To Dream Is A Malicious Weed And A Miracle Cure. Fighting The Snow On The Site. Photo

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To Dream Is A Malicious Weed And A Miracle Cure. Fighting The Snow On The Site. Photo
To Dream Is A Malicious Weed And A Miracle Cure. Fighting The Snow On The Site. Photo

Video: To Dream Is A Malicious Weed And A Miracle Cure. Fighting The Snow On The Site. Photo

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The thickets of dreaminess in the corner of the summer cottage amaze with their love of life. Probably, not everyone thinks about the fact that if the plant is given such vitality by nature itself, then its energy can also serve a person. Indeed, there are legends about the medicinal properties of dreaming among the people. Someone, after familiarizing themselves with its chemical composition and medicinal properties, will not want to destroy such a plant that is beneficial to health. After all, it is better to include it in your "medical" garden. Let's take a closer look at the dullness.

Common runny (Aegopodium podagraria)
Common runny (Aegopodium podagraria)


  • Where does whine grow?
  • How to deal with dullness in the garden and in the garden?
  • The healing properties of dream
  • How to grow a whimper on the "pharmaceutical" garden?

Where does whine grow?

Sleep in the plant system is distinguished in the Umbelliferae family as a separate genus - Sleep (Aegopodium). The most common is the common runny (Aegopodium podagraria L.) Translated from Greek, the Latin name of the plant means "goat's leg": its leaf looks like a goat's hoof.

In Europe and Asia, it is difficult to name a country where you do not encounter moaning. It is widespread in almost all regions of Russia and the CIS. Everywhere the runny forms continuous thickets in clearings, weedy places, near dwellings. Occupies significant areas along the edges of deciduous and mixed forests.

The locals call the runny as swampy bush, daglitsa, snitka, dedilnik and other names. The name of the plant runny in Russian supposedly came from the concept of "food", which confirms the edibility of wild plants.

How to deal with dullness in the garden and in the garden?

Naturally, weeds must be controlled. Due to their natural aggressiveness, weeds grow faster than cultivated plants. For their own survival, they take moisture and nutrients from the crops grown, and tall ones also shade the plants, depriving them of full-fledged sunlight.

Weeds with shallow roots are easy to control. But sleepy has a long rhizome with roots penetrating up to 40 cm into the soil and is able to live as a bush in one place for up to 50 years.

Common runny (Aegopodium podagraria)
Common runny (Aegopodium podagraria)

Measures to combat snowballing in the garden

For the destruction of dreams, the systematic use of the following techniques is necessary.

Physical destruction of dream

To avoid seed propagation of sloughing, it is necessary to destroy the weed before flowering. Systematic weeding destroys the filamentous seedlings of germinated seeds.

If the weeds, for various reasons, have grown and bloomed, then the cut umbrellas must be destroyed. They must not be piled up in compost heaps. The vegetative part is sent to compost or dug up during the autumn soil preparation.

The rate of vegetative propagation of the snow will be reduced by the systematic sampling of rhizomes when digging a site. If the site is not being dug up, then you can use the following technique. Mow or root and remove the overground mass of weed outside the site. Dream inflorescences should be burned, and the vegetative part can be laid in a compost heap.

Then you can use the "strangulation" method. The bed is covered with a thick black film to isolate sunlight. Heavy objects are placed on the film. Under the film, the seeds of dreaming begin to sprout and after 10-12 days the film is removed, and the seedlings are destroyed. If vegetative shoots have sprouted (from underground buds), they are dug up and destroyed (they cannot be put into compost).

You can do it differently. Trample the bed and cover it with cardboard or several layers of thick paper. Pour a layer of soil or a mixture of soil with manure or compost on top. When the organic matter heats up in the spring to 70 ° C, some of the dream seeds will lose their germination, and the young seedlings that appear will die from the high temperature. The roots of cultivated plants will pierce the paper and go down, but the growth of weeds from the bottom up will be limited. Continuous weeding will reliably secure the achieved effect.

Dug up the dream with roots
Dug up the dream with roots

Chemical destruction of dream

To destroy an overgrown weed, it is necessary to destroy its underground stem - a rhizome with vegetative buds. The most effective method for killing weeds that have grown in the soil is the use of chemicals - herbicides.

Roundup, tornado, glyphosate, killer, sniper, hurricane and others are effective for destroying sleepiness using chemical "weeding".

When using chemicals, remember:

  • They are pesticides of continuous action and destroy all living plants in the treated area. Therefore, herbicides are used before planting cultivated plants.
  • The weeds become resistant to the herbicide and stop responding properly to the application. Therefore, chemicals must be changed periodically.
  • The treatment with herbicides must be repeated during the warm season in the spring before planting cultivated plants and in the fall after harvesting.
Common runny (Aegopodium podagraria)
Common runny (Aegopodium podagraria)

Measures to combat sadness in the garden

Dreaming does not grow on soddy soil. If you are in the middle of a nightmare, it is best to turf the garden and the weed will disappear. If turfing of the garden is not provided, then the physical measures to combat sloughing practically do not differ from its destruction in the garden plots. However, there are also differences.

In the garden under fruit-bearing trees, it is impossible to carry out deep digging of the soil with sampling of rhizomes. It is impossible to use herbicides that can damage young roots or a tinned soil surface.

How to be? The garden uses the method of exhaustion and individual destruction of sleepiness. The exhaustion method consists in tracking and destroying dream seedlings in the phase of the appearance of the first leaf. Try to cut the leaf just below the root collar. The weakened young plant will die.

Cut the overgrown weed to the soil and drip the solution onto a fresh cut. After a week, repeat this process. Under no circumstances should you start digging the rhizomes of already treated plants. The poisonous chemical will independently destroy the rhizome of the weed in 10-15 days. The same method applies to other weeds (burdock).

If the runny has grown in a perennial flower garden or berry bushes, then in the middle of summer you can enclose the weedy weed with cardboard or other material and carefully brush the runny leaves with a pesticide with a brush. Do not touch the treated plant for 2 - 3 weeks. If during this period of time the leaves do not turn yellow and fall off, repeat the treatment of the weed. Do not touch the treated plant for 3 to 4 weeks; it is necessary to protect it from rain and watering.

Common runny (Aegopodium podagraria)
Common runny (Aegopodium podagraria)

The healing properties of dream

Common runny is popularly used to treat inflammatory processes in gout, rheumatism, arthritis, arthrosis, sciatica, eczema. Its infusions and decoctions are successfully used in the treatment of wounds, bedsores, erysipelas, bacterial and fungal infections.

The chemical composition of the vulgaris is very close to the composition of human blood. Common snake contains a number of nutrients that give the plant a high nutritional value. It is used in the form of drinks, teas, a component of green soups, vitamin salads and other dishes.

How to grow a whimper on the "pharmaceutical" garden?

Sleep has numerous medicinal properties and can be grown in a garden “pharmacy” bed. To avoid clogging the area with seeds, it is necessary to cut off the inflorescences and destroy them before flowering.

To prevent the rhizome of dreaming from spreading to the garden and garden, you need to enclose the area allocated for cultivation with hard and non-rotting material (part of an iron barrel, a border of tin) to a depth of 25-30 cm. Sow seeds or plant a piece of rhizome with buds.

Outside the dacha, it is necessary to destroy all thickets, or at least the inflorescences of the dream, so that the seeds are not transferred to the site, and a new infection with the snow does not occur.

Common runny (Aegopodium podagraria)
Common runny (Aegopodium podagraria)

Whether you need to run in the garden or you need to completely destroy it - you decide, dear reader. Our business is to offer you different ways to control this weed and medicinal plant. And the choice, as always, is yours.

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