato "Kish-mish orange"
Cherry tomato "Kish-mish orange"

The berries of this hybrid delight with a cheerful, rich orange color and a very sweet taste with a delicate fruity aftertaste. The skin of the berries is thin, but due to the dense pulp, the harvest is good. The brushes of this cherry are uniform and have the correct shape. Depending on the growing conditions, one cluster can contain from 8 to 20 tomatoes weighing 15-23 grams.

When growing cherry, we were faced with the fact that in many varieties it is very difficult to collect ripe clusters entirely, since the upper fruits turned out to be overripe or fell off, while the lower ones did not significantly ripen at the same time. "Kish-mish orange" turned out to be one of the few cherry tomatoes, whose brushes can be safely cut whole, because tomatoes ripen together and the shedding of berries is practically absent.

Thanks to these qualities, the brushes are incredibly bright and beautiful, literally like from advertising pictures. This hybrid, among other things, has an increased resistance to such unpleasant tomato diseases as late blight and tobacco mosaic.

"Kish-mish orange", like most cherry tomatoes, has an indeterminate bush shape and can reach a height of more than two meters, a tomato is formed into one or two stems, it definitely needs a garter to support. In terms of ripening, "Kish-mish orange" is medium early and from the emergence of seedlings to ripening of fruits, on average, it takes about 100 days.

Due to the prevailing orange color, this hybrid is especially rich in beta-carotene, known for its ability to stop premature aging, reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, eye diseases and some other chronic diseases.

According to allergists, orange-colored tomatoes can be safely consumed by people who are allergic to red-fruit varieties. Therefore, the tomato "Kish-mish orange" is a real find for allergy sufferers and nursing mothers.

5. Blue Goldberry cherry tomato

This tomato has a very original purple-yellow fruit set. Purple areas are concentrated mainly in the upper part of the fruit, as well as on the side where the tomatoes are most illuminated by the sun. If the intense lighting is uniform on all sides, then the fruit can turn out to be almost entirely black. But usually less illuminated areas have a yellow-orange color.

Cherry tomato "Blue Goldberry" (Blue Gold Berries)
Cherry tomato "Blue Goldberry" (Blue Gold Berries)

This variety has another interesting color feature; after removing the pedicel, under it you can find an expressive pattern in the form of a flower or a star.

Since even unripe fruits have a rich purple color, the bush of this variety looks incredibly elegant all summer. But at the same time, due to such features, it is not always easy to distinguish ripe berries from unripe ones. Only those tomatoes are ready for harvest, the lower part of which has a slightly orange color, and not yellow.

The taste of these tomatoes is sweet with a slight sourness and vaguely resembles a plum. The weight of one fruit is up to 20 grams. The yield is high, the tomatoes themselves are small - 1.5 centimeters, in a brush there can be from 6 to 15 pieces.

Blue Goldberry cherry is an early variety and the first harvest can be enjoyed within 80 days after sowing. The dense berries are highly resistant to sunburn and cracking. Tomatoes adhere very well to the bushes and do not crumble, and even fully ripe fruits are not always easy to separate from the stalk when picked. This feature turns out to be an additional plus when transporting and storing whole brushes.

The variety is indeterminate (height 1.5-2 meters), the power of the bush is average, it can be formed in 1-2 stems.

Our family liked this variety a little less than other fruit cherries, but the very attractive appearance and high content of such beneficial anthocyanins inherent in all purple tomato varieties make it desirable for annual planting in our beds.

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